Arrival on Scoraig

The easy way is by boat from Badluarach Jetty IV23 2RA

You might get a lift across the water from somebody.  You will not find so much ferrying activity at low tides, so check the timing here.  Boats are small and the weather is a big factor.

Ferry information try Jonah 077 3042 2718

email bookings lisa”at”

For Lisa Burstall who fetches the post for Scoraig (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1030) phone 077 2086 2001

and for ferry bookings phone Jonah 077 3042 2718 who provides on-demand ferrying in most conditions.

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Public transport information

You can also walk from Badrallach

click on the map for a review of this walk.

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35 thoughts on “Arrival on Scoraig

  1. I am considering a bike ride from Achnasheen to Scoraig, completing the loop back to Achnasheen with my son, sometime around mid-July (assuming lockdown has been relaxed by then). I realise this may well be a busy time for you but would like to try and think my way ahead and wonder what your attitude is to visitors; I am interested in what I have read about Scoraig, as is my son. I have previously lived in Scotland, Ireland and Spain, for the most part as a secondary school teacher of maths and science and until recent years always lived in shared accommodation. I have also travelled far and fairly wide both in and beyond Europe and have earned my living busking as a fiddle player (Scots and Irish Trad). I also have a paid TV gig (with the fiddle) to my credit.

    • Hi John,
      This sort of “letter to the community” would be better sent to the Scoraig Small Ads Facebook page. Nobody who lives on Scoraig looks at this site, so your message here is not going to be answered by the community. In any case there is no formal community policy on visitors as there is no formal community beyond the basics. I could forward your post to the Facebook group but I can tell you it will be ignored there too. Sorry.
      By all means come and visit (when safe to do so), but don’t expect a big welcome.

  2. Hello,
    I have some friends coming up with me for the party on June 1st/2nd…
    So far about 15 are coming up but it looks like it could be as many as 20..
    Most of them are happy to camp..
    A lot of them are my lovely friends from Spain and Italy…
    Also Cuba and Colombia..
    Oh yeah and turkey…
    And possibly a couple of french people..
    Blimey it’s like the EU…😋
    Also I’m trying to see if there are any rooms available..
    Preferably all under the same roof…
    Also it would be good if I could stick all the tents in the same area..
    I forgot to mention that most of these people are aiming to get to scoraig in the Wednesday the 29th of May.
    And leave on the Monday or Tuesday..
    For that reason I was hoping to be able to use the community centre for the campers and as place where we could cook and use the toilets…
    I’d like to know what local produce would be available at that time..
    We’d rather buy our food in scoraig than Sainsbury’s…
    So I was wondering if any of the above was possible and if so how many doubloons it would cost..

    • Hi Charley,
      I am not the best person to ask and nobody else on Scoraig reads this web site. You’d do better contacting Lisa or Jill about camping at the secondary school (as us older residents call it) or finding accommodation. See phone numbers under Accommodation> Bed and breakfast phone numbers above.
      Best of luck 🙂
      Hugh (admin)

  3. Hello!

    I am heading up next week to scout the peninsula for a photoshoot, is it possible there is somebody local I could talk to about getting permission to shoot? We have location fees and happy to donate to the residents association in return for your time.

    Very best


  4. How is Scoraig for camping is there a camping site, or anywhere where camping is allowed for longish periods ?.

    Is there anyone who has lots of books that could be borrowed to while away the time ??.



  5. I imagine a lot of folk will come having seen the BBC article. Great place, great people!
    I just hope the publicity doesn’t do anything to damage what you have there.
    Very special indeed 🙂

  6. Hi everyone

    Hi everybody
    My name is Marco, from Italy, I’ve just read an interesting article on your beautiful place and on your community on the BBC website, complete with interviews and images.

    I also live in a small town, but obviously nothing can be compared to your position … I admire your strength, your bonds, your courage and even a bit of madness 🙂

    I take my hat off in front of you

  7. Hi, I would like to ask you if you’ve ever used nickel iron batteries to store energy, they tell me they last a lot. thanks bye

    • We have occasionally used Nickel Cadmium but the voltage goes up and down a long way on them. I don’t know anyone who has tried Nickel Iron. It would be nice to have a battery that lasts a long time even though these ones are expensive and not very efficient. Maybe lithium batteries will last a long time and be more efficient, instead of less…

  8. Hello!
    (I’m not too sure if this was the right place to post/of who to ask so please direct me elsewhere if need be) I study Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh and my home is on the Black Isle. I’ve always felt a strong connection to the west coast of Scotland, and recently have become very interested in your community. If possible, I would love to stay in Scoraig with the view of writing my undergraduate thesis on sustainable rural settlements, through the experience of living in your community. I would likely look into doing a work-away project, and it would be for a couple of months over the summer.

    Please let me know your thoughts, I look forward to hearing from you!
    Thank you for your time,

  9. Hi,

    I visited Scoraig a couple of times to survey Highland Council buildings, I’m just checking on a guy I befriended whilst there, John the hippy! If you could pass him my number it would be much appreciated 07732526907 Craig.

  10. Hi over the past year i`ve been doing the coastline of Britain on my motorcycle. The way i have done it is staring At great Yarmouth i just keep right and along all dead end roads etc i go as far as i can get or am legally allowed and then turn round and keep right! Its taken me 24 days so far so its vital i don`t miss any bit out. I`m stating again f this Saturday once i reach Ullapool so my question is when i reach your unsuitable for motors sign am i allowed to ride on past it untill the track gets too bad and i need to turn back.
    Thanks Darren

    • hi Darren,

      This may already be history but if you have not yet set out I suggest you first walk the route as you might end up dead. It can be done but I doubt if you want to try it! Very steep and dangerous.

      cheers, Hugh

  11. I have a catamaran, is there a sheltered beach or slip I can rest on?
    Or a good place to anchor?
    She only draws 1m..
    I am arriving June- July this year….I have no time restraints.
    And wish to go and look for Orcas if anyone wants to join me ?

  12. Hello, I was wondering what the plumbing situation is? I see that there is electricity, but being from Montana I have seen some very small towns with minimal electricity and no running water.

    • hi
      Yes this is a very modern house with all the plumbing and wiring you would get in any other modern home. It was built quite recently to high standards.
      Hugh (on behalf of Peter Young and Jayne)

  13. Scorag is a beatifull plaice to viset, i luve the sun and raine. The litehaus is verrie big and wite. I also luv the see life and burdz. The seanery is verrie nice, verrie good, verrie handsome. The peepil their are verrie kind and let me taste there foodz. Itz wier i lost my virginaty

  14. Hi Hugh

    Thanks for the response. Will have a look at the property – just wasn’t sure if they were up to date or not.

    It is the unusual location that is the attraction!

    Thanks again.

  15. Hi – do you have a waiting list of people who would be interested in moving to your area should plots or houses come up for sale?

    If so I would be very interested in joining.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Aubrey,
      Nobody can really speak for the community as a whole. The community association operate this web site to provide information. You should contact the sellers directly

      You can find details of the properties that are for sale under the “Property” heading in the black menu bar above. Scoraig is an unusual location, so I’d advise a long visit before buying anything. You can find options for accommodation and woofing under the “Accommodation” heading.

      I hope this helps!

      • Hi Hugh,
        I am currently totally lost with my life. I want out of the life we have in yorkshire and want to know more about the life off the grid for myself and the children. I haven’t any money so buying a property is out of my reach but i’ll work at anything to support us. It’s a bit of a random post I know, but at this point I’m about ready to put the kids in the car and not look back. Any thoughts on how I can get info for this area on housing and work?

  16. I am a mature student training to be a professional photographer following redundancy from my job as an education advisor for Barnsley Council.
    For my next project I will be doing a photo essay on the potential for renewing communities in the Scottish Highlands through renewable energy. I would like to come to Scoraig for 4 or 5 days to photograph. I also hope to go to Eigg, Skye and other places. The outcome will be an old fashioned photo essay, rather like Picture Post or a Sunday newspaper magazine. If the pictures are of good enough quality I may seek publication as I also have some journalistic experience.
    For my part I think I am likely to be more successful if I enter this project with the goodwill of your community association behind me so that people knew I was coming and I had some idea of where my presence as a photographer may be welcome. I would provide you with all the images I take electronically at very high resolution and you would be free to use them as you wished, for publicity, your website etc. Also, if you had any specific needs photographically I would be happy to oblige whilst I was in Scoraig.
    I am flexible about when I come; at the moment I am thinking of around April 27th or May 18th.
    If you would like to see my developing work please let me know and I will send you a link.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Best wishes
    Jeremy Abrahams

  17. Hi Scoraig!

    I live in Letters with my girlfriend and we would like to come and visit your community. We are green-minded and would love to see how you live with the land over there. Is there someone we can connect with in particular? And is it OK to come and camp for a couple of days?



  18. Have made frequent visits to Scoraig – always walking. Note that computer users will be very confused if they look for Scoraig on “Bing” Maps. Bing is the default mapping program within the latest version of Microsoft Windows.
    Bing have Scoraig positioned at Badluarach – which for drivers is the closest point but hardly accurate!
    I have notified Bing (via feeback option on web) – maybe some local folk should too!

  19. Scoraig is a wonderful place for children to grow up because there is so much freedom to runaround in and is all-ways great no matter the weather

  20. Dear People of Scoraig,

    I’m from Kernow (Cornwall) I live on an old oak gaff rigged sailing vessel, and would very much like to visit on my circumnavigation of Britain next year, I would like to buy fresh vegetables etc… and perhaps some other useful items, and to make some connections and socialise.
    my vessel is 65ft long and requires 2m of water to the seabed at the lowest tide.
    Could you please let me know the best place to anchor and the best and worst times of year, and what wind speed and direction makes anchoring difficult in certain places.

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