Community First Responder Update

Scoraig Community now has 14 fully trained volunteer First Responders ready to give support in medical emergencies 24 hrs a day where possible.

Thank you sincerely to all the very dedicated volunteers for supporting their community in this way, this now allows skills and equipment to be available to help someone who really does need assistance due to an acute medical condition.

We will be supported by the Scottish Ambulance Service with additional ongoing training skills. We may review the future possibility of gaining landing lights on the peninsula. We appreciate the support from the Scottish Ambulance Service, who assist us with the training and equipment.

What to do in an emergency?

  • In a medical emergency dial 999 and ask for the ambulance service and they will deploy the Scoraig First Responders to appropriate calls.
  • An ambulance/ helicopter maybe be dispatched immediately which will be clinically driven by the patients condition.
  • The caller will be asked some further questions to help the emergency services this will not delay the response by the ambulance service.
  • Two first responders will be dispatched as soon as possible and provide medical care until the emergency services reach the scene.

Helicopter landing areas (Provisional)

These grid references may assist the helicopter reaching you promptly and safely.

The Coran     – (the field between The White House and the Dome)

    NG 99703 96229

There are 3 wind turbines to be mindful of: NG 00601 96262

NG 99626 96146

NG 99710 96139


Rireavach      _ (the flat field near Nuala’s house)

NH 02709 95296


Turbine to be mindful of: NH 02732 95239


Achmore        _(west of Debbie’s house)

NH 02133 96867

Turbine to be mindful of: NH 02140 96812

(Thank you to Nick for the grid references)


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