Scoraig Community Association Meeting on 19.2.12


Abridged minutes (if you want to read the full minutes and don’t already get them sent to you by e-mail or post, get in touch with Cathy)


Present: Directors Laurence Glass (chair) Cathy Dagg (secretary) Hugh Piggott (Treasurer) Nick Lancaster, Malcolm Alston, Aggie Brudenell

Members: Alan Beavitt, Chris Latham, Andrew Cox, Nigel Rushforth, Bill Burstall, Estha Cutler, Jill Beavitt, Ewan Bush, Joany McGuire

Apologies from Morag Hepburn


  1. Mooring Boat: Agreed that everyone is happy with the present tick system, but that the price of a tick should rise to £2.50
  2. Harbour Dues: these should in theory be paid by all boats using the piers, although the Harbours Authority may have decided it’s too much work to chase up everyone. Note that if we want work done on the piers we should be paying dues
  3. Pier Extension: Agreed that dredging should go ahead as soon as possible to see if this solves the problem of this winter’s silting at Scoraig pier. If this turns out to be only a short-term solution, Aggie and Ewan will have started looking at options for an extension. It was felt that any extension should be as simple and therefore as cheap as is practical.
  4. Hugh was thanked and congratulated for his work in setting up the new website. This will cost £90 to run this year, cheaper in subsequent years. Agreed to charge e-mail users  £10 p.a.
  5. Road Works: There is still £1,000 to be spent with the present funding, and future funding from Highland Council will depend on all of this having been spent. Hugh has printed subcontractors timesheets so it’s easy to put in a bill. It was noted that the quality of material extracted from the new quarry by the lighthouse isn’t great, and hoped that Chris will soon get his license back to produce aggregate. The Council has offered to give us a digger for a couple of months. Ewan, Bill and possibly Bev, Martha and Kevin  (the three known road workers) will survey the entire length of the track to note the priority sections.

Cathy wished it to be noted that the Badrallach footpath is in a very bad state

  1. Lighthouse: Bill will organise the painting of the exterior and other minor improvements were discussed. The empty panels are to be: Primary School’s choice of subject, loch-crossing photographs, violin-making
  2. Fundraising: carried over to next meeting. £230 was raised by the Burns Night
  3. Next meeting 29th April

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