Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

Offers Over £210,000

croft for sale Scoraig

5-½ Acre croft for sale on the Scoraig peninsula that is located on the NW coast of Scotland. Includes a spacious 3-4-bedroom house built five years ago with high levels of insulation, Nordan double glazed windows and doors, and oil central heating.

 The croft benefits from its own 1 Kw wind turbine; solar panels and a diesel back up generator, as there is no mains connection to the peninsula. The croft has its own water supply fed from a spring.

The peninsula is accessed by boat or hill track and has a 5 – 14’s school.

Bothy, Byre, tractor and machinery are included.

For more information please call 01854 633323.

Or email Jayne here:

This house is indeed still for sale now at the end of 2018.

Please contact the sellers with any queries.

14 thoughts on “Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

  1. Omg the house is off the beaten track but they have tv signal by satelite. I am 4 and half miles from ashford kent and I can’t get digital or satalite signal. Wish I had the money to buy this house as I love scotland as my father was half scottish and i love the highlands. Maybe one day.

  2. Hello, I am interested in the croft w/ house for sale. Please email me the particulars.

    Thank you very much,
    stacey selman

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