The First Responder Scheme (report by Susan)

A Community First Responder scheme is a locally managed group of volunteers who are trained in basic life support and the use of a defibrillator, and attend potentially life-threatening emergencies.

First Responders do not replace the emergency services, but do increase the chances of a patients survival.
In an emergency you would still dail 999 and the ambulance service would contact the first responders on call ( there are usually a minimum of 6 trained responders who work on a rota ) at the same time an ambulance/ helicopter would be dispatched.  The First Responders would be able to reach the emergency quickly and ensure the patients survival until the paramedics arrive.
First Responders will receive 2 days of training, including Respiratory and Airway Management, Basic Life Support, Defibrillation and other medical related emergencies.
The Scottish Ambulance Service are very supportive of setting up a scheme on Scoraig and would fund all the training and subsequent refresher courses, plus most of the Responder Kit.  The community of Scoraig needs only to buy the defibrillator which costs £1000.  £500 is hopefully going to come from a Highland Council Grant, the remaining £500 we need to raise as a community, this will easily be achieved if every household contributes £20 or however much people feel they can contribute.  (Note: Please make cheques out to “Scoraig Community Association Ltd.’ and pass them to Susan.)

First Responders can save lives.

Information leaflet here (PDF)

“If you have some free time and want to participate in providing a valuable service to your community or assist in establishing a Community First Responder Scheme please contact: Susan McSweeney – Scoraig

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