Position Now Closed – Intrepid Educator Needed for Off-Grid School

The deadline has now passed for the Scoraig Primary Class Teacher Position so we are no longer responding to enquiries.

Many thanks for your interest and support throughout the process.


22 thoughts on “Position Now Closed – Intrepid Educator Needed for Off-Grid School

  1. I currently live on a farm in Texas where we garden and raise some small livestock. I have taught all major subjects in grades 1-8, Spanish in grades 9-12. My husband and I lead a very healthy lifestyle and love the outdoors. My husband is a medic and also has extensive experience operating heavy equipment, road building and construction. He is also a former dairyman, so he knows a lot about livestock. We are both very familiar with homesteading, and living a simplistic lifestyle. Whether or not the teaching position comes available again, we are very interested in visiting your village! Thank you and best wishes!
    Stacey Selman

  2. Saw the job alert late, but would be very interested in hearing more if the job has not been filled. I believe my wife and I would be a good fit for the community. I have been a Waldorf High School science teacher for 24 years, and my wife has been the school’s Director of Career Guidance. Looking for a new challenge!

    • If your message relates to the class teacher position at Scoraig Primary please note the deadline has now passed and we are no longer responding to enquiries.

  3. Hi All

    Has anyone been lucky enough to hear from Scoraig Primary School? I applied for the job but unfortunately have not heard anything. Good luck if you have, it looks amazing!


  4. Hi. I am interested in coming to scoraig for about two months to live with a family and just work on a farm. I’m going to be seventeen and am interested in getting as much experience with animals as possible because I want to be a vet. Is it possible there is a family willing to host me?

  5. Hi. I am not looking at the teaching position, but I wanted a way to get in touch with someone about a homestay in Scoraig. Who can I contact about this?
    All the best Phyllis

  6. Hi
    I qualified as a secondary teacher ( religious studies) in June in England. My QTS is valid for all age ranges although I do not currently have GTCS registration. I am very interested in any teaching position that may become available in Scoraig. My husband has many years experience in the building trade and has always wanted to live off grid. We have 3 children ( 2 primary age, 1 aged 16) who would love to move to the highlands.

    What is the provision for secondary/ college aged pupils?

  7. Hi Zoe & Scoraig Community and residents.

    I like your comprehensive information package and the information about Driftwood being available for the teacher to rent on a long term basis. I assume the Highland council are aware of this. Will the house be offered to the successful applicant automatically or do they have to apply separately?

    I love the way the community are so supportive and love the area. I have previously had a holiday just this summer in Applecross but did not get as far north as Scoraig.

    Good luck to all the applicants…

  8. I am interested in the teaching position and am fully licensed with GTCS in secondary mathematics.
    My husband will be retiring in November. I have started the application, which is due 21 Sept.
    What I am worried about is housing. If the Highland Council does not offer housing, I hope we could find a place to lease.

    • Driftwood is available for the teacher to rent on a long term basis should they wish at a rate of £450 per calendar month.

      We are currently petitioning Highland Council to cover the first 6 months of this rent as they have done in other areas but are yet to have a decision on it.

      There should be a relocation package available too as well as a Highland Bonus.

  9. Oh MY! I have been looking at photos and thinking about this wonderful challenge all day… I am a retired primary/elementary teacher (Retired in Spring 2014 ) turned healer/life coach. My husband, a landscaper/horticulturist is away at the moment, but I will be showing this to him. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle

      Apologies should have been [email protected]. No & in it.
      I’m a Scoraig resident and not involved directly in the recruitment process that is run by our local authority.
      If you want to find any other contact details you can always search Highland Council’s website yourself.
      I admire your determination – good luck with the forms.

      Best wishes,


  10. I would love to apply for this position. I think that my qualifications, experience and life philosophy are a great fit. When I linked onto the application site the first question asked “Do you have a right to work in the UK?”. I do not have a work visa for the UK but I am qualified to teach in Canada in the primary/junior and senior divisions. I also have a specialist degree in Special Education. Can I still apply? (The form says my application will not be processed unless I choose yes).

    Michele Keating

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for your interest in the post. I’m not sure of all the different visa requirements for different countries so you will need to research this yourself. It is not the community that deals with the application process but Highland Council. I suggest you contact Business Support – HR C&L Tel. No: 01349 868640 or Business.SupportHR-C&[email protected] to ask the Highland Council what their policy is in regard to visas. Good luck! Zoë

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