Scoraig School Parent/Carer newsletter February 2012

Up and coming Events. These are just a few of the exciting events that have been organised so far:

Swimming dates– Debbie managed to get in quickly to book us up. Times and dates are:

Wednesdays 11.00- 12.00

9/5, 16/5, 23/5, 30/5, 6/6

Cross country at Laide: This event was postponed due to bad weather. We will let you know when it is rescheduled.

Ullapool Dance Festival transition event – Friday March 9th and Saturday 10th. Nuala and Joany have kindly offered to take P4-P7 to Ullapool for a fun packed weekend of dance activities, with everything from hip hop to ballet. To make the most of this pupils would stay overnight on the Friday and Saturday. Funding for the boat is available through the project and we have some spare left in the budget to cover meals.

We hope these pupils will participate as it is a great opportunity to attend a well organised, exciting event. The folks at the Caledonian Hotel have very kindly offered us free accommodation for two nights. Many thanks go to all who made this possible.

INCAS online assessment is being piloted by Highland for three years. P5 and P7 will be carrying out these assessments on the week beginning 27th February. We will be happy to share these results at the next parent/ carer/teacher meeting. It should be remembered that these assessments are a snapshot of progress and are a small part of the whole process of assessment in the school.

P6/7 transition event– There will be an assembly followed by activities organised by Palestinian olive growers at Ullapool Secondary. Pupils will then have the opportunity to attend an English class and Science class with S1.

Parent Council meeting – A meeting will be scheduled for mid to late March. Joany will let everyone know.

Easter egg hunt and craft activities for Primary and Nursery –End of March.

Parent/carers are reminded that school closes for the Easter holidays on Friday 30th March and the children come back on Tuesday 17th April.

Generation Science transition event –8th May. The topic this visit will be ‘World of Water’ which fits into our topic.

Last week in June – Jack and Rowan will be joining us at the Primary School, from 9am to 1.30pm on Tuesdays before the summer holiday.  5/6  12/6   19/6   26/6

We all look forward to them joining us after the summer holiday in Primary 1. They will join us for a half day for the first two weeks (1.30pm, or 12.30 if preferred), and thereafter from 9 am until 2.50 pm.

This term we have been studying Earth and the Solar System. It has proved to be a very interesting topic for pupils and staff alike. We are grateful for Debbie’s informative lessons with P4-7.

Upper school pupils have been asked to choose a personal topic to complete by Easter. We sat down together, thought about what would make a good project and drew up a list of success criteria. Although pupils will not now have formal spelling check ups until after Easter, the personal topic will give them a chance to concentrate on their personal spellings and to self correct using dictionaries to check their work. Children are welcome to take a dictionary home with them. Maths homework will continue to be provided fortnightly by Nuala and Alison.

New Highland reporting system– please find information attached regarding the new report card format. Reports will be given out during the summer term and staff will arrange a suitable date for you to come and discuss your child’s progress.

A pupil led best work afternoon will be arranged for the summer term.

Please find attached for your pleasure the three year strategic plan for the school. Any comments are welcome.

We have had to make a provisional set of new aims at the inspector’s request. Our previous ones had gone out of fashion. Again any comments are welcome.

Learning and teaching

We are seeing a great all round improvement in attainment in the school. This was also reiterated by the inspector. As resources are gathered and programmes of work are developed learning and teaching becomes even more inspiring.

Some very worthwhile purchases this year have been made: a new spelling scheme with interactive activity disks for upper primary, a new reading scheme for Learning Support, maths interactive disks to match the infant Heinemann maths scheme, Springboard grammar and punctuation workbooks,

Mansion maths DVD and activities for upper Primary, new technology ‘toys’ for infants along with lots of new interesting learning games for literacy and numeracy.

Staff have also devised ‘action pads’, one for nursery and one for primary. These allow us to focus in on points made by the inspector, who in fact did our self evaluation for us.

Staff continue to share, visit other schools/nurseries and do relevant training courses to keep abreast of current thinking.

All of these things lead to improvement of the school.

Second ICT roll out! I said watch this space and the latest news is that we will receive 4 new computers and a new super printer, as well as a new computer in the office. This should be taking place on 29th Feb for printers and 8th March for computers. If they are as good as everyone says it will be a tremendous boost as our current computers are not maintained and are getting slower and slower.


Our two senior girls have entered a writing competition based on ‘The War Horse’. Their work is of a very high standard and Nuala inspires them and brings out the best.

The infants are entering ‘Be Safe In Space’ which links with health and Wellbeing ‘Keeping Safe’.

Your Views

Please return any questionnaires to us by next Friday. We welcome your views and will discuss these at an up and coming staff meeting based on self evaluation.

Thanks you to everyone for your continued support of the school. Even though the weather has been pretty grim since Christmas, staff and pupils have been bright and breezy here at school.

Over to the kids:

Alex-The homework is exciting and not too hard. I’ve achieved a lot in my story writing.

Mysha- I liked the rat play. I like Jolly Phonics.

Glen- I’ve really achieved a lot in reading and maths.

Owen-I really enjoy maths. I’m enjoying Space topic.

Mhairi- I enjoy Art and writing. I’ve improved in my writing.

Anthony- I like doing Time to Move dinosaurs with Alison. (Alison likes it too!)

Taylor- I love doing Jolly Phonics.

A Scoraig artwork

A fabric hanging that a group of women on Scoraig have made

This will be exhibited in Ullapool at An Talla Solais as part of the George Bain decorative art exhibition 17th March – 16th April.

Well done Joany, Djinni Van Slyke, Jill, Susan, Cathy Dagg and any other stitchers not mentioned

Eyes of baboon bottom blue

(Since things are a bit quiet I am posting this poem that Alan Bush found, which he wrote in Tasmania. He submitted it for publication, saying “Suspect it could handle cropping a few verses.”- Hugh)

I was waiting in Hobart Airport
And looking for the loo
When lugging a suitcase I saw her,
With eyes of baboon bottom blue

The girl of my dreams was before me,
Her hair of a golden hue
Her lustrous skin as soft as a peach
And eyes of baboon bottom blue.

Her legs were puffy like bolsters,
Her face like a kangaroo
But I was totally hypnotised by
Those eyes of baboon bottom blue.

When we got in the plane together,
I got jealous of all the crew
Because of the way they ogled the girl
Whose eyes were baboon bottom blue.

My pulse was racing madly
The doves began to coo
I put my arms around the girl
With eyes of baboon bottom blue

I fell down on my bended knee
And promised to be true
I told her my frenzied passion
For eyes of baboon bottom blue

We stayed at a hotel in Melbourne,
And slept the whole night through
And under those hooded eyelids lurked
Her eyes of baboon bottom blue.

But when she awoke next morning
It was enough to make you grue
To see the vacant expression in
Bleared eyes of baboon bottom blue

We got a job at a salmon farm
Covered with fish guts and goo
But life was still OK when she winked
Those eyes of baboon bottom blue

We went to the Bruny pub one day
And downed a plentiful few
But through the alcoholic haze shone
The eyes of baboon bottom blue

And once at a council meeting
Where words are dishonestly true
The frustration and boredom were only relieved
By the eyes of baboon bottom blue

This poem I getting to be a drag
It’s enough to make one spew
I can’t think what has become of that girl
Whose eyes were baboon bottom blue

Alan Bush