SCA meeting 8th October 2017

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 8.10.17

Present: Jill Beavitt, Sandy Lamb, Luke Richards, Mark Fletcher, Jessie Millard, Jan Betts, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, W, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Laurence Glass

Apologies: Paul Betts, Winnie Buczynski, Andy Cox, Dale Nicholson, Ian Hammond

  1. AGM Minutes were read and the following amendment was required:

Jan and Jessie’s names were omitted from the list of existing committee members who were willing to be re-elected. Cathy apologised for missing out Winnie’s surname. Minutes were then approved


  1. Scrap : So far £1700 has been raised from sale of batteries and another load will go. Scrap is being uplifted at the same time by the scrappie although we are not getting paid for this. More stuff will go from Peter Young’s shed. Laurence’s suggestion for use of SCA’s share of the money is to buy materials for the dry store/car workshop to replace peter’s shed. The main cost will be roofing. The boat engine shed at Scoraig pier also needs a new roof. Laurence will look into costs before further decisions are made.

Motion: that SCA battery money should be spent on building a strong shed for communal use as short-term storage and workshop. Proposed by Laurence, seconded by Cathy, motion carried unanimously

  1. Road: 7 tonnes of free recycled material from HC has been delivered and mostly ferried across. There should be another two loads of this before Spring. So far £600 has been spent so there is £1500 left this financial year. Because of the poor state of the footpath caused by burn, rain and cows, it was agreed to concentrate efforts on the section from the Cadha to Badrallach. A council mini-dumper and driver will help move the material from the road end to where needed. Ditches will be cleared, worst puddles filled in and collapsing side repaired as well as pipe put into the collapsed culvert

Motion: that an extra £200-300 be added to the present £300 allocated to footpath repairs. Proposed by Laurence, seconded by Cathy, carried unanimously

Cathy stressed the need to ensure the Cadha gate is kept closed to prevent cows from coming through and damaging the track on Scoraig side, as they did last week.

On the track itself, gorse could do with cutting back between Malcolm’s and Lisa’s, and some ditching above Jill’s

  1. Mooring Boat: W requested that Sandy be exempt from the requirement to be a mooring boat shareholder and approved driver so that he could use the boat to ferry shareholders. Various objections were raised. Sandy agreed to become a shareholder and sit his driver’s test.
  2. White Goods: Jill raised the problem of disposal of white and other electrical goods, computer parts etc. She has contacted ILM in Alness to see if they will uplift. Inverness recycling will take white goods but a van will have to be registered for domestic disposals. Jill will continue to investigate
  3. Mooring Boat repairs: at the last meeting it was agreed to investigate whether it was better value to repair Serena or buy a new boat. The conclusion was that Serena should be repaired. Laurence has sourced a sheet of marine ply. The Desperate Dan will be beached for scraping (9.10.17) Luke will continue to work on Serena but there is more work if anyone else wants it. They should get in touch with Luke.
  4. Fire beaters: three mended beaters are back in the holder and three at the Ruigh’riabhach deer fence gate. One more needs new matting. This needs to have an internal mesh strong enough to withstand fire, old conveyor belt is ideal. Empty water containers will go back to the pier shed.
  5. Peter Young’s trailer: this needs new tyres and work on tow hitch, maybe narrowing as it’s a bit too wide. SCA money will be used if required.
  6. Defibrillator: Jan asked why this isn’t somewhere accessible to the public. It was pointed out it’s not just a defibrillator but a whole bag of kit to be used by trained First Responders. In an emergency people should phone 999, though Jan doubted whether 999 was reliable enough. Public defibrillators are a different scheme and would still require phoning emergency services first.
  7. Bonfire Night: Saturday 4th November, the venue is moved to Chris’s quarry. Brashings need to be moved from among the trees below the track east of SSS
  8. Next meeting of SCA 26th November at earlier time of 3pm, in SSS.

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SCA minutes 8.10.17

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