SCA AGM 2013 minutes

Scoraig Community Association

Annual   General Meeting  8.9.13


Present: Laurence Glass, Chris Latham, Ewan Bush, Martha Kerr, Bill Burstall, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Estha Cutler, Andy Cox, Nigel Rushforth, Wojcieck Paszczyk, Jessie Millard, Jill Beavitt, Malcolm Alston, Bev Beavitt

Apologies: Andrew Rivett

1.Chair’s Report: Laurence read out the chair’s report

2. Treasurer’s Report: This was circulated

3. Resignation and election of directors:

The following were elected as directors:

Estha Cutler                        proposed L Glass seconded C. Dagg

Laurence Glass                   proposed C. Dagg, seconded B Beavitt

Malcolm Alston                 proposed J Beavitt  seconded E. Cutler

Aggie Brudenell                 proposed L Glass seconded E Cutler

Nigel Rushforth                  proposed L Glass seconded M Alston

Wojcieck Paszczyk            proposed L Glass    seconded A Brudenell

Cathy Dagg                         proposed A Brudenell  seconded  B Beavitt

Jessie Millard                     proposed C Dagg   seconded J Beavitt

Office bearers were agreed by the directors to be: Laurence Glass as Chair, Cathy Dagg as secretary, Estha Cutler as treasurer.


4. Closure of Dundonnell Post Office

It has been arranged that shopping and papers will be delivered from Laide post office, but they don’t do gas. Frank Nichol have offered to erect a cage at the pier and do free delivery for orders of 6 or more, and Bill could co-ordinate releasing cylinders once paid for. We need to find out which gas people use and whether they are willing to change to Calor.


5. Scrap

Bev proposed a scrap collection. Andy Cox can now collect on the peninsula, but isn’t licensed to transport on public roads. Jill suggested voluntary tidy ups and scrap collection are fun community activities and would prefer these to continue. Agreed there would be a scrap collection date set for a weekend during October break.


6. Road

It was agreed Martha and Athini should carry on as before doing repairs, and Ewan would co-ordinate a volunteer day of improvements along the bottom of Lotts, using Chris’ chippings and completing a section to a fairly high standard. Bill, in his continuing role as co-ordinator, feels winkle sacks of pebbles are still the best option for repairs. It was felt by some that the plastic sacks are unsightly, but they are only visible due to not enough subsoil covering them. Ewan suggested run-offs could be excavated with a digger.

Agreed there should be a road sub-committee of Bill, Martha, Estha, Chris, Ewan, Andy C.

Agreed that a budget breaking down how the money would be spent should be presented to SCA for approval.

Ewan will organise a Volunteers Day on 28th September


7. Pier Extension Proposals

It was felt by the steering group that since the results of the questionnaire were support for this, we were obliged to pursue it. Ewan is resigning from the group, but Andy C is happy to get involved


8. Fundraising

Agreed that Bonfire Night and Burns supper were best events for fundraising. An auction was suggested, with the possibility of one of the items being the old mooring boat engine, but there is support for the engine being kept as a spare. Estha offered to organise the auction, with Bill as auctioneer.  A fundraising event at Easter was suggested, possibly a sports day/vintage tractor rally. Laurence offered to develop the idea.


9. Mooring Boat

Bev raised a vote of thanks to Aggie for keeping the system going.  There is £2011 in the high interest account and £139 in the current account. Income has been £2069 and outgoings £898 excluding the new engine. We haven’t had the bill for harbour dues yet.


10. Next Meeting: 29th September






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