Tapestry completed

Scoraig stitchers have at last completed their contribution to the
Scotland’s Tapestry project. Well done to all the stitchers: Aggie,
Alison, Anthea, Cathy, Djinni, Hugh, Jessie, Jill, Joanie, Kath, Nick,
Susan, Viveca and anyone else I’ve missed out. It’s been hundreds of
hours of stitching, it’s been sent back  to the organisers and returned
for more work to be done but at last we’re happy with it and we hope
they will be too. It’s going to be on display at the Scottish
Parliament through most of September, where it will join 200-odd other
panels stitched by groups from all over Scotland telling the story of
Scotland’s history and culture

Fingal’s Cave was what the organisers gave us to do and I’m sure we’ve
all cursed all those vertical lines and shades of grey/brown, and as
for the crazy paving of the rockfalls……but I think the end result
is beautiful and inspiring. Roll on the great tapestry of Scoraig.

the whole story

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