SCA Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019

Present: Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Dale Nicolson, Jo Baker, Jessie Millard, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Jill Beavitt, Hannah Farbiszewska, Mark Fletcher, Mary Lawrenson, Sarrel Worsley, Lisa Burstall, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Andy Cox

Apologies: Ian Hammond, Bev Beavitt, Estha Rushforth, Paul Worsley

  1. Minutes of previous AGM, held on 2.9.18 were read and approved.  One addition to these minutes is that Luke was contacted about his intentions to continue on the committee. He was subsequently added to the list
  2. The 2018-2019 committee resigned and were re-elected. The committee therefore consists of:  Malcolm Alston, Jill Beavitt, Aggie Brudenell, Cathy Dagg, Laurence Glass, Jessie Millard, Dale Nicolson, Estha Rushforth, Nigel Rushforth, Lisa Burstall
  3. It was agreed that the Articles of Association should be checked to see whether there is an upper limit on the number of committee members. If not, Sarrel Worsley will be considered to be elected. If there is a limit which has been reached, Jessie and Dale offered to stand down to allow Sarrel to take over. Luke will be approached to clarify his intentions to continue
  4. Office Bearers were appointed as follows:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Treasurer: Nigel Rushforth

Secretary: Cathy Dagg with Sarrel Worsley as under-secretary

  • Treasurer: The work done by Hugh Piggott was noted and appreciated
  • Treasurer’s Report and financial statement. This was perused and accepted with no comments.

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  1. Good evening
    Our names are Rod and Donna, I noticed reading your site that your defib battery has expired, as an ex member of the emergency services I have access to certain batteries. We are coming to visit Scoraig in early march as we are interested in off grid and was wondering if you need the replacement still. If you do please email me the type and model of defib you have. I have seen first hand the importance of remote defibs and the extra minutes of life that can be gained.
    Happy to help and donate this
    07771 514 700

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