New head teacher needed for Scoraig Primary School

Our Head Teacher position has now been advertised. It is a ‘Cluster Head’ position shared with Badcaul School on the other side of the Loch. The deadline is very soon on 12th June.

3 thoughts on “New head teacher needed for Scoraig Primary School

  1. Hi, my name is Juliet and I am embarking on a photographic project around the world with my kids. The project aims to document the worlds most alternative schools and is grounded in fostering the values of self confidence in children and promoting the power in being unique.

    I haven’t launched the project on my website yet as we are still in planning stages but you can get an idea of my work here and instagram @howtogrowaboy @growphoto. I specialise in photographing children.

    I came across your school on Scoraig and feel in love with the possibility of including it in my project.

    I realise this might not be the best area to post as your looking for a head teacher here! But… I just wanted to see if I could find out who is the best person to write to about this venture? I am so excited and passionate about this project that i’d love to write to them and explain how I envision it in greater detail.

    I have this email [email protected] but no name. I will try there in the meantime.

    Thank you so much and good luck with the post!

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