Wolves and Bears

         I heard on the wireless that there was a meeting in Lochinver about the benefits to the ecosystem  we can gain by reintroducing some of the species which  naughty humans have wiped off the landscape in the last several hundred years.

I believe Wolves and Bears were mentioned and advocated by some speakers.

What fun, well, fun if you are safely housed in your nice city and can then swoop off to the countryside now and then. No harm can come to you as long as you stay in or near your car. And keep the windows shut.

Not so good if you are a sheep or new born calf on the hill in winter weather I imagine, or it could be rough times if you are a small child walking to school, or even perhaps in the playground. Probably a bit shaky if you are a shepherd checking your sheep on the hill.

Now I’m all for restoring the ecosystem to the way it was but I suggest that we should work back through the things that have most recently been wiped out.

I think we should start off with a bit of a major gesture and get smallpox going again. That would be a start and might reduce the population a bit. All those mumps and measles which we had when I was a child weren’t very effective but TB (Or Consumption as our great grandmothers called it) could help a bit. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, so when the above scourges have got properly established maybe we should get the wolves and bears cranked up.

In this way there would be a MORE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and city dwellers would cop it as much as those who live in the country and have spent the last 1000 or so years making it a reasonably habitable place.

Oh, I forgot sabre tooth tigers but I fear those are rather hard to come by.