Scoraig School Fair trade Market

Many thanks to everyone for your support of Scoraig School; for the delicious baking, market stalls and for all of your generous donations. The Fair trade Market made £165 for the fund, with £20 towards ‘Save the Tiger’. The Scones and tea, kindly organised by the STG, raised £60 towards games for the seniors and a game for the infants. The Pupil Council will be selecting and ordering games on Friday!  All of these events have enabled our pupils to participate in real life enterprise and citizenship, to make decisions and to be involved in the local and global community.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jack  P1” I am pleased that we are getting some money for the school…..and the tiger. I was good at welcoming people.  We got to count lots of pennies.”

Rowan  P1” Lots of people came to guess how many tigers are in the world. Mummy and Daddy and me bought a lovely big chocolate cake. My favourite.  I had fun.”

Glen P6 I learnt about farmers and the types of food they produce. When we had the Fair trade market I felt good because we helped the farmers and I made a difference.

Mysha P2”We made lots and lots of money. I learned about tigers, rainforests and Fair trade.”

Alex P7 People can get closer in our community and learn what’s happening in the Amazonian rainforest.

The Animals of the Rainforest by Alex P7

Up above the trees

So high lies

And flies

The birds of the skies

In the bushes

And in the swamps

Lies and sleeps

The wandering sloth

And of course his friend

Purple fluttering moth

On the vines and in the undergrowth

Slithers and sneaks

Nervous snake

You might see him peaking

In the lakes

What’s that noise?

Who can it be?

Oh no, how could we forget

It is little old wallaby

In the holes and on the trees

Waits and crouches poisonous spider

Ready waiting  like the tiger!


Rainforest  P5

There is a nice fragrant smell in the Rainforest

Of orchids.

Humming birds fly so fast that you can’t see them.

They look like diamonds.

Toucans clacking their beaks

Are very noisy.

                      Butterflies fly in the sky

Like angels they are very beautiful.

The Rainforest by Glen P6

Thick vines like snakes

Dangling from the trees

Humming birds like

Diamonds in the sky

Monkeys howling like fog horns

Frogs gribbiting in the ponds

Waters are like thunder

Branches snapping sound like whips

When they hit the ground

Crocodiles sludging in the mud

Sloths mounting slowly up trees

Camouflaged as if there was nothing there.

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