SCA Annual General Meeting 2015

Scoraig Community Association

AGM 2015-10-10

Held on 27.9.15 at Scoraig Secondary School

Present: Aggie Brudenell, Estha Rushforth, Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Ian Hammons, David Bush, Ewan Bush, Davy Forsyth, Zoe Fothergill, Dale Nicholson, Morag Hepburn, Malcolm Alston, Jo Baker, Jessie Millard, Elly Edwards, Don Staniford, Luke Richards, Paul Betts, Janet Betts, Nigel Rushforth.

Apologies: Winnie

  1. Minutes of the previous AGM were read and approved
  2. Chair’s report was read out by Laurence Glass
  3. Treasurer’s report was read out by Laurence Glass
  4. Mooring boat finances were reported on by Aggie
  5. All directors resigned
  6. The following directors were elected: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Malcolm Alston, Estha Rushforth, Ewan Bush, Jo Baker

There followed a brief public meeting:

Present: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Paul Betts, Janet Betts, Jessie Millard, Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Ian Hammons, Nigel Rushforth

  1. Minutes of previous SCA meeting were read and approved
  2. Mooring boat driving test. The need for a new examiner was discussed. Changes to the tick payment scheme were suggested, but it was agreed to defer this discussion to a shareholders meeting where more regular mooring boat users would be present
  3. Road job: It was agreed that the paid work to be done between now and the end of the financial year really needs a gaffer/boss/overseer in order to direct paid workers to where the work really needs doing, to maintain standards of work and to communicate directly with Highland Council on matters such as equipment and materials. This person would be expected to work on the road themselves but could take some agreed admin time. A split of remaining funds of £1500 to the boss and £1000 divided between other paid workers was suggested. This role will be advertised and discussed further at the next meeting
  4. Water on the hill for fire fighting. Jonah is about to take fenceposts to the damaged deer fence so may be able to take containers up
  5. First Responder: It was agreed that Estha would put the phone number onto her phone and act as co-ordinator
  6. Badluarach car park and caravans. It was agreed that now the summer season is past the abandoned caravans are less of a problem but should still be dealt with. Scrapyards will only take broken up caravans. They could be offered online as free to uplift.
  7. Next meeting Sunday 11th October at 4pm at the Secondary School


download here:- SCA AGM 15

SCA meeting minutes from 22nd March 2015

Scoraig Community Association
Minutes of a meeting held on 22.3.15

Present: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Dale Nicholson, Aggie Brudenell, David Bush, Zoe Fothergill, Martha Kerr, Luke Richards, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Wojcieck Paszczyk, Jessie Millard

Apologies: Bill Burstall, Lisa Grant, Estha Rushforth

1.Minutes of previous meeting approved

2.Letter from Bill re. Boat maintenance schedule and firefighting equipment was read out to meeting.

3.Firefighting: A site has been chosen by the SSS gate for the beaters and land-drain holder. Aggie will dig the hole. 25 litre water containers are in the nursery shed and Jonah has tarp for covering them when they’re placed out on the hill. Paul and Luke offered to help get the containers into place along the ridge.

4 Road Maintenance: The last invoice has gone to HC but has not yet been paid. It was agreed that in future all timesheets should be submitted within 2 months of work being completed in order to keep our accounting up to date. At present there is no money to pay people, but voluntary work is always welcome. People could take responsibility for the sections below or through their crofts in terms of clearing ditches and culverts and diverting water flowing down tracks.

Davy has done a costing for creating a turning circle below no.10. John Sangster has said he will still dig sand from the quarry above his, but will have to charge £35 per hour from now on. Agreed that it’s still probably worth it as he can shift a lot of sand in an hour. Paul Betts pointed out that he too has a digger.

There followed a discussion about the need for capping pebbles with sand. Paul wondered if a dry sand/cement mix would be preferable, Laurence thought it would be too dry to go off. There was interest in trying a short section at the bottom of Chris’s hill.

Sleeping policemen below the Secondary School have not yet been put in. This could be done as part of the proposed volunteer day

There will be a volunteer road mending day on Sunday 10th May

  1. Mooring Boat: The engine is possibly running better, but there is possibly water getting into the connectors, and it was pointed out that it’s best to dangle these over the oars to keep water out. No new oars have been commissioned yet after it was ascertained that Topher’s friend would charge £200 each. Bev and Davy will be approached. Dale and Aggie are getting tar and W is sorting ropes. A date in May will be announced for getting the boat back into the water. The old rope will be for sale soon. There have been no bids for the Yamaha 8 so Laurence will keep it for spares for the new 8 replacing the 6.


  1. Badluarach car park. The abandoned caravans belonging to Ivan and Tony Marsh, and old trailers, should be removed. Laurence offered to contact Tony Marsh and offer to place his caravan on e-bay Martha offered to investigate the possibilities for official removal. Luke will dismantle and recycle his caravan


Bags of cement have been dumped in the pier shed and should be removed if anyone knows who they belong to. There is a problem with bins being filled with non-Scoraig rubbish when they are not locked, and with ordinary rubbish being put in the recycling bin so that the entire binfull had to go to landfill. Bill has spare bin keys if anyone has lost theirs


Peter Young’s shed is falling down, Laurence will contact him to ask what his plans are.


  1. Goats: Estate stalker is being contacted


  1. Ali Seanaids: Now that this house is going on the market, W and Chisha may have to move out this summer. W asked if anyone could think of somewhere else for them to stay.


  1. Next Meeting Sunday 7th June



Cheers   Cathy




SCA meeting minutes from 24th January

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 24.1.15

Present: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, David Bush, Wojcieck Paszczyk, Andy Cox, Jill Beavitt, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Luke Richards, Dale Nicolson, Aggie Brudenell, Bev Beavitt, Jessie Millard, Martha Kerr, Estha Rushforth, Bill Burstall

1.Minutes of meeting held on 19.11.14 were approved

  1. Mooring Boat: There are still problems with engine. Agreed to send it back to Brian Eadie for another look, with a suggestion it may be an ignition timing problem. Meanwhile, it may be possible to borrow or buy Chris Latham’s engine. Bev offered to look at the engine and report back. Bill may be able to cobble together a working engine. The old engine will be sold for spare parts, sealed bids to be received by Monday 9th. Meanwhile the boat is ready to go back in the water but launch will be delayed because of damaged doors being nailed shut. But boat will be turned over to allow new ropes to be put on. New oars are needed, Topher will be invited to make them, but if he’s not interested Bev or Davy Forsyth.

Bill stressed the importance of having an anchor, properly attached, and knowing how and when to use it is more important than having oars.

Agreed that W will take responsibility for ensuring boat is properly equipped, and someone will go through a service list with him. Andy Cox will continue to ensure there is fuel.

New mooring rope will be fitted during Easter holidays

  1. Road Job: there is still £1200 to be spent, work to be completed by end Feb so invoices can be submitted. Cathy is now signing off invoices, and Cathy or Laurence will advise on which work needs doing. Dale is working on the Badrallach footpath and will continue there. Luke has agreed to clear ditches at Ruigh’Riabhach and Martha will work on the road collapse and blocked ditches below Lotts.

Bill things pebble bags are still the best option for the top track, but there is concern John Sangster’s quarry may be exhausted. Work done with Nigel’s tractor and trailer was good and should be repeated.

Sleeping policemen at the secondary school: there are old posts in the Badluarach car park, or if these are too rotten some telegraph posts . Martha and David will ferry them over.

  1. Chris Latham’s Croft:   Fallen timber will be cleared and logs sold to raise money for STG after the legality of this has been confirmed by Rodney by e-mail to Paul Betts. Plant will be on the market and it was agreed the stone crusher was not worth the price and should be sold off-peninsula. The remaining tractor and two trailers, Bill is of the strong opinion should be bought by SCA for road job and community use. Agreed to contact Rodney to ask for a price.
  1. 5. First Responders. We are now down to six active responders. If there are enough interested people, training sessions could be arranged. Let Cathy, Laurence or Estha know if you’re interested.
  1. Fire Equipment . Bill bought two backpack pumps, one of which is being paid for by the Grazings Committee, he suggested the SCA buy the second. There are two beaters waiting to be brought up and installed near the school and the makings of two more if anyone wants to take on this job. Paul Betts volunteered. Water stations are needed at strategic points on the hill, Laurence will contact Davy Orr to see if he has any 25 litre drums.

Next meeting 21st March                                                                                                           Cathy

AGM 2014

Scoraig Community Association

AGM 2014

Minutes of AGM and meeting held on 14.9.14 PDF download


Present: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, Estha Cutler, Dale Nicholson, Martha Kerr, Nigel Rushforth, Dave Lucas, Liz McMillan, Luke Richards, Djinni van Slyke, Anthea Douglas, Bill Burstall, Andy Cox, Malcolm Alston, Winnie, Bev Beavitt, Mark Fletcher, Aggie Brudenell, Wojcieck Paszczyk, Jill Beavitt

  1. Chairs Report: Report on the activities of SCA since last AGM was read out by Laurence Glass
  2. Treasurers Report: Report on the financial state of SCA was read out by Estha Cutler, and accounts produced by Hugh were read and approved
  3. Mooring Boat finances were reported
  4. All directors resigned
  5. Election of directors: Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Wojcieck Paszczyk and Aggie Brudenell were re-elected. Bill Burstall and Dale Nicholson elected as new directors.


  1. Road Job: Hugh has ordered bags for pebbles and Bill has bought some from Mos: 900 half-size for £50. John Sangster’s digger is still out of action so Andy Cox will try using his machine. Chris Latham’s crusher is working again but hasn’t yet produced any material for the road. It was agreed some hand-digging of ditches would be useful while waiting for sand, especially beyond Shanti Griha. Laurence proposed a meeting of interested road workers to plan the winters work. There is £3000 to spend before the end of February. Malcolm suggested filling of surface puddles should still be a priority. Dale expressed an interest in working on the Badralloch footpath.
  2. Mooring Boat: Andy Cox offered to take responsibility fo ensuring there is always enough fuel in the boat for a return trip, and to mark the mooring boat fuel tanks for easy identification.Laurence proposes o get a new rope before winter. The boat will be taken out of the water this week and the Serena put in. A plea is put out for all users to make sure they use the correct knot on the mooring rope, and ask to be shown if they’re unsure.
  3. Pier Extension: Aggie and Andy are working on this , looking at options and funding. Recent work on the Badluarach pier area was carried out by HC roads dept not pier authorities.
  4. Fire Equipment: Dundonnell Estate is sending us 6 fire beaters. Grazings Committee has a cheque for £169.25 from the fire dept, we need to decide how best to spend it. Backpacks or tanks to fit on quads.
  5. First Responders: new rota will be distributed by the end of the month
  6. Shanti Griha: Jill read out a letter the STG proposes to send to Kathrin Cooper asking her to reconsider letting Shanti Griha to Luke and Pixie. Malcolm proposed the letter get the support of the SCA, this was carried unanimously.
  7. Minutes of meetings: Cathy agreed to produce paper copies and within a week.
  8. Next meeting: 9th November. This will start as road-job sub-group followed by general meeting.

Changes to Articles of Association

At a directors meeting on 29.9.13, we discussed the problem of  members not being able to take paid employment with the SCA, this being particularly relevant to the road job. We agreed to suggest the following changes to the Articles of Association:

4. Employees of the company shall not be eligible for membership; a person who becomes an employee of the company after admission to membership shall automatically cease to be a member.

Proposed: delete this entirely


And to the Memorandum of Association:

4b. No part of the income or property of the company shall be paid or transferred (directly or indirectly) to the members of the company, whether by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise.

Proposed: change wording of this to clarify that payment of eg Highland Council money for road work can be channelled through the SCA.

4c. No director of the company shall be appointed as a paid employee of the company: no director shall hold any office under the company for which a salary or fee is payable

4d. No benefit (whether in money or in kind) shall be given by the company to any director except in (i)repayment of out-of-pocket expense or (ii)reasonable payment in return for particular services (not being of a management nature) actually rendered to the company

Proposed: retain these clauses. (Directors of the SCA will continue not to be able to do road job or any similar for payment.)

We will need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting and hold a vote on whether or not to make these changes. The resolution will only be passed if 75% of the votes are in favour, and there can’t be any postal or proxy votes, so we hope you’ll come along.

We propose to hold this meeting on Sunday 8th December

There will be a reminder sent out nearer the time


Cheers,  Cathy (Secretary to SCA)

Minutes of a Directors Meeting held on 29.9.13

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a Directors Meeting held on 29.9.13

Present: Laurence, Cathy, Ewan, Estha, Bill, Chris Latham

1.Articles of Association

It was agreed to recommend for amendment the sections of the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association for the SCA covering the issue of members being employed, to allow members but not directors to take employment such as the road job. Any such amendment or deletion must win  75% of the vote of members present at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

A note will be sent to all Scoraig residents outlining the proposed amendments and notifying them of an EGM on December 8th


2. Membership

It was noted that membership of the SCA is less formal than required under the Articles of Association, which require a signed application and a register of members. Members will be requested to sign a short form at the next meeting.


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of AGM were approved

Matters arising:

Gas: Laide Post Office have put a gas cylinder cage at the pier and provide free regulators for people switching to Calor. To order gas, phone the post office, who will authorise Bill to deliver

Post Office: This will open at the Badcaul clinic a couple of days a week, details to come.


4. Road JoB

Bill read out a breakdown of figures may 2012-Sept 2013:



Vehicle         £1231.22

Personnel     £3186.47

subtotal    £4417.69

Materials…..Chippings     £242

Bags (filled)  £666.65

subtotal   £908.65

Total   £5326.25

There followed a discussion on how to spend the present budget, and whether to prioritise the section below Lotts. Agreed that a budget of £1000 for chippings should be allocated for along Lotts, and £1200 for bags of pebbles along Carnoch/Ruigh’riabhach, and that by February if one budget had been used up but not the other, money could be transferred. A day was set for a volunteer day of October 5th. Ewan will experiment with doing stone slab run-offs with Andy Cox.


5. Next Meeting:  Extraordinary General Meeting on Sunday 8th December


SCA AGM 2013 minutes

Scoraig Community Association

Annual   General Meeting  8.9.13


Present: Laurence Glass, Chris Latham, Ewan Bush, Martha Kerr, Bill Burstall, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Estha Cutler, Andy Cox, Nigel Rushforth, Wojcieck Paszczyk, Jessie Millard, Jill Beavitt, Malcolm Alston, Bev Beavitt

Apologies: Andrew Rivett

1.Chair’s Report: Laurence read out the chair’s report

2. Treasurer’s Report: This was circulated

3. Resignation and election of directors:

The following were elected as directors:

Estha Cutler                        proposed L Glass seconded C. Dagg

Laurence Glass                   proposed C. Dagg, seconded B Beavitt

Malcolm Alston                 proposed J Beavitt  seconded E. Cutler

Aggie Brudenell                 proposed L Glass seconded E Cutler

Nigel Rushforth                  proposed L Glass seconded M Alston

Wojcieck Paszczyk            proposed L Glass    seconded A Brudenell

Cathy Dagg                         proposed A Brudenell  seconded  B Beavitt

Jessie Millard                     proposed C Dagg   seconded J Beavitt

Office bearers were agreed by the directors to be: Laurence Glass as Chair, Cathy Dagg as secretary, Estha Cutler as treasurer.


4. Closure of Dundonnell Post Office

It has been arranged that shopping and papers will be delivered from Laide post office, but they don’t do gas. Frank Nichol have offered to erect a cage at the pier and do free delivery for orders of 6 or more, and Bill could co-ordinate releasing cylinders once paid for. We need to find out which gas people use and whether they are willing to change to Calor.


5. Scrap

Bev proposed a scrap collection. Andy Cox can now collect on the peninsula, but isn’t licensed to transport on public roads. Jill suggested voluntary tidy ups and scrap collection are fun community activities and would prefer these to continue. Agreed there would be a scrap collection date set for a weekend during October break.


6. Road

It was agreed Martha and Athini should carry on as before doing repairs, and Ewan would co-ordinate a volunteer day of improvements along the bottom of Lotts, using Chris’ chippings and completing a section to a fairly high standard. Bill, in his continuing role as co-ordinator, feels winkle sacks of pebbles are still the best option for repairs. It was felt by some that the plastic sacks are unsightly, but they are only visible due to not enough subsoil covering them. Ewan suggested run-offs could be excavated with a digger.

Agreed there should be a road sub-committee of Bill, Martha, Estha, Chris, Ewan, Andy C.

Agreed that a budget breaking down how the money would be spent should be presented to SCA for approval.

Ewan will organise a Volunteers Day on 28th September


7. Pier Extension Proposals

It was felt by the steering group that since the results of the questionnaire were support for this, we were obliged to pursue it. Ewan is resigning from the group, but Andy C is happy to get involved


8. Fundraising

Agreed that Bonfire Night and Burns supper were best events for fundraising. An auction was suggested, with the possibility of one of the items being the old mooring boat engine, but there is support for the engine being kept as a spare. Estha offered to organise the auction, with Bill as auctioneer.  A fundraising event at Easter was suggested, possibly a sports day/vintage tractor rally. Laurence offered to develop the idea.


9. Mooring Boat

Bev raised a vote of thanks to Aggie for keeping the system going.  There is £2011 in the high interest account and £139 in the current account. Income has been £2069 and outgoings £898 excluding the new engine. We haven’t had the bill for harbour dues yet.


10. Next Meeting: 29th September






AGM rescheduled











SCA finances are in good shape, but fundraising activities did not quite cover outgoings over the last twelve months.  It is useful to hold some money in the bank to pay for road work pending reimbursement by the Council.

The balance of money held is as follows:

December 2011

August 2012



Undesignated funds




Designated Highland Council “road money”




Total in bank account and cash held






We have spent £3,512 of Council money on road work over the last 12 months, including backlog of funds, and a £3,000 budget for last financial year. (Also £172 of this year’s budget was accidentally overspent in March.  This can be recovered in our next invoice to the Council.)

Spending was halted in the Spring pending a new understanding with the Council, but we have recently heard that they will pay up to £3,000 again this financial year, if anyone actually wants to work on the road.  If the work is not done, then the money will not be paid.  It is also acceptable to the Council for SCA to add a charge for supervision of the work costing up to 10% of the total spent.



Here is a breakdown of Income and Expenditure since the last AGM in December.

Income Expenditure

 Membership fees




 email and website


email and website


 Lighthouse donations




Burns Night (net takings)




Administration of road job (10% of £2727)


Materials for pier shed upgrade


Total income


Total expenses



Not all email users have paid their subscriptions – there remains £90 over-due.

Accountant costs were high due to two years’ bills being paid within twelve months.

I am resigning as treasurer as I do not wish to attend meetings, but I am willing to help with the accounts if required.

All the best,