STG Meeting Minutes Tuesday 3rd November 2015

STG Meeting Minutes     Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Present: Jill, Aggie, Jan, Estha, Lisa, Jessie, Anthea, Zoë

Apolgies: Chisha, Mairead


(1) Admin Update:

(i) Accounts – Current balance £4,637.04. Bills from Nigel and Luke have been received, so total for the Driftwood Porch refurb is now £1210.60. Further stonework required. The Brunch raised £105.05 and the Curry Night £108.

(ii) VAT Charity Registration – STG now recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes. Eligible the following:

Gift Aid – donations above £20 we can claim back income tax paid by donor if they fill in the appropriate form. Suggest now giving out forms.

Small Donations Scheme – donations of £20 or less can claim 25% back from HMRC. Again suggest we do this from now on.

VAT Relief – on some goods and services, power and fuel and goods for disabled people. This needs to be negotiated with suppliers at point of sale so any relevant future purchases should have this in mind.

(iii)OSCR Return – Submitted and accepted though they noted that name of Trustees need to be included in the annual report. I supplied them with the names, Jill Beavitt as Chair, Estha Rushforth as Treasurer and Jessie Millard as Secretary and will ensure this included in future years.

(iv) OSCR Constitution Changes – The appropriate form has been submitted but no response as yet.

(v) Registration as Landlord for Driftwood as Long term Let – Form has been completed and returned. Further requirements are an Energy Performance Certificate (DM Hall or Allied Surveyors could do it £135±), Furnished – fire safety tickets on all furniture supplied. (Jill looking into Gas Saftey and Electrical Certification).

(vi) Village Hall Grant Scheme – due 31st December – confirmed committee is happy for this to be applied for again this year. Potential £1k towards running costs.


(2) Driftwood

(a) Landlord Registration

The various aspects of landlord registration were discussed :

(1) Electrical certificate

(2) Gas certificate

(3) Energy performance certificate

(b) Fire Safety

Book to be started and regular checks need to be done.

(c) Long term let

‘Driftwood’ will be tenanted as a long term (permanent) let as from the 27th December 2015.

(d) Fuel

For short term tenants fuel will be provided as part of the rent.

(e) List of suppliers

A list of useful suppliers will be provided by the end of December.

(f) Tenancy Agreement

The terms of the tenancy agreement for long-term let were discussed.


(3) Secondary School

(a) Events :

Curry night was successful and enjoyed by all.

Fireworks night to be held Saturday 7th November.

Produce/craft fair and all day cafe to be held Saturday 6th December at the secondary school

10.30 – 3pm. To book a table txt Anthea. ( 0777 0415611)

(b) Camping

‘Camping’ in the school will be discussed further at a later date.



Date of next meeting –   Tuesday 1st December at 11am

SCA Extraordinary General Meeting

SCA Extraordinary General Meeting

held on Sunday 25th October 2015

Present: Malcolm Alston, Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Nigel Rushforth, Aggie Brudenell, Estha Rushforth

Apologies: Ewan Bush

  1. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.
  1. Laurence resigned as chair. Cathy proposed Malcolm as chair, seconded by Estha. Malcolm agreed on the understanding that Winnie would take priority over SCA and proposed a vice or rotating chair . It was agreed a temporary chair could be nominated if necessary. Malcolm proposed to introduce a 90 minute maximum duration for SCA meetings unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  1. Road: It was agreed that a lorry load of Ullapool quarry aggregate, this being 19 tonnes at a price of £358 would be ordered. A volunteer day will be called for bagging and ferrying. Meanwhile Douglas Miles from Highland Council has been on holiday and not responded to our request for materials but this avenue will still be pursued, and HC will be asked if any left-over part loads after road works in the area could be given to us.
  1. Community Broadband: a request will be made for more information, particularly about potential start-up costs per household.
  1. Bonfire Night Saturday 7th November, 5pm start. STG are sending notes round. Malcolm requests that any contributions of firewood be added to feeder piles not main bonfire.
  1. Lighthouse: Aggie has given it a thorough clean.
  1. Next meeting 29th November 3pm in SSS.


download SCA EGM 25.10.15

SCA public meeting 11th October

Scoraig Community Association

Public meeting held on 11.10.15

Minutes (download SCA meeting 11.10.15)

Present: Aggie Brudenell, Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Dale Nicholson, Malcolm Alston, Elly Edwards, Don Staniford, Luke Richards, Paul Betts, Janet Betts, Nigel Rushforth, Andy Cox, Martha Kerr, John Sangster, Sandy Lamb

1.Minutes of previous meeting read and approved

2.Road Job

2.1 Road job gaffer/ overseer/ co-ordinator. This role had been discussed at previous meeting and David Bush had expressed an interest but he has not been in touch since. Nigel would be prepared to do the job for the west end but not the east. Laurence then proposed that he resign as director of SCA to do the job. This was met with general approval and agreed to call an EGM in two weeks time, 25th October.

2.2 Discussion: The following aspects of the road job were discussed in detail:

  • Environmental impact of taking pebbles from by the pier, and alternatives. Some stone is produced during sand quarrying but requires a stone crusher. Agreed best use of available HC budget may be to buy aggregate. First HC will be approached to see if they can provide materials or plant. If none forthcoming, then £500 to be spent.
  • Value of volunteer days, but qualified with comment that volunteers need direction. Jan Betts suggested doing an audit of available plant and vehicles and peoples willingness to use on road.
  • Necessity of good road use, ie speed limit observed by all, 15mph is preferable but unenforceable. Andy Cox suggested road tax, but Malcolm felt this is already covered by our paying Council Tax
  • Footpath to Badrallach should be allocated its own budget, agreed £270 out of this year’s remaining budget
  • Road mending methodology: Andy Cox suggested ripping it up a section at a time and re-grading but this won’t work where it is eroded down to bedrock. Agreed different sections need different mends
  • Prioritising sections: agreed that the section above the Beavitts needs doing.
  1. Community Broadband: SCA has been approached to see what interest there is. Laurence will respond.
  1. Bonfire Night: Saturday 7th provisionally. Malcolm will provide wood for bonfire and the usual contributions will be made for fireworks.
  1. Next meeting is EGM on Sunday 25th October at SSS at 4pm. Laurence will resign as chair and a new chair will be appointed from present SCA directors.


Extraordinary General Meeting of the SCA

There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the SCA in two weeks time, Sunday 25th October 4pm, at which Laurence Glass proposes to resign as chair and a new chair will be appointed. This is so that Laurence can take on the role of roadworks overseer

SCA Annual General Meeting 2015

Scoraig Community Association

AGM 2015-10-10

Held on 27.9.15 at Scoraig Secondary School

Present: Aggie Brudenell, Estha Rushforth, Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Ian Hammons, David Bush, Ewan Bush, Davy Forsyth, Zoe Fothergill, Dale Nicholson, Morag Hepburn, Malcolm Alston, Jo Baker, Jessie Millard, Elly Edwards, Don Staniford, Luke Richards, Paul Betts, Janet Betts, Nigel Rushforth.

Apologies: Winnie

  1. Minutes of the previous AGM were read and approved
  2. Chair’s report was read out by Laurence Glass
  3. Treasurer’s report was read out by Laurence Glass
  4. Mooring boat finances were reported on by Aggie
  5. All directors resigned
  6. The following directors were elected: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Malcolm Alston, Estha Rushforth, Ewan Bush, Jo Baker

There followed a brief public meeting:

Present: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Paul Betts, Janet Betts, Jessie Millard, Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Ian Hammons, Nigel Rushforth

  1. Minutes of previous SCA meeting were read and approved
  2. Mooring boat driving test. The need for a new examiner was discussed. Changes to the tick payment scheme were suggested, but it was agreed to defer this discussion to a shareholders meeting where more regular mooring boat users would be present
  3. Road job: It was agreed that the paid work to be done between now and the end of the financial year really needs a gaffer/boss/overseer in order to direct paid workers to where the work really needs doing, to maintain standards of work and to communicate directly with Highland Council on matters such as equipment and materials. This person would be expected to work on the road themselves but could take some agreed admin time. A split of remaining funds of £1500 to the boss and £1000 divided between other paid workers was suggested. This role will be advertised and discussed further at the next meeting
  4. Water on the hill for fire fighting. Jonah is about to take fenceposts to the damaged deer fence so may be able to take containers up
  5. First Responder: It was agreed that Estha would put the phone number onto her phone and act as co-ordinator
  6. Badluarach car park and caravans. It was agreed that now the summer season is past the abandoned caravans are less of a problem but should still be dealt with. Scrapyards will only take broken up caravans. They could be offered online as free to uplift.
  7. Next meeting Sunday 11th October at 4pm at the Secondary School


download here:- SCA AGM 15

Position Now Closed – Intrepid Educator Needed for Off-Grid School

The deadline has now passed for the Scoraig Primary Class Teacher Position so we are no longer responding to enquiries.

Many thanks for your interest and support throughout the process.


Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

Contrary to rumours, this property is very much for sale still

Offers Over £210,000

croft for sale Scoraig

5-½ Acre croft for sale on the Scoraig peninsula that is located on the NW coast of Scotland. Includes a spacious 3-4-bedroom house built five years ago with high levels of insulation, Nordan double glazed windows and doors, and oil central heating.

 The croft benefits from its own 1 Kw wind turbine; solar panels and a diesel back up generator, as there is no mains connection to the peninsula. The croft has its own water supply fed from a spring.

The peninsula is accessed by boat or hill track and has a 5 – 14’s school.

Bothy, Byre, tractor and machinery are included.

For more information please call 01854 633323.

or email “Jayneyoung89  at”