The Lighthouse

A couple of photos of the lighthouse/museum on Scoraig.  The displays have recently been updated.  Anyone who wants to put photos on this web site is welcome to send them to Hugh for publication.

thanks to Joany for the sign-writing!


Some of the displays inside the building.

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Minutes of the S.C.A. meeting on 13/05/2012

Minutes of the S.C.A. meeting on 13/05/2012 prepared by Bill Burstall
Present; Laurence G (chairman). Aggie, Esther, Malcolm, Hugh (treasurer), Joany, Nick, Bill, Chris L.
Apologies; Cathy D., Susan.

1/ Laurence read out the minutes of the previous meeting which were approved by all at the meeting.

All the works proposed at the last meeting have been carried out, the exterior has been painted, and the sign writing has been completed (thank you Joany). Three new exhibitions are now in place and the donations box mounted inside, ( it was commented on that it wasn’t very obvious, but it has already accrued £5.63).
Aggie proposed a rota for cleaning the Lighthouse and surrounding area, Aggie,Nick Esther and Malcolm volunteered
Joany said that the S.T.G. had paid her for doing the sign writing and the S.C.A. thank them very much for that.
Hugh pointed out that contents insurance for the property was costing us £40 p.a. for £3k of cover. It was agreed that this was excessive and that we no longer required this cover, though the building itself should continue to be insured and carry 3rd party liability. Hugh to organise.
Bill offered to source more white paint for the future.

The first course happened, and the equipment is in place. Those who had attended it felt that it had gone well and had been valuable. More courses are to follow to complete the training.

Hugh suggested that the Directors ought to be signatories on the main account, and it was agreed that these should be Hugh, Laurence Malcolm and Aggie.
The Mooring boat has 2 accounts, a Barclays/Standard Life Deposit account for which Aggie, Morag and possibly Chris L are the operators, though Morag has retired from this position and Chris does not recall receiving the recent new paperwork from the bank that would enable him to do the telephone banking so he might not be one after all. The signatories on the current account are supposed to be Aggie and Joanie. Aggie is to contact the bank and clear this up.
LG is doing the annual returns online and will try to find out why Nigel not Malcolm is on the Banks list of Directors.
The accountant has requested that the incomes and expenditures for the Mooring boat be included in the .S.C.A. accounts and tax return. Aggie is to provide Hugh with all the receipts and figures for payments and incomes.
Highland council Harbours has invoiced the Mooring boat for pier dues for the year. Aggie to arrange payment.
There is at present £3000 approx in the SCA account, of which £1000 is designated for the Defribulator, £130 for insurances, £250 for the accountant and £600 is still unspent on the road job. This leaves a little over £1,000 in the account.

Hugh has contacted Ian Hay who requested a breakdown of how the money has been spent over the past year, this has been done and Hugh will now send a Pro Forma invoice for the next set of works and chase Ian Hay up.
Chris is still unable to commit to supplying large quantities of chippings from his crusher, but it was suggested that a coarser grade of crushed rock might be equally suitable and we would experiment with that as soon as Chris could supply.
It was agreed that the hourly rate for skilled labour (culverts) should be increased to £10 p.h., the base rate remaining at £7.50 for filling potholes.
Laurence has spoken to Peter Young about the continued use of the motorcycle on the footpath out and the damage it is doing. He reported that Peter’s argument is that the footpath is in fact a byeway and that he therefore is within his rights to use his motorcycle and expect the council to keep the track in a good state of repair to enable him to keep on doing so. Laurence is to contact the council to try and get clarification on this issue, though the meeting felt that it was the responsibility of the Highland council and the police to enforce any restrictions on vehicular use, and not the responsibility of the SCA.
Nick offered to survey the footpath as far as the Cadha gate, and is to invite Kevin along for his opinion.
In the absence of a proper commitment from anyone to take on the contract for doing the road job it was agreed that we should call a voluntary work day from the community for Saturday 9th June. Bill to organise flyers for internal post.

We are waiting on Bev to prepare the ‘Serena’ so that the wooden boat can come out of the water for her summer paint up. Bill hasn’t managed to source a new diaphragm for the bilge pump, nor a prop guard. Pat R has requested a new magneto for the old engine, Bill will look into that too.

Malcolm expressed the view that having the bins locked at Baduarach was counter productive and likely to lead to an increase in litter and fly tipping. It was pointed out that whilst the current situation was not perfect it was a good step in the right direction and that people would get used to it particularly if there were to be better communication between the interested parties of the Council, residents and Rona. Bill will contact Katrina Taylor of the council waste collection and request some litter facilities for tourist/ non residents at Badluarach.
Bill and Martha have already had a few meetings with Katrina T and she has offered to arrange a one off collection of non domestic rubbish from around the piers and pier sheds. A voluntary pier clean up for both sides of the loch, and to include both pier sheds is to be called for Sat 26 May , with this rubbish being stored temporarily in the concrete bunker for the council to collect, whilst scrap of value is to be stored in the space between the turning bay and the car park for Big Douglas the Scrappie to come and buy off us. The money from any scrap would be shared between the SCA & STG. Bill to arrange.
A paint and repair of the Scoraig pier shed was proposed for a later date, and this is to be discussed with Topher
Aggie suggested that we should ask Rona for a specific space down at the pier for scrap and rubbish, Hugh agreed this could be good, LG to pursue.

Scoraig First Responder Scheme

(report by Susan)

As a community we have successfully raised the £500 and have been awarded a grant of £500 from the Highland Council towards purchasing the defibrillator for Scoraig. A very big thank you to all who contributed.

Part 1 of the First Responder Training was completed on Saturday 28th April. 14 volunteers participated in a very engaging session with the Scottish Ambulance Service trainer, Alan Knox.

We now have the responder kit bag including a defibrillator on the peninsula and the volunteers are able to respond to an emergency as from 6th May.

The training for the volunteers will be on going to ensure the high standard of care and intervention that this life saving service can provide for Scoraig.