SCA Minutes of a meeting held on 8th September 2019 to discuss Asbestos

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 8th September 2019  to discuss Asbestos

Present: Malcolm Alston, Mark Fletcher, Jan Betts, Lisa Burstall, Estha Rushforth, Hannah Farbiszewska, Cathy Dagg, Bev Beavitt

  1. Minutes of previous meeting, approval deferred to next full SCA meeting
  • Asbestos

Hannah described the health hazards of asbestos. She feels strongly that the only safe exposure is zero and that the type of asbestos is irrelevant.

It was pointed out that:

  • Asbestos has been banned since 1999 so only old, recycled roofing sheets or old Rayburns etc will contain the material.
  • if undisturbed, eg when sealed in roofing material it is safe and only becomes a problem when the material breaks up. It can be sealed further by painting, particularly broken edges

The question arose as to where on Scoraig there might be asbestos in an unstable state:

  • Sandy Lamb has been  breaking up some asbestos sheets and some of this material is strewn alongside the path leading through the Latham croft to the school. Sandy proposes to remove this
  • Some asbestos material was thought to be at Scoraig pier area but this has been found to be not the case
  • Material removed recently from the primary school has been safely disposed of by professionals
  • There is some removed and partially buried sheeting at the Glass house
  • Many other households may have asbestos panels as it is an excellent insulating material and demolition/removal would cause more problems than leaving in place

What to do with asbestos deemed unsafe:

Asbestos removal service will deal with it, initially by wrapping in 1000 gauge plastic before removal, but this service will cost. If a small amount that can be dealt with in half a day they would be able to combine it with another job for less cost.

Grants have been available in the past to remove asbestos roofing and may become available again

The SCA could take responsibility for removal of material from public spaces but can only advise residents if it’s on private property.

It was agreed that an information sheet should be circulated, giving advice and website addresses etc . cathy will prepare this

It was agreed that asbestos should become a standard agenda item for SCA meetings

It was agreed help should be offered to Hannah to deal with the Glass House material


Update on public access defibrillator. Jan shared the information she had found out, including costs and the need for an electrical connection. Various possible funding sources were mentioned. It was noted that if 999 is called but then the defib is used, the countdown for the ambulance is halted.

Beach Clean date set for Saturday October 19th

Next SCA meeting Sunday October 20th at 4pm in SCC

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  1. Thanks for the updates. Always interesting to see how versatile and effective Scots are.

    Ranger Don, Carson City, Nevada and other points in the West.

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