Drum Fun at Scoraig School

There was a Drumming Workshop held jointly with Milton School, organised by the STG, at the Secondary School building on Scoraig on 13th June. Pupils helped with the catering.


These are some accounts of the day written by pupils:


  • Everybody came on the boat but because there were so many people
  • ·Bill the postie had to go back and forth. The Drumming took
  • ·place in the hall in Scoraig Secondary School on 13th June. The
  • ·drums came up in a jeep and there were enough to do around. We
  • ·had lunch in the marquees. We all made new friends.
  • As the drumming started we all laughed. We enjoyed it and would like to see Steve the drumming man again.
  • We played so many games it made my fingers tingle.
  • We were happy. It was fun. I was a bear in an African game.
  • We learnt how to make pizza. We used cheese and onions. It was very yummy.
  • We played so hard so hard our hands nearly fell off.

The drums were African drums made of the skins of animals. The drumming was fun. They were small compared to a table. Some were big compared to a chair. I felt happy. Thank·you to Milton School for coming.

Many thanks, from all at Scoraig School, to everyone who supported Drum Fun event, and to everyone who has given their support to the school this year.

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