Scoraig Community Association meeting held on 26.11.17

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 26.11.17

Present: Jan Betts, Jessie Millard, Nigel Rushforth, Luke Richards, Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Jill Beavitt, Ian Hamond, Jo Baker, Dale Nicholson

Apologies: Paul Betts, Lisa Grant, Andy Cox

1.Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved

2.Matters Arising:

  • Footpath gates will be put on the agenda of the Scoraig etc Garzings Committee meeting
  • White goods disposal: Laurence is awaiting a reply from ILM with answers to questions such as costs, will they collect, will they take all electrical goods
  • Defibrillator: Luke proposed we look into funding for a public access defibrillator. SCA and STG could work together on this. Agreed that if we don’t get UCT funding we’ll look for other funding sources. Carried unanimously
  • UTC funding. UTC is looking for funding projects in outlying areas
  1. Road: Laurence reported that 7 tonnes of recycled road aggregate is ferried over and spread. Another 14 tonnes should be coming but no date fixed for this. Laurence and Ian have been working on the Badrallach footpath although dumper offered by HC didn’t appear. A large rock dislodged after the fire/heavy rain has fallen onto but not blocked the ditch.
    The Achmore track is in poor condition but is not adopted by HC so road money can’t be spent on it.
    Laurence proposed funding be sought to improve Achmore track. Motion carried.
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Account holds £2076 at the end of October, of which £1500 is road funds
  2. Mooring Boat: engine needs to go in for service. Replacement Yamaha6 is not considered reliable, but it was agreed that rather than the mooring boat be out of use for a week, people could use the Yamaha6 advised of the risk or use their own engines
  3. Badluarach Jetty area: Luke and Davy offered to clean out the ditch above the road and Davy will contact other potential volunteers. Long term solutions to the drainage problems here were discussed, including building a retaining wall

7. Next meeting March 11th at 3pm to be confirmed

SCA 26.11.17

Scoraig, Etc Common Grazings Committee 26.11.17

Scoraig, Etc Common Grazings Committee

Minutes of a shareholders meeting held on Sunday 26.11.17

Present: Jonah Piggott, Davy Forsyth, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Ian Hamond, Jessie Millard, Jo Baker, Luke Richards

Apologies: Lisa Grant, Rona Bush

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved

1.Tree replacement planting: Jessie showed some examples of the scots pines which will be ready for planting on the hill next Spring. The agreed price is 50p per tree, so the total cost will be £500 less the £100 already paid. This cost will be divided between Grazing Committee funds and Malcolm. It is hoped that actual planting will be a volunteer effort. Noted that bare root trees will have to be planted soon after lifting from the nursery bed.

  1. Fencing: All replacement posts are now in, the north end has been repaired and stock fence added, all within the agreed budget. Slats have been added to the corner gate but it could do with replacing.. Small gulleys under the fence have been blocked using the burned fence posts. One further large gulley could be blocked with rocks. Luke has looked at the unburned fence sections. 40 tall and 30 short fenceposts are broken. These should be replaced, but may not all need to be if Luke fences off Badacrain. It was agreed that maintaining the entire fence is a Grazings Committee responsibility and that shareholders were happy for Luke and Ian to do the work. An approximate budget for this further work of £1000 was approved
  2. Ruigh’riabhach fence: Davy offered to walk the length of the fence to check deer ingress through gulleys. The perennial problem of the sea end was discussed. No material seems to withstand storm damage. There might be another point along the shore the goats wouldn’t be able to get round that the fence could be extended to.
  3. Use for Common Grazing. Davy would like to look at other uses for the east common grazings, which isn’t used for livestock. Forestry may be an option

5.Badacrain: It was agreed to continue with turning this into a croft, but that this would have to wait until Malcolm gets back after the winter

  1. Next meeting Sunday March 11th at 4pm in SSS but to be confirmed.