Michel’s Croft (for sale)


michel croft sketch1.4Ha Croft for sale (blue area above). Dwelling with big garden going to the sea, powered by its own windmill. One main room with kitchen, dining table and wood burning stove heating up water for washing and radiators. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small workshop and a dry toilet outside.  The photos below are from 2014.

Guide price £75,000.

Location 57.910967, -5.367596

to contact Michel himself, use this email address

15 thoughts on “Michel’s Croft (for sale)

  1. Hi
    Can you please let me know, what are the legal requirements for purchasing property on Scoraig?

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.
    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards

  2. Hi. I’m looking to move somewhere where there is a sense of community and less stress. I’ve been reading about your community.
    I’m not sure who to contact. My husband and I only have £15/20k. He is in the building trade/roofer and I’m a Counsellor. We are desperate to leave the rat race and live simply. We had a dream of building our own small home- to meet our needs. Or live somewhere where we can offer our services. Can you advise? Thank you

  3. Is this (or any other property for sale) and if so what might be the arrangements for visiting the community?

    Stay safe..

    • At the present time, the 3 bedroom house is under offer, but my understanding is that Michel’s house is for sale. Please contact Michel himself directly to discuss this. Visiting is not recommended at this time. Please stay at home. In the future you can visit just like you can visit anywhere else. The only arrangements you need to make are about getting a boat or you can walk.
      All the best,

  4. hey guys my names David I’m looking to actually live off grid in scoraig for permanent residency I’m travelling in New Zealand at the moment could you build a cabin or rent anywhere in scoraig or do you need 100,000 just to start off living their ?

    • Hi, my father and I have been wanting to move off grid for some time now due to the increasing difficulty we’re facing living in a city. We want to become fully self sufficient and would love to do so on this Croft, is it still available? If so, what is the current asking price?

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