SCA AGM Minutes 2017

Scoraig Community Association                                                              

Annual General Meeting 2017

Meeting held on 20.8.17

Present: Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Winnie Buczynski, Nigel Rushforth, Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Paul Betts, Jan Betts, Sandy Lamb, Jessie Millard, Bev Beavitt

Apologies: Lisa Grant, Lisa Nicholson, Jo Baker, Ian Hammond, Aggie Brudenell

  1. Business:

Malcolm read out minutes of previous AGM held on 18.9.16. Minutes approved.

Malcolm read out minutes of previous ordinary meeting held on 11.6.17. Minutes approved.

Financial Statement, prepared by Hugh, was read out. No moneys have been paid out for road work yet but this will start soon. There is £2175 in the account.

  1. Matters Arising from previous meeting
  2. Free chippings offered by Highland Council are just waiting on the storage bays at Badluarach jetty being cleared out
  3. Brief discussion on the relative merits of chippings against beach pebbles and the best size of quarry grit began, but was postponed until ordinary meeting (below)
  4. Fire beaters. These haven’t yet been fixed. New backpack water spray will be kept at the pier shed.
  5. Ferrying: Laurence doesn’t want to ferry batteries at the same time as grit. Paul Betts offered raft for ferrying trailers containing grit.
  6. Election of new Committee

The committee resigned. Dale, Luke, Jo, Laurence, Nigel, Malcolm, Jessie, Jan, Cathy and Aggie were all willing to be re-elected. Motion, proposed by Paul Betts and seconded by Sandy Lamb was carried with one abstention (Winnie, due to not being able to hear the discussion)

Laurence proposed Estha be included as a director even if she can’t attend meetings with ease. Seconded by Cathy and motion carried

Office Bearers:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Secretary: Cathy Dagg

Treasurer: Nigel Rushforth

  1. Lighthouse refurbishment: Dale and Cathy both apologised for not having got far with this. Laurence will repaint the exterior in Spring 2018. Dale will buy a new visitor book
  2. Bench for walkers. This idea was proposed by Winnie. There was an initial discussion on where this could be placed and what materials it could be made of. A notice board with info and a map for walkers at the deer fence gate was also proposed.
  3. Road Job: Pebble bag filling continues, Laurence and Ian are doing this but anyone is welcome to do some for the going rate, phone Laurence for details. The continuing discussion on the best road material concluded with the motion that a load of 20mm chippings should be bought.
  4. Scrap Metal: A battery collection and sale will be organised. Drop off point will be the west side of Topher’s shed behind the winch. Other scrap can also be removed. Laurence will organise a ferrying day on a good tide, Bev, Luke and Hugh will help.
  5. Mooring Boat: Luke has started stripping, but the boat needs a lot more work, with stern and transom coming away. It was suggested that it is time to find a new mooring boat, something that will carry about 1 tonne weight. The relative costs of repair or replace will be looked into before the next meeting.
  6. Young’s shed at Badluarach pier. Malcolm will phone Peter Young for the last time before we take ownership of the shed and its contents, and proceed to demolish.
  7. Next meeting Sunday 8th October, 4pm at SSS



SCA AGM 2017 (MSword file download link)

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