Scoraig School Newsletter April 2012

Welcome to the summer term

We are looking forward to sunny days and to getting out in the garden. Both primary and nursery pupils will be planting flowers to brighten up their environment and encourage bees and butterflies.

P1-7 will also be learning about Scotland and the clearances as it is the 200th anniversary this year.

P4-7 are doing Modern Studies with Debbie, looking at ‘Citizen Power’, democracy and political systems.

As we have all always have come back to school refreshed and enthusiastic. Here are some of the events we have to look forward to this term:

Dates for your diary:

Supply teacher visit dates:  Deirdre Wed 25th/Thurs26th April Viveca Wed 13th / Thurs 14th June

Nursery transition visits:  5/6 12/6 19/6 26/6 The boys can stay until one, or join us for packed lunch/playtime, leaving at one thirty.

Swimming: 9/16/23/30thMay, and 6th June.  At my request, Gerry McCready had kindly offered to do PE on 9th, 23rd, 30th may, after swimming. Pupils are advised to bring PE kit on these days, as well as swimming kit.

Generation science: ‘The Water Cycle’ Tuesday 8th May

Holidays: May Day holiday- Mon 7th May

Long weekend: Monday 4th June

Alison away: HT conference Monday 14th   May.

Dental Health visitor: Monday 14th May.

Parent teacher meetings: Thursday 7th June from 4pm.

Reports: out by end of this term.

Best work afternoon: Wednesday 20th June.

Leaver party: afternoon of Thursday 21st June.

Leaver’s transition week: at Ullapool 5th-8th June. Leaver’s P7 transition and meeting with Ullapool High guidance staff at Badcaul at 10am on Friday 11th May.

Details of any new events will be given nearer the time.


Community Photocopier

Highland Office Equipment has kindly donated the old photocopier for community use. The Parent Council decided that the most central location to put it is in the Secondary school classroom. The ink cartridge costs around £100.There is still plenty of ink left in the machine. A donations box for sheets copied will be put by the copier and will be used as a contribution towards a new cartridge when it is needed. It was suggested that perhaps community groups could get together and share any shortfall.

Lighthouse display

The school is pleased to be involved in the new tourist information display in the lighthouse. We will have some interesting things to put on show. Many thanks to Susan for organising this.

School Grounds

Highland Council has been contacted about replacing the back gate and partially filling in a ditch, so that the water depth is at an acceptable level. Health and Safety also advised putting a small fence around the pond and this has also been requested.

Risk assessment advice from Highland

Staff and accompanying adults must wear life jackets when accompanying school children on the boat, in and out of school time.

Parents taking children as passengers must be have fully comprehensive insurance. Teachers must also have this.

Good news

At my request the school is to be provided with a new up to date interactive white board. This is a wonderful learning resource which allows pupils to move and activate things with their hands on the whiteboard, which acts a bit like the computer screen. We look forward to using this after the summer holiday.


At the present time we have no new pupils enrolled in the Nursery so we will be sadly saying goodbye, as staff members, to Athini and Estha. They have been doing a wonderful job and we are very grateful to them for all their hard work.

Last term pupils took part in an exciting Arts project. Allison Weightman came to Scoraig to talk to the children about the Scottish artist, George Bain and to show them how to make Celtic design tiles. Allison then took the tiles away, fired them and incorporated them into a beautiful fireplace which went on display in the Ullapool Art gallery. Many thanks to Allison.

Before the Easter holiday children took part in a nursery/ primary assembly, egg hunt and Easter crafts event. This year the bunnies seemed to lose lots of fluffy tails which the infants found around the playground!

We also held our celebration of Success. All pupils gained certificates for good work, progress made and for being good citizens. The standard of personal topic work in P4-7 this year was excellent.


From time to time we are asked to distribute leaflets on behalf of other organisations so these will be accompanying your newsletter.

Many thanks for keeping us informed of absences. Please find attached, for your convenience, absence slips. Also a copy of next year’s holiday dates.

Remember the rats, villagers ,our Mayor and the dancing bear!

Now, over to the important people:

I liked the Easter egg hunt. I liked the Space topic. I am looking forward to swimming. P4

I am looking forward to swimming.P2

I played on the pirate ship station.P2

I’ve liked Deirdre coming in. I liked doing the Art. I’m looking forward to swimming and Gerry doing PE. P7

I liked playing on the pirate ship.P1

I’ve enjoyed playing consequences with Deirdre .It was very funny. I have learnt a lot about my numbers and division. I am looking forward to generation Science and PE with Gerry.P6

I am really looking forward to swimming and I have really enjoyed Space topic. I can’t wait until generation Science. P5

G and M enjoy technology.







Wheelie bin politics

A message from Bill Burstall to Highland Council Katrina Taylor regarding the new refuse bin system in operation at Badluarach Jetty:-

Hello Katrina,

First of all many thanks for supplying the two domestic sized green wheelie bins which are being well used on the Scoraig peninsula  (IV23 2RE). I have already had cause to ferry them and empty them into the  large bins at Badluarach (IV23 2RA) so there was clearly a need there. The only problem was that all rubbish was going into the green bin  and therefore to landfill, where much of it  could have gone to recycling.  If you were able to deliver two blue bins (240L) I would bring them to Scoraig and that would encourage people to separate their litter at the Jetty area there. I would continue to undertake to deliver the bins to Badluarach by boat when full at no cost to the council as before.

Secondly, and of greater  concern,  is the reduced service of emptying the green bins (1100L) at Badluarach . Prior to the new arrangement we had four bins emptied once a week,  we now have only three being emptied every other week,  a reduction in capacity of   62.5% or nearly 2/3rds.

Whilst I appreciate that in an urban domestic environment this capacity would be made up by the emptying of the blue bin on alternate weeks, the situation is different for the residents on the Scoraig peninsula who tend to have  proportionately significantly less recyclables in their household waste. Here most paper is either burned or composted, drinks from plastic bottles are not consumed to  the extent they are on the mainland due to the logistics of  transporting liquids across the loch to the house, and similarly tinned foods  are not such a staple of our diet due to their weight compared to dried foods.

We appreciate the introduction of the Blue bin at Badluarach and it has filled up quite well in the two weeks since its introduction ready for emptying this Wednesday. However at the same time the three green bins which would normally  have been emptied weekly  are already full to capacity, and not due to be emptied until next Wednesday.

I am greatly concerned that when residents of the peninsula make the effort to transport their separated rubbish across  the loch and find the green bins full they will have little choice but to  place it in the wrong bin ( thus contaminating the recycled bin and condemning it to landfill once again)  or leave it beside the bins at the top of the jetty where the weather and vermin will scatter it to the four corners of the coast.

I would suggest therefore that you consider increasing the number of green bins at Badluarach to at least 6 in the expectation that this will significantly reduce future flytipping and littering. This would still represent an overall reduction in capacity, leaving us with 7 bins in total being emptied a fortnight instead of 8 as before the introduction of the new scheme.

Sincerely,  Bill Burstall,   Scoraig Sea Taxi, (the ferry service between the Scoraig peninsula and Badluarach Jetty).  Tel; 07747630249