About The Great Tapestry of Scotland
There is a new blog to record and share our experiences as we stitch our panel for The Great Tapestry of Scotland.
Our panel (sketch above) depicting Fingal’s cave, is part of a series of 150 that will all illustrate different aspects of Scottish history.
They will be displayed in the Scottish Parliament in the summer of 2013.

We can also create out own personal Scoraig design in the 3 panels at the bottom.

Follow our progress here.

SCA Members meeting 20.1.10

Scoraig Community Association

Members meeting 20.1.10

Present: Laurence Glass (Chair) Cathy Dagg (secretary) Hugh Piggott, Jytte Piggott, Malcolm Alston, Aggie Brudenell, Jill Beavitt, Bill Burstall, Nick Lancaster, Andy Cox, Jessie Millard, Pat Sherrington, Susan MacSweeney, Joany MacGuire


1.0  Finances

There is not much to report. About £1000 has been spent on the road job over the past 2 months, and it should be possible to get another £1000 before the end of the financial year, so we are on track to spend the full road budget with the assumption that we will get the same amount again in the next financial year, but not an increase. There should be enough money in the account, together with funds raised at the forthcoming Burns Night, to pay for work on Badluarach pier shed.


2.0  Road Job

It was noted that resurfacing the 3m stretch below Nigel’s gate cost £150 for chippings. A discussion on the optimum depth of chippings ensued, with 3 inches being preferred. Work is still held back by Chris’s speed of producing chippings, but it is hoped he’ll speed up now that he has been blasting again. More chippings have been ordered but Chris probably needs reminding. (Bill will do so) It was noted that the correct cost of chippings is £86 +VAT per load. Laurence suggested a new technique of pre-mixing sand and gravel in a mixer, and a discussion ensued on the most efficient way of doing this. It was noted that nothing has been done yet about the bottom corner at Chris’ although Kevin had expressed an interest in doing the work.


3.0  Trailers

There has been some response to the note put out about unwanted trailers at Badluarach jetty. Some may be suitable to provide parts for a cobbled together road menders trailer. A second reminder will be sent out before trailers are brought over, and there will be a pause for owners to reclaim them if they wish. This will be done when the days get longer and probably in conjunction with work on the Badluarach pier shed. The aim of the exercise is also to get rid of scrap from Badluarach side, so Karl will be approached about this.


4.0  Mooring Boat

The Serena has a split in the transom that could do with repairing. The wooden boat will be tarred by Aggie when the weather gets warm enough. Laurence will take the pump to Caley Marina to get  the new diaphragm.


5.0  Lock-up Garages

Dougie and Gail wonder if there would be interest in lock-up garages at the bottom of their croft. They would build them and rent them out. We will get more information and prices before advertising further.


6.0  Solar panels for Topher’s shed

Djinni may be upgrading and replacing her present panels which would be suitable


7.0  Boat Parking

The shifting of boats to west of the pier is successful in creating plenty of room to the east, and the SCA thanks everyone who has done so.


8.0  Attracting new residents

Apologies for referring to young families in the note, as it should be made clear people of all ages will be welcomed.

Cathy suggested that the people who are trying to sell property are having no luck, and that a trial period of Scoraig life for a few weeks or months would enable people to make an informed decision about moving here before having to make the large financial commitment of buying, and that it would be in the long term interest of the sellers to allow their properties to be rented. SCA could act as agents,

Reservations about the proposal included:

  • That the owners haven’t up to now been keen to rent
  • That newcomers may turn out to be ‘undesirables’ who the refuse to leave
  • That it’s too much responsibility or risk for the SCA to take on
  • Owners of houses want to continue to be able to come and stay


Suggested alternatives included:

  • Build new housing stock or create new crofts
  • Build a house for the SCA to manage and let to prospective newcomers
  • Contact the Highland Community Housing Trust
  • Advertising campaign

Major problems for newcomers perceived as lack of work opportunities

The following actions were agreed:

Letter to house-owners suggesting letting scheme (Lathams, Paul and Sheila, Kathryn Cooper)

Targeted advertising in publications like Practical Self Sufficiency

Produce fact sheet including accounts of personal experiences of recent newcomers.

Next meeting March 24th.