SCA Minutes of a meeting held on 30.6.19

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 30.6.19

Present: Malcolm Alston, Laurence Glass, Mary Lawrenson, Mark Fletcher, Jo Baker, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Paul Betts, Rachel Wareham.

Apologies : Lisa Burstall, Dale Nicholson, Ian Hamond,  Estha Rushforth, Jill Beavitt

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.
  • Matters Arising

Defibrillator. The oxygen cylinder in the defib. bag is now 3 years out of date. It belongs to the community so we will make enquiries about replacing it.

Cemetery markers are now in place although a couple more are needed

Achmore Track needs upgrade/repair at least as far as the stile. It was agreed that a work party would concentrate on improving one section to begin with, but the road team want to prioritise moving aggregate for now, so a Volunteer Day date won’t be arranged until the AGM.

Badluarach Jetty steps. The repair done by HC is holding together. PB mentioned the crack on the east side. This was repaired by LG and Ewan Bush a few years ago and may now need doing again

Scoraig pier, replacement of square rings: nothing has been done yet.

Road: half the aggregate material has been ferried over. Finances are good, there is money for another load of aggregate. LG has ordered 100 sandbags. The road crew are starting to get on top of the potholes so could move on to the Ruigh’riabhach hill.

Sleeping policemen at the Scoraig Community Centre. These have not yet been done but work is planned

  • Badluarach Parking: CD apologised for not sending out the memo agreed at the previous meeting. Agreed that we all use more vehicles nowadays, but that the parking should be primarily for cars not trailers and definitely not abandoned or dead vehicles. The problem is identifying the abandoned vehicles. Agreed that the previous ‘soft’ approach hasn’t been successful and a stronger message is needed. Agreed that a memo would be sent, forewarning that a more forceful approach will be adopted.
  • Lighthouse: The meeting thanked Dale for the work he has done on refreshing the information panels and Luke for the work on the exterior. MF asked how this paid work was given out. MA: according to peoples abilities and tools for the job. CD apologised that it had not been a formal committee decision to commission Luke to paint the exterior.
  • Scoraig Community Centre Group: ML informed the meeting that this is the new official name for the former STG. At the recent AGM of the former STG it was agreed to rename the Secondary |School/former Church the Scoraig Community Centre. The Scoraig Community Centre Group want to fundraise and tell people more about Scoraig, possibly through selling postcards. There may be a request for good images.
  • Scrap. JB enquired about proposals for a scrap trip. PB and LG offered to move batteries from Barham’s. CD mentioned the growing scrap pile in Chris’s quarry. This is mostly Alison Weightman’s.
  • Helicopter landings: IH reported that the recent emergency helicopter had had difficulty finding a safe landing. There are designated landing places agreed some years ago but there is no record. CD will enquire if anyone has information.
  • Black water tanks. There was a discussion as to where the three tanks bought by SCA should  be placed at. First suggestion was the pier, the Scoraig Community Centre and at the east end, but it was felt that seawater was easily accessible to the west and that Chris’s quarry, the quarry above Malcolm’s and out East would be better. There needs to be a volunteer day to get them in place. It was noted that the SCA paid Scoraig Sea taxi for the tanks and the VAT should be reclaimable from Lisa.
  • Beach Clean: MA suggested another beach clean during the school holidays
  1. AGM date provisionally set as Sunday 18th August at 4

Cheers, Cathy

Note that AGM is now Sunday 25th August

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