Scoraig Community Association AGM 2020-08-19

Minutes of AGM held on Sunday   August 2020

Present: Cathy Dagg. Laurence Glass, Ewan Bush, Aggie Brudenell, Zoe Fothergill, Davy Forsyth, Jill Beavitt, Lisa Burstall, Malcolm Alston, Bev Beavitt, Luke Richards, Jonah Pirie, Sandy Lamb, Nigel Rushforth

Apologies: Ian Hammond, Jo Baker, Jan Betts, Paul Betts

SCA Members: the following have paid £1 to continue membership of SCA in 2020-21 but were unable to attend the AGM: Estha Rushforth, Ross Rushforth, Pixie Richards, Richard and Julie, Morna Pirie

  1. Minutes of AGM 2019 were read and approved
  2. The committee resigned
  3. The following office bearers were appointed for 2020-21:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Secretary: Cathy Dagg

Treasurer: Laurence Glass

  • Treasurer’s report, prepared by Hugh Piggott. A paper copy was distributed. To summarise, the SCA holds only £46, but is owed £2.5k by Highland Council for work done.

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held after AGM

  1. The minutes of the previous ordinary meeting, held on 20.10.19 were read and approved
  • Treasurer’s report: Although the present lack of funds is primarily the result of Highland Council’s failure to pay what is promised, the situation has been exacerbated by a couple of spending decisions not authorised by the full SCA committee, namely the re-display and external painting of the lighthouse. The Secretary accepts blame and will not do this again. This means that monies raised for other projects such as the defibrillator and fireworks is effectively spent on other things and will have to be taken out of the road budget or otherwise raised.
  • Road Job: In an e-mail to Laurence on July 7th Ian Moncrieff of HC wrote:

Your invoice for work done this year will be paid but I regret that due to the financial pressures from Covid 19 I am unable to commit to funding any works for 2020 – 21. I appreciate this isn’t the news you were wanting to hear as the path is a vital link to Scoraig.    Perhaps we can meet up later on this year to review what the path needs for the future?

It was agreed that HC, having adopted the road, has a financial responsibility for its maintenance. The fact that Scoraig does the work to an annual budget plus materials provided free by HC is to their advantage. Should the council fail to pay in 2020-21, a number of alternative suggestions were put up before the meeting for discussion, although time constraints did not allow for discussion. These suggestions included local road tax, speed limit, weight limit, volunteer days, maintenance of one’s own local section

It was agreed that a correspondence should be started with HC in response to Ian Moncrieff’s e-mail.

Malcolm suggested that if Scoraig formed a Resident’s Association we’d have more rights in terms of representation at HC meetings

  • Charging Hub: Ewan is waiting for various contractors to put in their tenders for the Feasibility Study. He needs an SCA member to help him assess and score the tenders, using software. The funding application for the Feasibility Study is submitted and under consideration. Luke offered to help. Post-Covid recovery funding means that in theory 60% of the capital costs would be available, and the remaining 40% would be available elsewhere.

Jill suggested the SCC might be a better location than the pier, and it was agreed that if landowner or croft tenant issues could not be resolved the bit of land owned by the community by the lighthouse would be considered, though this would probably rule out the charging of outboard engines.

  • Deer Management: In order to get funding from the Woodland Trust for tree planting on Davy’s croft, a deer management plan for the whole peninsula would have to be put in place. It would need to effectively fix what number of deer is acceptable to enable planting and, as deer are breeding, whether continuous culling to keep numbers steady will be required. Davy estimates that regular visits by a shooter would cost about £600 p.a. though offset by the income from selling venison. Concerns were expressed about the safety issues of shooting on  in-bye land and it was agreed that a second survey of Scoraig residents was required, explaining the perceived need for culling and the alternative options.

Proposal that the cull be carried out was carried by 11 votes to 3 abstentions

  • Charitable status of SCA is now regained
  • Pier area untidiness was noted, also the roof of the engine shed needs repair. Spare corrugated sheets would provide a good repair if anyone has any. Broken windows in Topher’s Shed were also noted. Aggie suggested all the burnable rubbish in the pier area be gathered and burned
  • Next meeting Sunday 13th September at 3pm