Jørgen Steen Nielsen will be staying on Scoraig

The great transition

From mid April to mid May the Danish journalist and author Jørgen Steen Nielsen will be staying on Scoraig to work on a book on the global ecological and financial challenges and the need for a transition to a sustainable, resilient way of living.

He has written on this subject for many years for his paper, Danish daily Information, and in a number of previous books. On Scoraig he will give a public talk to inspire discussion and learn from people living here. Trained as a biologist Jørgen Steen Nielsen’s starting point is the climate and ecological crisis, but seeing this as closely linked to the globalized growth economy he will discuss the challenges as well as the efforts made to pave the way for a new economy.

The lecture will be given at
Scoraig Secondary School on Wednesday 15th April at 8 p.m

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