Growers Ark offers the following:

  • De-ionized water for batteries 25litres for £10 and 4.5litres for £2.50

Please bring an exchange container that has only ever been used for water.

  • Colloidal silver water (c.25ppm) natures antibiotic – will help keep colds and flu away.
  • 75cl for £5 – enough for one person taking a shot glass full, daily for one month.
  • Organic Fertilizers: all £2.50 per bag – free delivery on Scoraig (min 10 bags)
  • # horse manure (with plenty of free worms!)
  • # mulches – partly composted tree bark,
  • #leafmold/seaweed mix – great for fruit trees.
  • Trees – our tree nursery has the following stock. They are ready to plant anytime as they are in root trainers.
  • Wild Cherry
  • Hawthorne
  • Hazel
  • Holm Oak
  • Common Oak
  • Eucalyptus (several varieties)
  • Ash
  • Scots pine
  • Horse chestnut

Periodically I offer wild food foraging and salad walks  If you would like to learn about wild edibles and ancillary subjects such as edible medicinal plants, please get in touch.

Andy – mobile: 07716180118

Landline: 01854633733

For more info please go to


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SCA meeting held on 27.11.16

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 27.11.16

Present: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Laurence Glass, Jan Betts, Luke Richards, Jessie Millard.

Apologies: Lisa Grant, Nigel Rushforth, Paul Betts, Jill Beavitt

Minutes of previous meeting approved, signed off by MA.

Road Job: There are three months left on this year’s budget.

Footpath to Badrallach. After recent wet weather the footpath is now showing where work is needed. Ian has asked for timesheets to start work here.

The top road section from Ali Weightman’s to beginning of Ruigh’riabhach isn’t too bad, but the road below Lotts needs work. However Laurence feels that as most of the potholes are down onto stone bases they shouldn’t deteriorate much more. The road is being widened by heavy wide vehicles, particularly where they swerve to avoid potholes, bushes etc, and is now so close to the ditch in places that it is breaking down. The collapse below Michel’s is now fixed, with a section of pipe, but this unexpected cost in labour and materials has taken up a large chunk of the residual budget. Laurence is concerned that the retaining wall below the Betts’ is weakening and could lead to a major collapse. Posts could be erected to keep vehicles away from the edge but mostly drivers need to go more slowly and carefully. Notes or e-mails will be sent out to remind residents to drive considerately. It was agreed that the residual budget this year might be best kept back in case of a major collapse

Luke will bring bags of aggregate up from Tom’s port to the track, and Malcolm reminded road workers that there are still bags above his for use by anybody

Shed at Badluarach jetty: The Youngs may clear out the rubbish, but if not Laurence pointed out that there is some useful stuff there and clearing could be done by a group in Spring. Situation re ownership or tenancy of land needs clarification, Cathy will try and chase this up.

Lighthouse re-display: Cathy will call a meeting of interested contributors

Mooring Boat: It has proved difficult to have a dedicated meeting to discuss new engine with enough shareholders. Therefore when the old engine died Laurence just went and bought a new 8. It was agreed that the 6 is not robust enough to be on the mooring in winter. An extra £400 was raised for the new engine by asking shareholders for donations. Nigel bought it through his croft account which brought the price down by £750. There is still enough money for repairs and strengthening of transom of Serena, Luke will do this work.

Financial Report: no report was presented as there is no change from previous meeting.

AOB: Malcolm will now be away for 3 months. If there is a need for a SCA meeting Luke will stand in as temporary chair

Next meeting will be 5th March 2017, 4pm in SSS                                                                  cheers, Cathy

download pdf here sca-minutes-27-11-16 

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