BroomPower hydro scheme – using the power of nature to benefit our communities.

The BroomPower Community Share offer opened on 30th April 2016 and will close on 31st Aug (or earlier if the full amount has been reached). The minimum investment is £300 (due to related administration costs) and investors can invest any amount from £300 up to the maximum of £90,000. Group investments, investments on behalf of children and grandchildren and payment by installments will all be accepted. Each investor (or group) will receive one vote regardless of the amount invested and the level of your investment will remain confidential. If for any reason the scheme does not commence, then all payments will be returned to investors by 30th Sept 2016.

The level of interest paid on Community Shares will be recommended by the Board each year and voted on by members. The target level is 4%, but this may vary and no interest will be paid until generation has begun.

Investors should expect to maintain their investment for at least five years and can request that their capital be repaid in full or in part any time after that. All requests will be considered equally by the Board and the intention is to repay approx. 1/20th of the capital each year of generation. Under exceptional circumstances, capital may be repaid earlier than 3 years at the discretion of the Board. Once an investor is repaid in full, that investor’s membership will end.

Become a shareholder and member of Lochbroom Community Renewables Ltd (LCR)


1 thought on “BroomPower hydro scheme – using the power of nature to benefit our communities.

  1. Watching this video with this background music is like trying to read a book while being hit on the head. Take the music off! !!!! Not down – off. Eliminate it. Delete it completely.

    It is impossible to concentrate on the pictures, the eco-idea or the people with this racket in the background. Having music as well as people’s voices is frankly plain stupid, as it destroys the effect of both. In this case it’s made worse by the fact that the balance is all wrong and the people’s voices are drowned out.

    I’ve no doubt that the person who put this together thought they were doing the right thing. But for very many people background music is not relaxing or an addition – it is a huge distraction, because they cannot NOT listen carefully to it. With the best of intentions, you destroy your message (which requires careful thought) by drowning it with multiple sensory input.

    Good luck.

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