Silting at Scoraig pier

Extract from an email from Bill to Tony Usher and Highland Council, with photos of the pier at low tide.

Hi Tony,
Herewith 4 pictures of the Scoraig pier at 1530hrs on friday10th Feb
2012.  This was about half an hour after LW  (0.5m).  The Barometer was
reading 1025  which isn’t particularly high, ( high pressure can make a
big difference to low water levels just as low pressure can contribute
to very high tides), and 0.5 is not a particularly low tide,  we expect
0.3 next moth and 0.2 in April.

Since the piers on both sides of the Loch were improved/extended in the
1980’s they have both suffered from a gradual silting up and therefore
become less serviceable, but for some reason the weather in December of
last year caused a build up of nearly a foot of sand and stone on the
Scoraig side,  seriously restricting access for 2 hours either side of
low water springs.The pier at Badluarach suffered from similar silting
up but not to the same drastic extent.

There is quite a lot of enthusiasm amongst the community for further
extensions to the pier, but there are obvious problems with this in the
current economic climate, it would be well worth investigating dredging
as an alternative.

Cheers Bill

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