SCA meeting 12.3.17

Scoraig Community Association: Minutes of a meeting held on 12.3.17

Present: Malcolm Alston (Chair), Cathy Dagg (Secretary), Sandy Lamb, Laurence Glass, Aggie Brudenell, Luke Richards, Nigel Rushforth, Jan Betts, Dale Nicholson, Andy Cox, Jessie Millard

Apologies: Ian Hammons, Davy Forsyth, Jo Baker, Paul Betts, Lisa Grant

1.Minutes of previous meeting were read, approved and signed off by Chair.

2.Road Job: Laurence gave a resumee of work carried out in 2015-16 and 2016-17. Most of the work recently has been the top section up to John Sangster’s gate. A ditch collapse below Michel’s needed a plastic pipe. Scalpings from Ullapool quarry proved finer than the first batch but seem to be binding well. Luke is now going to be transporting bags of pebbles to points along the bottom section which hasn’t had any work since Dec 2015 and now has some quite large holes. There ensued a discussion on the relative merits of aggregate and pebbles.

Proposal: Laurence proposed that the present system of large pebbles and quarry dust be continued. Seconded by Luke, motion carried by all with one abstention.

Badrallach footpath: Cathy reported on the state of the footpath as exposed by the recent fire.

Proposal: Cathy proposed that a small sum from the SCA road money be used to pay for clearing culverts and ditches along the section of footpath on Badrallach common grazings, technically beyond our remit. Motion seconded by Jan and carried unanimously.

Cathy will investigate alternative sources of funding which might be approached if there is a catastrophic collapse along the Badrallach section.

3. Fire: after the recent out of control muirburn fire it was agreed that the combination of beaters and backpack sprays was effective, but the beaters were heavy and more backpacks would be useful. Luke offered to retrieve and repair beaters left at the deer fence gate. It was also agreed some training would be good, and Aultbea fire service should be approached for advice on this.

Proposal: Laurence proposed SCA funds be used to buy another backpack spray. Motion agreed unanimously

4. Insurance renewal. This is due next month, £106.7 per annum. It was agreed that it was useful and should continue.

5. Badluarach shed. Peter Young has not cleared out the shed. Malcolm will phone him and suggest that he remove anything he wants within a week, after which it will be deemed to be up for grabs.

6. First Responders: Dale is now official, but Luke isn’t at the moment. It was agreed that a refresher day would be useful.

7. Mooring Boat: The new engine was praised and Laurence thanked for his efforts in researching and finding. The mooring boat has a split plank which leaks when laden, and the Serena needs fixing up to be 8-ready. Luke offered to do this work

8. Next meeting May 14th 4pm                                                                                                  Cathy

SCA minutes 12.3.17