Current list of directors of SCA


Malcolm Alston (Chair)

Jan Betts

Aggie Brudenell

Cathy Dagg (Secretary)

Laurence Glass

Jessie Millard

Dale Nicolson

Luke Richards

Estha Rushforth

Nigel Rushforth (Treasurer)

10 thoughts on “Current list of directors of SCA

  1. I am making a BBC documentary series called Grand Tours of Scotland’s Lochs. One of the lochs we want to visit in May is Little Loch broom. So far I have spoken to the gardener at Dundonnell House, where I hope to feature the ancient yew tree there and look at the role of yew trees in folklore and how they became symbols of death and re-birth. I am also hoping to feature the diary of a woman who lived at Durnamuck during the war and how the community along Little Loch Broom has changed over the intervening years. I also hope to include the story of the cleared village of Kildonan.

    I’d like to contrast these stories with the revival of life on the Scoraig peninsula after people began moving in from the 60s and 70s onwards, and wondered if you could suggested who I should speak to in the Scoraig community. I’d like to feature the use of the renewables and I am particularly interested in filming active sequences – building, repairing, making, doing things etc.

    Many Thanks

  2. Ha, I hope he’s rich, ther cottage is up for sale.kind of you to bother, I am in the middle of writing Tom Forsyth’s obit for the Scotsman , send me your e maiil and I’ll send yiou a copy for editing.
    Best and thanks

  3. I would like to make contact with Chris Latham. We went to school together and in the sixties after university he took up crofting on Scoraig. I visited him in those early days when he was digging trenches and laying pipe to convey water to his croft. I remember too the lighthouse keeper who was married to a Swedish lady and who swore like a trooper.
    Much to my surprise I found Chris’s name when I was browsing the internet and found your website. I would very much like to re-connect with him after all these years and would appreciate if you can provide his contact details.
    Many thanks, John Martin

    • hi John,
      I am afraid you are too late. Chris Latham died just over a year ago and was buried at the new graveyard on the north side of the peninsula. He was quite a character. The lighthouse keeper Alan Bush also died last year. His Swedish ex-wife moved back to Sweden but visits often.
      Best wishes,

      • Hi Hugh – Many thanks for your prompt reply. I am saddened to know Chris passed away last year. I would really have enjoyed catching up with him again. He was great guy.
        We went to Enfield Grammar School together and I remember that he got the “back to earth” bug after we were reading Thomas Hardy novels. I visited him on Scoraig after he was in process of taking on crofting (I think it was in 1965) and it was so interesting to meet the new crofter pioneers and to experience the community they were building. I helped them put in an ex military land phone line (purchase from the Exchanger Mart) to connect each of the crofts.
        After that we went our separate ways and as an adventurous engineer I went to Africa, Iran, Bolivia, Newfoundland and settled in Canada. I now live in White Rock, Bc near Vancouver.
        I am impressed that Chris stayed the course, never left Scoraig and was obviously one of the founding fathers of your community.
        I don’t know if he ever married and had children.
        Again many thanks for your reply. if you do have any photos or other information about Chris that you think might be of interest to me please pass them on.
        Regards, John Martin

  4. Hello.
    I’m trying to locate a Scoraig crofter from about 30 years ago and wonder if your eminent historian Cathy Dagg could point me in the right direction?
    I’m looking for Michael Parsons who crofted with his wife Tessa and brought up a family of three (?) in the 1970’s. He left for the US and we lost touch. I believe his brother David stayed on in Scoraig.(David drove a tractor from NE England to Scoraig -no windscreen- an old grey MF model I think)
    Michael (Mick or Snips) and I qualifyed in dentistry at Newcastle Uniiv. In 1965 and the 50th reunion is to be held in April . Hoping you can come up with some useful emails.
    I visited Scoraig in the mid 70’s and remember walking over to the wee lake/tarn and swimming in its silky waters.
    Hoping you can be of help. Kindest regards
    Oliver Heslop
    Skandiavisk hilsen til Jytte. Jeg bor i Oslo.

    • I live in a house called Primrose Cottage in Cramond. I believe it has Scoraig connections and that folk called Parsons lived there.
      I think he went off to the borders to house share, but may be wrong.

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