Minutes of meeting 25th November 2012

Scoraig Community Association

Members Meeting  25.11.12

Present: Directors: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Hugh Piggott, Jytte Piggott, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Malcolm Alston Members: Estha Cutler, Bill  Burstall

Apologies: Susan McSweeney

1.     SCA Finances

The SCA has £600 in the bank and is owed £900 by HC. There is still £2000 to be spent on roadwork this financial year. Hugh has been adding the 10% administrative surcharge to HC invoices.


2.     Fireworks for Bonfire Night

The STG approached Laurence to ask if the SCA would share the costs. Laurence then paid the 50% himself. It was agreed to reimburse Laurence and that it was good to support this community event


3. Fundraising

The question was raised as to whether we need to carry out a fundraising event. The ideas of a summer agricultural show or vintage tractor show were raised. It was agreed to organise the usual Burns Supper in January.


4. Pier Shed: Badluarach

The question of who actually owns the pier shed has not yet been answered. It does not belong to Highland Council and is probably on Estate land. This may be investigated further but it is more likely we will just go ahead with repairs. Bill has costed as follows: top rail for the sliding door £160, the door itself can be patched up, runner at the bottom of the door would be £100 or it could be given a groove during raising of the floor. It seems it will be a relatively easy job to cut a space for a cheap window, using the existing lintel. The birds nests and lime deposits will be pressure washed out and the leak on the back wall fixed. Total costs of materials and work £300.


5. Pier Shed: Scoraig

The broken windows have been fixed and some painting done. Bill may finish the painting soon if the weather is good. The 30m of replacement cladding will be bought next week. Topher is pleased with the work so far. There is an issue with the guttering on the east side, which drips onto the notice board, but this is because the corrugated roofing is too short. The guttering could be taken off altogether, but the water barrel on the downpipe is useful. There is now no electricity in the shed after the wind turbine fell down and it was agreed a minimum 12v supply would be good. Some of the batteries may be good enough and it may be possible to install a cheap solar panel. It was suggested lights be put on a timer.


6. Trailers in the Badluarach car park.

There are several boat trailers and a couple of ordinary trailers, some of unknown ownership, many probably redundant and taking up space. It was suggested it may be possible to convert some of these to a road menders trailer. It was agreed to put a note out to find owners and set a deadline for claiming ownership. Bill is prepared to try a conversion.


7. Road Job

This is being held back by the lack of a suitable trailer. Stock trailers aren’t up to the job. It was agreed to investigate cost and availability of tougher trailers

Aggregate from Chris Latham. This has worked well on its trial section, compacting well. The SCA is willing to order more, maybe 5 trailer loads before the end of the financial year, but this is held back by how quickly Chris can produce the material.

There was a discussion on at what stage potholes should be filled. If they are left until they are deep enough, they can be filled with large stones which will last longer.

Cathy requested that cleaning out the ditches along the Badrallach footpath be prioritised, as the recent wet weather has demonstrated the damage being done by running water on the path. It was agreed that this was valid work for the road menders, although our remit is only as far as the Cathair gate. Agreed after a vote that payment should cover time spent walking from the Ruigh’riabhach gate. Cathy will monitor work and sign off time sheets.


8. Pier improvements

No developments. The Nitrox is due to come soon with primary school fuel, which may be an opportunity for dredging.


9. Boats at Scoraig Pier Area

The foreshore east of the pier is crowded, but not all boats there are in frequent use. It was suggested some infrequently used boats could be moved to the west side of the pier. Bill agreed the Dolly Parton, which is due to go into the shed for repairs in January, can go west afterwards. The Paint Tray can also go west after the big animal feed ferry. The Serena can go up to the bracken when the mooring boat goes back in the water. The Red Rose is left by Malcolm at Scoraig  so that other people can use it as required through the winter and he expressed concern it would be harder to launch from the west side, also more vulnerable to storms. It was agreed to leave it to the east at present. Hugh made the suggestion a clear route be left from the shore, through the parked boats to the bracken.

Jytte mentioned that boats pulled up to the west during the last pier tidy up now obscure Alan and Kath’s view of the pier. It was agreed it would be good to move these.


10. Role of the SCA

Cathy suggested one of the most pressing issues on Scoraig was the declining population and falling school roll, together with the increasing number of empty houses and the failure of houses put on the market to sell. There are at present fewer opportunities for interested people to have a trial period at little cost and commitment. The SCA could play an important role in arranging and managing short term stays, if the various house owners were agreeable and contactable. The internet could be used to advertise availability.

Next meeting 20.1.13 at 2.30 in SSS                                                                                               Cathy

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  1. 4 Dec 2012
    I’m fairly ignorant of the facts of the episode this afternoon when the helicopter had to come all the way from Stornoway to rescue somebody who wasn’t lost. I hope, Hugh you will not cause this to be published if I have got it too wrong.
    But it does seem irresponsible to me that someone has frivolously called in the sea rescue service in the middle of the day without checking if there was any need.
    It rather smacks of crying, “Wolf,Wolf.” and may reflect on Scorraig’s good name and also, possibly and more importantly on us on when there is real need.
    For every time she shouted, “Fire.”
    They only answered, “Little Liar.”

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