Michel’s House

Location 57.910967, -5.367596

to contact Michel himself, use this email address michelscoraig “at” yahoo.co.uk

This house and the croft are not currently available for sale or for rent, sorry.

11 thoughts on “Michel’s House

  1. Hi Michael,

    I am staying in Driftwood in the third week of July for a couple of days as I am on a quest to find a new place to live. Would it be ok to visit? Perhaps you would tell me how far away you are from your nearest neighbours and where you are in relation to Driftwood.

    Kind regards,


    • See the map link for the exact locations of Michel’s house and Driftwood. “Scoraig Map” in the black menu bar above. Hugh (one of nearest neighbours)

  2. Hi Hugh,
    Thank you for replying and for forwarding my comment to Michel. I saw the map link but couldn’t locate Drift Wood on it.

    Kind regards,


    • Yes sorry the map was outdated in various ways and I have now edited some of the labels. Driftwood is behind the secondary school, up the hill near the lighthouse. Michels’ croft is half way from Driftwood to the pier.

  3. Hi Michel, I’m interested in buying your croft. Is it possible to make arrangements for a viewing please?
    Kenny Douglas

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