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This wordpress site was hacked on 1st March 2020 and had to be reset to a backup dated October 2019 so that might explain why something is missing if you are wondering. My thanks to Jimmy of Eirbyte for rescuing us once again.

I hope you find this website useful and I (Hugh) am happy to add features and update information in response to feedback in the form of comments left.

If you are wondering whether a property is still for sale then please do try in the first instance to contact the seller on the email address provided. This is not primarily a property advertising web site but the majority of comments have been along these lines in recent times.

If you are wondering about how the boats work or where you can stay please check the arrival and accommodation tabs above.

If you want to write messages that will be seen by Scoraig folk then this is not the place to put them as they never look at this site. Try the Facebook page “Scoraig Small Ads” instead.

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