New web page for Guardian Croft

The new residents at the Guardian Croft have launched a web page inviting people to come and stay “off-grid”.

Get away from it all (literally!)
A warm welcome will be waiting from ourselves and Bruce! Coming to stay at Guardian Croft, on Scoraig will be an experience that few people get to try nowadays.

When you hear the phrase “getting away from it all”, it doesn’t usually mean ALL. You still have access to your car and shops and other 21st century ‘luxuries’.

Coming to see us will allow you to let all that fall away, along with all your stresses and strains. Life will slow right down and all those niggly little things, that seem so important in the everyday, will have no significance.

That’s not to say we expect you to revert to a caveman existence! We plan to have toilets – environmentally-friendly and clean composting ones; showers – powered mostly by the sun; a boat – to get you back and forth across the Loch, to explore the wonders of Wester Ross (if you haven’t walked in from Badralloch); and plenty of home-grown food. There’s even good mobile phone signal (dependant on network), but then, you’ll want to turn it off anyway, right?

We will have our version of ‘Glamping’ available. A nice big Yurt – set in beautiful Broadleaf Woodland, with stunning Loch views – insulated, with a wood-burner, furniture and easy access to the toilet and shower.


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  1. Hope you are getting on well. We stayed a couple of times with Andrew and Gillian. We’re wondering if you are offering accommodation as my brother and wife are coming up from London and we would like to show them the wonderful world of Scoraig- just one night unfortunately-5th September? Greetings, Nick and Pip

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