Scoraig Christmas Market

Thank you to all the stall holders and visitors who enjoyed some festive cheer on Saturday 15th December at the Scoraig Christmas Market.

There were beautifully handmade wreaths, candles, knitting, felting, homespun yarn, photographs, cards, plants, books, pickles, jams and much more.

The mulled wine and mince pies went down well, definitely making a few wellies sparkle.

From the money collected from the tables and refreshments £25 will be donated to the Primary School and the remaining used to advertise and run the next market.

Keep a look out for details of the Scoraig Summer Market.


Just a little update on school events.

Dear parents/carers,

Just a little update on events.

This Wednesday 5th    3.30-4.45pm- Cinema Club for Primary pupils- Happy Feet 2

Friday 14th,    7.30 pm – Film Night for all ‘Hugo’

Monday 17th    12 noon-1pm– Songs, mince pies and coffee at the Primary school building. All welcome .Please spread the word.

Wednesday 19th– 12.30 lunch provided by the STG, Santa visit, games.

Thursday 20th –School closes at 12.40. School opens Monday 7th January 2013.

Have a lovely holiday from all at Scoraig School. Many thanks for your continued support.


Scoraig School Fair trade Market

Many thanks to everyone for your support of Scoraig School; for the delicious baking, market stalls and for all of your generous donations. The Fair trade Market made £165 for the fund, with £20 towards ‘Save the Tiger’. The Scones and tea, kindly organised by the STG, raised £60 towards games for the seniors and a game for the infants. The Pupil Council will be selecting and ordering games on Friday!  All of these events have enabled our pupils to participate in real life enterprise and citizenship, to make decisions and to be involved in the local and global community.

Thank you for your continued support.


Jack  P1” I am pleased that we are getting some money for the school…..and the tiger. I was good at welcoming people.  We got to count lots of pennies.”

Rowan  P1” Lots of people came to guess how many tigers are in the world. Mummy and Daddy and me bought a lovely big chocolate cake. My favourite.  I had fun.”

Glen P6 I learnt about farmers and the types of food they produce. When we had the Fair trade market I felt good because we helped the farmers and I made a difference.

Mysha P2”We made lots and lots of money. I learned about tigers, rainforests and Fair trade.”

Alex P7 People can get closer in our community and learn what’s happening in the Amazonian rainforest.

The Animals of the Rainforest by Alex P7

Up above the trees

So high lies

And flies

The birds of the skies

In the bushes

And in the swamps

Lies and sleeps

The wandering sloth

And of course his friend

Purple fluttering moth

On the vines and in the undergrowth

Slithers and sneaks

Nervous snake

You might see him peaking

In the lakes

What’s that noise?

Who can it be?

Oh no, how could we forget

It is little old wallaby

In the holes and on the trees

Waits and crouches poisonous spider

Ready waiting  like the tiger!


Rainforest  P5

There is a nice fragrant smell in the Rainforest

Of orchids.

Humming birds fly so fast that you can’t see them.

They look like diamonds.

Toucans clacking their beaks

Are very noisy.

                      Butterflies fly in the sky

Like angels they are very beautiful.

The Rainforest by Glen P6

Thick vines like snakes

Dangling from the trees

Humming birds like

Diamonds in the sky

Monkeys howling like fog horns

Frogs gribbiting in the ponds

Waters are like thunder

Branches snapping sound like whips

When they hit the ground

Crocodiles sludging in the mud

Sloths mounting slowly up trees

Camouflaged as if there was nothing there.

Scoraig School Newsletter- Autumn 2012

Welcome back to the autumn term. As always we have lots of exciting events to look forward to.

Here are some dates for your diary:

Thursday 27th September

P5, 6, 7 Ullapool Dance Rehearsal with Plan B, professional group and other Ullapool High feeder schools for ‘My Best friend’s friend’ transition project.

Details to follow later.

Tuesday 2nd October

P5, 6, 7 Actual dance performance in Ullapool. Parents/carers are invited to this performance if they want to take their own transport. Details to follow later.

Wednesday 3rd October

P5, 6, 7 Inter schools cross country at Morefield Golf Course, Ullapool, organised by Gerry Macready, our sports coordinator. Details later.

Swimming P1-7 Thursday 2nd May 2013, May 9th, May 16th, May 23rd, May 30th.

As part of transition and cost cutting we will be going along with Badcaul School next year. This gives our children a valuable chance to get to know their peers.

P1-7 Two Kodaly music visits from Jayne Yeats.

P1-7 ‘Living and Growing’ lessons are postponed until next term due to awaiting permission return. I had also wanted to show extracts and to discuss this at a Parent Council meeting before viewing.

Parent Council meeting– Hopefully we can all manage a date before the holiday. There will be elections for a new committee. I will be in touch with Joany when she returns and she will keep you posted.

Christmas Term– Susan has kindly offered to take on responsibility for another Fair Trade market. The children always enjoy this event which is well supported by the community. It also ties in with our Rainforest topic.

P1 parents will be invited to come in and discuss reading and the schemes of work as soon as the calendar allows.

School closes on Friday 5th October and reopens to pupils on Tuesday 23rd October,

New Interactive Whiteboard

At my request the latest whiteboard model was delivered and installed in our school. It has already been well used and gives an added dimension to teaching and learning. It certainly won’t be gathering any dust. Needless to say the pupils have already overtaken us on learning and using its functions.

Security of The Building and Safety Measures

It was brought to my notice that, during periods of heavy rain, the wildlife pond and a ditch in the playground, had potentially unsafe levels of water. The Health and Safety inspector came to look and agreed. He actioned this as well as essential fence and gate repairs. Thanks to Martha and Jonah who did a great job of the fencing. The two gates have also been replaced.

Our wildlife garden is in a much better state than it was and we look forward to using it as an outdoor classroom next year. Many thanks to Kevin for organising this and to everyone who turned out to help tidy it up.

With more and more expensive ICT equipment in the school, I would like to discuss building security at the next Parent Council meeting.

PE- Could pupils please try to bring gym shoes for PE days.

Teaching and Learning

This term pupils are studying ‘The Rainforest’. This topic crosses over into many other curricular areas from P1, 2 counting monkeys, to P5, 6, 7 learning about logging and conflict resolution. The topic also lends itself to eco-awareness.

All ages will be watching and discussing ‘Living and Growing’, at their own level, in part two of the term, after October break.

In P1 pupils are learning number concept 1-10 as well as how to read and write the numbers. This involved much active learning and games.

In literacy they are learning how to say, read and write their sounds, using Jolly Phonics. There is also a focus on listening and talking.

We have also started the Oxford reading Tree scheme.

We have had a lovely term so far. Our two new pupils have settled in well and are pleasant and cooperative.

I would also like to say that P5, 6, 7 have shown excellent Citizenship qualities. They have been patient, helpful and kind to our new pupils. Well done, I am very proud of you all.

In P5, 6, 7 pupils are on individual maths programmes. Keep practising tables nightly to develop speed. Reading is done individually and also as groups to allow discussion and exchange of views.

In light of the inspection findings, our young people have been given more independent learning as well as more choices. Spelling assessment shows a marked improvement in this area. Grammar, comprehension, spelling and tables are all on-going.

CfE briefing information, particularly relevant to parent/carers of P7, can be found on


I have managed to secure a lottery fund of £1000 for two years running. This year they have not awarded it. This means the funds are at an all-time low. We can discuss possible fund raisers at the Parent Council. Meanwhile our children have their own ideas. They would like to hold one or two cinema night during the winter months and are willing to help organise this. I have said that I will happily do this. Popcorn beckons.

Rainy Mornings

Pupils are reminded to come to school as close to 9am as possible on bad weather days as teachers are very busy preparing activities and laying out materials at this time. Thank you.


Last Term- The Hidden Shows

The summer term was enjoyable and fruitful. We hosted an impressive number of shows:

4 Kodaly music visits, 5 swimming and transition PE trips, a Generation Science visit, an all-day music workshop by the Feis, a trip to Gairloch Heritage museum and the beach, a trip to Alun and Kaths to see a working loom, a visit from Cathy Dagg to discuss the local clearances, a cultural visit from Philip and Richard Davy and Currico, two visits to Debbie and John’s croft to visit clearance ruins and to learn more about local heritage, a celebration of success day , a leavers party, 5 nursery transition visits, 2 Ullapool high transition visits, Plan B dance lessons.

Susan organised a major Umbumwe project day, when Balnain School came to join us for a day packed with super activities revolving around Health and Sport. Susan organised an Olympic torch relay around Scoraig.

These are the ‘hidden shows’ that enrich your children’s learning experiences during the year. They often take weeks of work for staff to organise. The audience is your children. Scoraig uses active learning for maximum benefit to learning and teaching. It is more fun for everyone.

I would like to say a big thank you to Debbie and Susan for helping to make all of these shows possible and for the many extra hours that you put in and for keeping all of our visitors happy with baking, soup and refreshments, as well as keeping me supplied with teas and coffees!

Our visitors have all commented on how polite and well behaved the Scoraig pupils are.

Thank you all for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any concerns or wish to discuss something.

Best wishes,

Alison Barr HT

when the helicopter had to come all the way from Stornoway to rescue somebody who wasn’t lost

4 Dec 2012
I’m fairly ignorant of the facts of the episode this afternoon when the helicopter had to come all the way from Stornoway to rescue somebody who wasn’t lost. I hope, Hugh you will not cause this to be published if I have got it too wrong.
But it does seem irresponsible to me that someone has frivolously called in the sea rescue service in the middle of the day without checking if there was any need.
It rather smacks of crying, “Wolf,Wolf.” and may reflect on Scorraig’s good name and also, possibly and more importantly on us when there is real need.
For every time she shouted, “Fire.”
They only answered, “Little Liar.”