Growers Ark offers the following:

  • De-ionized water for batteries 25litres for £10 and 4.5litres for £2.50

Please bring an exchange container that has only ever been used for water.

  • Colloidal silver water (c.25ppm) natures antibiotic – will help keep colds and flu away.
  • 75cl for £5 – enough for one person taking a shot glass full, daily for one month.
  • Organic Fertilizers: all £2.50 per bag – free delivery on Scoraig (min 10 bags)
  • # horse manure (with plenty of free worms!)
  • # mulches – partly composted tree bark,
  • #leafmold/seaweed mix – great for fruit trees.
  • Trees – our tree nursery has the following stock. They are ready to plant anytime as they are in root trainers.
  • Wild Cherry
  • Hawthorne
  • Hazel
  • Holm Oak
  • Common Oak
  • Eucalyptus (several varieties)
  • Ash
  • Scots pine
  • Horse chestnut

Periodically I offer wild food foraging and salad walks  If you would like to learn about wild edibles and ancillary subjects such as edible medicinal plants, please get in touch.

Andy – mobile: 07716180118

Landline: 01854633733

For more info please go to


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Scoraig, etc Common Grazings Shareholders’ Meeting to elect a new committee 26th March 2017

Scoraig, etc Common Grazings

Shareholders’ Meeting to elect a new committee 26th March 2017

Present: Malcolm Alston, Jonah Piggott, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Lisa Burstall, John Davy, Luke Richards

Apologies: Rona Bush, Jethro Brudenell, Jo Baker

1.Minutes of the previous meeting to appoint a new committee (February 2014) and minutes of the previous ordinary meeting were read and approved

  1. New Committee: Cathy proposed that only shareholders resident on Scoraig for at least 6 months of the year, or their properly appointed agents, should be appointed to the grazings committee. This was seconded by Malcolm and carried unanimously
  2. Office bearers: Jonah proposed all office bearers be re-elected, if willing. This was seconded by Lisa and carried unanimously. Malcolm suggested there should be a vice chair for when he was unavailable. Nigel agreed to take on this role

The Grazings Committee therefore consists of:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Clerk: Cathy Dagg

Committee members: Rona Bush, Nigel Rushforth, Jonah Piggott, Jessie Millard, Lisa Burstall, Tom Forsyth, (represented by Davy Forsyth) Debbie Davy (represented by John Davy, also treasurer) and Jo Baker.

It is assumed that Sandy Lamb will become a committee member once his croft assignation is finalised.

  1. Matters Arising

Trees for burned patch: Andy Cox has trees growing on, but has decided they need another year in the nursery so there will not be any new planting this year.

Deer: numbers are increasing and we could do with an organised drive, possibly two guns.

Fence repairs: Cathy will contact David Bush to ask if he wants to carry on with this job, or whether he’d prefer to give it to someone else to complete. Luke offered to take over.

Badacrain creation of new croft: Luke, who is keen to be given the chance to acquire the assignation of a new croft at Badacrain, has made enquiries. The process is quite simple as much as that it is done by someone taking the land in as an apportionment, but this raises questions:

  • Does an apportionment have to be contiguous to a croft?
  • Can the grazings committee take in the apportionment, with all soumings being reduced proportionately?
  • Will Jane Rice give approval?

It was agreed Cathy would put questions to the Crofting Commission.

  1. Financial report: John Davy has amalgamated the previous two accounts into one, Barclays 10 day account with the balance standing at £4427. He received £300 compensation from TSB over their having paid the account to Rodney Latham by mistake. The Barclays account needs a third signatory, Lisa agreed to be this. John was thanked for his efforts.
  1. 6. Next Meeting 7th May 2017

FYI: below is a copy of the e-mail I sent to the Crofting Commission (Lynne Hendry, Grazings administrator) on 27th March. I haven’t yet had a reply.

Thanks for that. The new committee has now been agreed and the
paperwork is in the post.

We now have a couple of questions:

Firstly, there is interest in creating a new croft on the common
grazings. I believe this has recently been done successfully at
Badrallach, and the process is for the land to be taken in as an
apportionment. Is it possible for this to be done by the grazings
committee on behalf of all shareholders, with everybody’s souming
being decreased accordingly, or would it have to be done by one
individual crofter?

Secondly, due to the haphazard subdivision of crofts over the past
couple of decades, and crofts changing hands more frequently, we have
shareholders with no interest in using their grazings, and crofters
with no share. What would be the most straightforward way of revising
or reallocating shares?

many thanks

Cathy Dagg

If any new crofter/shareholder is uncertain about the meaning of being a shareholder, the role of the committee etc, please do ask.

Cheers, Cathy

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