SCA AGM documents

Scoraig Community Association


Held on 26.8.12


Present: Laurence Glass, Hugh Piggott, Cathy Dagg, Malcolm Alston, Susan McSweeney, Aggie Brudenell, Estha Cutler, Joany McGuire, Nigel Rushforth, Chris Latham, Bev Beavitt

Apologies: Andy Cox. Bill Burstall


1.     Chairperson’s Report

 Laurence read out a definition of the SCA and its assets , and gave a report on its activities during the short year since the last AGM (also circulated as a paper report)

2.     Treasurers and Trustees Report

 Hugh circulated a copy of this report.

3.     Re-election of Office Bearers

Malcolm proposed that the three office bearers be re-elected, if they were happy to continue. This was carried

The other directors agreed they were also happy to continue.  Nick Lancaster was not present (but was later clarified as not wishing to continue). Jytte Piggott was elected director.

4.     Administration fees

Those present were reminded that it had been agreed at previous meetings that a 10% admin fee should be charged on events organised through the SCA. This could now be waived as recent fundraising has been successful, but the general policy is that it should continue . The exception to this is the £30 First responder money, which it was agreed would be held by the SCA for First Responder equipment as required. Malcolm suggested a distinction should be made between money-earning projects, like the art course, which should pay the 10%, and non money earning events. It should be at the discretion of the treasurer, but fundraisers should be made aware of the need to add this 10% to their figures. It was felt that  small sums left over from projects should go back into the SCA pot

5.     Road Job

Volunteer day: last one only had 2 vehicles although plenty of volunteers. Malcolm feels that more vehicles would come out if fuel costs were paid.

Some points on the road need a better quality of aggregate than bagged pebbles, and it was agreed that Chris’ chippings would be suitable. Chris is offering these for sale at £45 per cubic metre. But Bev pointed out places like the bend at the bottom of the hill needs stabilising with set stones to hold the aggregate in place.

It was agreed to approach Kevin to give an estimate for these bits of work. Hugh pointed out the council’s agreement is £10 per hour for skilled work, although nobody has as yet claimed this rate and that there is no need to set an upper limit

6.     Scrap metal pile at Badluarach jetty

It was noted that although the SCA is owed part of the money by the scrappie for what he has already taken, it is unlikely they will be able to recover this, and unlikely he will come back to take the rest. The treasurer is happy with the amount we have already received. Options for getting rid of the remainder were discussed, including accepting that we might have to pay for its removal. It was agreed Chris latham would look into the options.

7.     Pier Shed (Topher’s)

Repairs and painting are required. The paint and rollers are ready and a shed painting day will be called. Laurence will measure the windows and replacement glass costed

8.     Directors Meeting

The next directors meeting will be on Sunday 23rd September at 2.30pm.

Directors previously listed at companies house according to the trustees report :

 M Alston (appointed 4 December 2011)
A Brudenell
L Glass
N Lancaster (appointed 4 December 2011)
H Piggott (appointed 4 December 2011)
N Rushforth
Secretary C Dagg

Cathy and Jytte  not (yet) listed as directors

Cathy, secretary to SCA, 8.9.12


The AGM of the Community Association took place on Sunday 26th August at 2.30 pm.  Below are links to are some of the documents that were generated before the event.  The above Minutes of the event are in pdf form here SCA AGM ’12.

SCA AGM ’11 Last year’s minutes

SCA accounts 31 March 2012 The formal report for financial year to 2012

SCA AGM chairman’s REPORT Laurence’s speech to the meeting

treasurer’s report + Bill’s report August 2012 Hugh’s report on money plus Bill’s report on scrap and road work.

Dolphins in Little Loch Broom on Thursday

photo by Andy Whisken

“We had the most amazing experience crossing the loch with Jonah on the way home, a large pod of dolphins swimming really close to the boat. There were mums with their babies swimming in such perfect unison, it was a really special thing to see.” – Susan.

More photos by Andy