Email settings for addresses

From January 2017 we are with a new server MXroute that costs a small extra fee but should be more reliable.

(In August 2020 they have adopted a new system that may cause some issues for older computers.  If you have problems with email then first make sure that you are not using SSL.  Non-SSL connections are more reliable with older computers.  A good last resort solution is to “add” your to your gmail account as described below.)

Webmail: click here or try Mail2Web to get or send your emails using an internet browser.  This can be handy if for any reason you can’t get mail with your normal email program.

If you have a gmail address then it is possible to add your address to that, so you can check mail for both in your gmail app and/or online.  See below for more on how to do this.

Mail Client Setup (Outlook Express, Apple Mail, etc):
Please use the following details to set up your e-mail.

Incoming and Outgoing Server: 
(or sometimes works better if you are fiddling about trying to make it work)

Incoming ports:

IMAP Incoming Port: 143 for non-SSL, or Port: 993 for SSL
POP3 incoming Port: 110 for non-SSLor Port: 995 for SSL

Outgoing SMTP Server:

Outgoing Port without SSL: 25 (alternate port 587)
Outgoing with SSL Port: 465

Your username is your full e-mail address.  Include in your username.
Contact me if you want your password changed.

Adding your account to your gmail account is a good option to try.  Here are some hints.

Click on the gear symbol at the right hand side. choose settings from the list that drops down.

you need accounts and import from the blue headings.

go down to add a mail account

enter your details as shown here

Use these settings for outgoing mail.

the verification code will come through on your gmail inbox after a little while.