Scoraig Community Association Minutes of a meeting held on 31.3.19

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 31.3.19

Present: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Nigel Rushforth, Aggie Brudenell, Rachel Wareham, Laurence Glass

Apologies: Jo Baker, Ian Hammond , Lisa Burstall

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
  • Matters Arising

Defibrillator update from Luke: he has found a charity ‘Lucky to be here’ who have already installed a defib at Laide. They will install, train in use and maintain for a suggested donation of £3k. The alternative is to buy one for £1k but there will then be ongoing maintenance costs. It was agreed that fundraising via, for example Just Giving would not be difficult and that Luke should look into this further

  • Finances: account is healthy with approximately £2.5k. The bill for road work has been accepted by HC
  • Road: a delivery of aggregate is due but HC is strapped for cash and this has been delayed to next financial year although pre-paid. Dale, Luke, Ian, Nigel and Laurence have all worked to get the last load over . The road is noticeably getting wider and culvert stones are being pushed out since the  use of heavy (2 tonne) vehicles started about 7 years ago and a lot of upgrade is required. Major repairs will take up much of the budget at the expense of day to day pothole filling and ditch clearing. Right now the road mender team are on top of it
  • Achmore Track. This is not adopted by the HC. It provides access to the cemetery which is an important part of Scoraig’s infrastructure and could be much improved by putting in rocks and pebbles. Agreed that a volunteer day would be a good idea, the date for this to be confirmed
  • Pier: Luke would like some rings inserted on the East side. It was agreed the ‘square rings’ put in by HC are of limited use and that we should just go ahead and put in rings as needed, without asking for HC consent.
  • Badluarach jetty: After the steps crumbled HC has done a poor repair which won’t last long. Way forward might be to do better repair ourselves. Agreed that Luke, Ewan and Laurence would look at it and suggest a meeting with HC to discuss this and cracks in fabric.
  • Mooring Boat: harbour dues have just been paid. It was suggested that the wooden boat be used only in summer and the Serena in winter. Boat needs tarring which is a big expense. Engine needs to go for 2nd service as soon as possible to keep it in warrantry
  • Lighthouse: Electrics need a fettle. The battery type and system of turning lights on and off need reviewing. Hugh to be consulted. Cathy  showed around panel made by James Macgregor to commemorate historic drowning, to be fixed up in the lighthouse. The school is to be encouraged to do their panel. Dale is working on refreshing all the other panels with a view to something being in place by Easter. The exterior of the lighthouse has rusty areas which should be brushed down and repainted.
  1. Badluarach Parking. Previous SCA attempts to get people to remove dead vehicles unowned caravans, trailers etc have failed and a different approach is required to allow resident and visitor car parking particularly with the busy summer months ahead. Appealing to peoples’ better nature clearly doesn’t work. SCA could offer to assist with removal, particularly where the vehicle is waiting to cross over to Scoraig. A memo will be sent out by CD.
  1. The Future. Dale pointed out that we should start thinking now about transition to electric vehicles and how charging points could be set up for Scoraig vehicles.
  1. Next meeting June 30th 4pm in SSS

Cheers, Cathy

Minutes are available for download here

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