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iLAND Festival | Isle Martin Trust
Festival of Future Living and Community Resilience

Invitation to be yourself, on an island, on the weekend of 19th/20th/21st of May 2017

This 3 day, off-grid, island bound festival wants you! Community owned and run Isle Martin is extending its usual open day to fit in more walks, talks and other installations.

2 thoughts on “iLAND festival

  1. Hello,

    Just wondering from residents of Scoraig, if anyone commutes for work to ‘mainland’ and how feasible it is all year round / weatherwise.

    Also, do most residents own their own boat for crossing, or is it possible to rely on the ferry crossing?

    We are considering the move, and would like to scope out the logistics a little.

    Could you recommend somewhere to stay for a weekend to get a feel for life on Scoraig?

    Also, any parents with children at school there, I would love to hear some of your experiences of the school, and also what children do at age 14, typically.

    Many thanks!

    Claire MacKay (Marcello)

    • I can try to answer this from my perspective.

      Yes people do commute to work by boat and also by walking out to Badrallach. This is feasible most of the time but not every day in winter. It’s hard work though.

      Not everyone owns a boat and it is fairly easy nowadays to rely on the Sea Taxi as it crosses at least once on most days.

      There are details of accommodation under the accommodation tab above. And phone numbers to get more info.

      The school here is a very central part of the community. Children go to school in Ullapool at age 11/12 and stay there all week in a hostel. We did have a secondary school here for a while in days gone by but it’s too much hassle to run and most kids like to go to Ullapool anyway.

      Hugh (website admin)

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