email server now working

I have had some problems with my [email protected] email since the change of host yesterday morning, but just now (after lunch Thursday) the server finally seems to be working.

The settings that I am using are as follows and they will most likely work for other email users.  This is for a POP3 connection (the usual).

Log in using your email address (but do not insert “POP3” into it as you would have done at Gradwell), and your password.  (Let me know if you need to reset your password.  You can change the password by logging onto the webmail at Eirbyte and looking for the icon on the bottom right hand side.)

Incoming and outgoing you can use as the mail server although there are other options available (for SSL and stuff like that).  I have the port set to 110 for incoming and 26 for outgoing mail but I am not sure if it makes any difference.

Have fun and please ask if you have any problems or suggestions.

cheers, Hugh

PS If you want to do any fancy stuff then use the webmail link to reach a page that looks like this (after logging in).

On the right is Squirrelmail which you can use to view your mail.

Bottom left is ‘change password’

Bottom centre is ‘configure email client’ which tells you how to set up your email account in more detail.

There are lots of other tricks in there too.  By the way I have just enabled SpamAssassin to remove the most obvious spam from your mail before you download it.