SCA minutes of ordinary meeting 19th August

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting following the AGM on 19th August

Present: Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Dale Nicolson, Jo Baker, Jessie Millard, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Jill Beavitt, Hannah Farbiszewska, Mark Fletcher, Mary Lawrenson, Sarrel Worsley, Lisa Burstall, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Andy Cox

Apologies: Ian Hammond, Bev Beavitt, Estha Rushforth, Paul Worsley

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with one amendment: that Jan Betts’ name be added to the list of apologies for absence
  2. Matters Arising:
  3. Defibrillator: the first responder Defibrillator now has a flat battery so is non-functioning. It is unclear whether the community own it and whether a new battery can be bought or acquired. Luke had been investigating acquiring a public access defib. It was pointed out that the process must be fairly simple as Morefield and Ardmair have recently acquired one. It was agreed Paul Betts would contact the GP surgery as a first step, get a costing etc.

Dale summarised for the meeting why the First responder group is no longer active.

  • Route Markers to burial ground: these white painted marker pegs are now all in place.
  • Achmore track: Filled sandbags are now stacked at the bottom of the track. Laurence thinks these combined with aggregate will be more effective than levering rocks in. Luke might be persuaded to take the sandbags up the track to where needed. People could also put stones in holes every time they walk up the track.
  • Badluarach jetty step and crack on west side. It was agreed a letter will be written to HC asking them to assess the work required and whether they will do it themselves or offer it to, for example, Ewan Bush
  • Replacement of square rings on Scoraig pier. Luke had thought he could round these off and add some more on the east side. It was agreed this could be a paid job. Lisa will approach Luke.
  • Road job: The wet summer has made the road deteriorate. Another load of aggregate is due.Sandbags are filled and waiting for the road crew to have time to start on the Ruigh’Riabhach hill.  Laurence pointed out that residents of Ruigh’Riabhach could get their own road crew together to do the work, advised by Laurence. Cathy proposed congratulations and thanks to Laurence for all his work.
  • Sleeping Policement at Scoraig Community Centre (SSS) The proposed runoffs will be done in good time
  • Badluarach Parking: Cathy summarised the achievements of the recent appeals for dead cars, caravans etc to be removed. Winnie’s funeral did have the effect of galvinising activity but the end result is only the permanent removal of 2 vehicles. It was suggested that trailers could be parked in Gayle’s field, but was agreed that while this worked as a temporary measure it shouldn’t be seen as a permanent solution
  • Scrap: Andy Cox has contacted Highland Clearances in Muir of Ord. Laurence observed that the growing pile of scrap in the old Peter Young’s garage site is in the way of any useful development there and should be removed as a priority. It was suggested that scrap should not be ferried to Badluarach without a definite arrangement for its onward journey. Batteries at Ruighriabhach will be collected by the road crew when they’re working down that end. Money from sale of scrap will go to whoever does the work and they can decide whether to donate it to SCA or STG. Lisa will contact HC.
  • Helicopter landing spots. Cathy now has the details and will distribute these with the request that they be kept clear of trees or tractors.
  • Beach Clean: provisionally arranged for October 19th at 11am, to be confirmed. Three groups will work as at the previous session.
  • Black tanks: Plinths etc at each location will be constructed by those nearest.
  • Electric cars. Dale raised the need for planning for the changeover. Ewan Bush has been looking into possibilities and will chase funding on behalf of SCA
  • Asbestos: Hannah raised the problem of asbestos deteriorating in various locytions along the peninsula and presenting a serious health risk. It was agreed that research needed to be done into how to deal with it and whose responsibility this would be and that the issue should be deferred to a meeting dedicated to this problem
  • Recycling: Cathy proposes to establish collecting points at the pier for domestic batteries, mobile phones and crisp packets with a view to adding more categories as we find recyclers for different items.
  • Next meeting will be Sunday September 8th at 4pm with asbestos on the agenda.

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