Scoraig Community Association meeting 11.11.18

(Note:  Minutes of several intervening meetings have not been posted here but can be accessed in the document download page that you can find at the bottom of the “SCA” drop down menu above left.)

Minutes of a meeting held on 11.11.18

Present: Malcolm Alston, Nigel Rushforth, Rachel Wareham, Jan Betts, Aggie Brudenell, Jessie Millard, Laurence Glass, Sandy Lamb, Cathy Dagg

Apologies: Luke Richards, Ian Hammond, Estha Rushforth, Paul Betts, Dale Nicholson, Lisa Burstall, Mary Lawrenson, Mark Fletcher

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with the following amendments:
  2. Luke has agreed to be re-elected onto the board
  3. Nigel was previously Treasurer and so continues as such


  1. Matters Arising:
  2. Ian has cut the gorse back and cleaned the worst section of ditch between Carnoch and     Ruigh’riabhach
  3. Defibrillator: no news from Luke so assumed no progress. The Responder radio is now shut off but Estha is happy to continue as Responder contact, after 999. It was agreed Scoraig residents should be notified that the Responder group is not official and that 999 should always be the first call, but that as the defibrillator is here we will always be prepared to help. This info will be circulated on paper and social media.
  4. Lighthouse display: no progress yet but a strong commitment to get this done by Easter
  5. Firefighting backpacks. Cathy updated on the water containers at the Ruigh’riabhach deer fence gate, now down to 2 while she has 2 at home to refill and put out before the dry season.
  6. Bonfire night. Malcolm thanked the STG for an excellent event. Laurence reported that the money raised came to £108 over expenses, this sum including the £50 donated by the SCA (as part of its mandate to promote social events) After discussion it was agreed to put the profit towards next year’s fireworks.


  1. Roads and Ditches:

W is clearing the ditches below Lotts and Dave did the section below his own croft. Cathy raised the problem of water flowing down croft access tracks onto the road and suggested people go out in heavy rain to check their own access. The problem of Lisa Burstall’s ponds seeping onto the road was also mentioned.


  1. Badluarach Pier area:

Cathy distributed a request by Mark Fletcher for salt bins on the pier hill. Apparently SEPA won’t now allow piles of grit as they will pollute. It was agreed Cathy would apply to HC for salt bins and if there was a negative response that this would be taken up with the Community Council. HC would also be approached about proper permanent yellow lines marking the turning space.

Cathy raised the problem of unused/abandoned/unlicensed cars/caravans/trailers occupying parking space and asked that owners be encouraged to remove these. It was agreed that residents would be notified of the problem first, but that HC would be contacted about abandoned vehicles if there was no improvement

It was agreed that this issue and the First responder news be combined in a SCA newsletter

Laurence observed that Peter Young’s shed is now being filled with scrap metal. Jan intimated that Luke and Paul plan to take this away to scrappie.


  1. STG: a message from the STG to this meeting was distributed:
  2. STG’s desire to standardise the naming of the church/Scoraig Secondary School/community hall/centre/village hall. Those present agreed it was up to the STG to call the building what they liked for official purposes and that use of the word ‘community’ was best, but that people would continue to call it by all the other names
  3. Suggestions for more use of the building. This could be mentioned in the SCA newsletter
  4. Proposal that the gates be closed while there are public events to act as traffic calmers for public safety. Those present agreed this was acceptable, but offered the alternative of sleeping policemen. These would make traffic slow down at all times not just when children were playing outside. Two stone run offs at each corner of the building , similar to the one above Lisa Burstall’s, would serve a dual purpose and could be constructed as part of the road job. It was agreed that the SCA would organise re-hanging of gates (at very little cost) and run offs


  1. Any Other Business
  2. Nigel mentioned that Badralloch Grazings Committee are looking for a fencing contractor for their new east boundary fence, if anyone has any names.
  3. Ownership of land below the track at the secondary school was discussed, Sandy observed that the boundary was very unclear.
  4. Cathy passed on a request for discussion of the idea that the SCA and the STG should merge. Official debate on this issue deferred.
  5. Next meeting Sunday 3rd March 2019 at 3pm


Cheers, Cathy

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