Scoraig Community Association Minutes of a meeting held on 31.3.19

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 31.3.19

Present: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Nigel Rushforth, Aggie Brudenell, Rachel Wareham, Laurence Glass

Apologies: Jo Baker, Ian Hammond , Lisa Burstall

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
  • Matters Arising

Defibrillator update from Luke: he has found a charity ‘Lucky to be here’ who have already installed a defib at Laide. They will install, train in use and maintain for a suggested donation of £3k. The alternative is to buy one for £1k but there will then be ongoing maintenance costs. It was agreed that fundraising via, for example Just Giving would not be difficult and that Luke should look into this further

  • Finances: account is healthy with approximately £2.5k. The bill for road work has been accepted by HC
  • Road: a delivery of aggregate is due but HC is strapped for cash and this has been delayed to next financial year although pre-paid. Dale, Luke, Ian, Nigel and Laurence have all worked to get the last load over . The road is noticeably getting wider and culvert stones are being pushed out since the  use of heavy (2 tonne) vehicles started about 7 years ago and a lot of upgrade is required. Major repairs will take up much of the budget at the expense of day to day pothole filling and ditch clearing. Right now the road mender team are on top of it
  • Achmore Track. This is not adopted by the HC. It provides access to the cemetery which is an important part of Scoraig’s infrastructure and could be much improved by putting in rocks and pebbles. Agreed that a volunteer day would be a good idea, the date for this to be confirmed
  • Pier: Luke would like some rings inserted on the East side. It was agreed the ‘square rings’ put in by HC are of limited use and that we should just go ahead and put in rings as needed, without asking for HC consent.
  • Badluarach jetty: After the steps crumbled HC has done a poor repair which won’t last long. Way forward might be to do better repair ourselves. Agreed that Luke, Ewan and Laurence would look at it and suggest a meeting with HC to discuss this and cracks in fabric.
  • Mooring Boat: harbour dues have just been paid. It was suggested that the wooden boat be used only in summer and the Serena in winter. Boat needs tarring which is a big expense. Engine needs to go for 2nd service as soon as possible to keep it in warrantry
  • Lighthouse: Electrics need a fettle. The battery type and system of turning lights on and off need reviewing. Hugh to be consulted. Cathy  showed around panel made by James Macgregor to commemorate historic drowning, to be fixed up in the lighthouse. The school is to be encouraged to do their panel. Dale is working on refreshing all the other panels with a view to something being in place by Easter. The exterior of the lighthouse has rusty areas which should be brushed down and repainted.
  1. Badluarach Parking. Previous SCA attempts to get people to remove dead vehicles unowned caravans, trailers etc have failed and a different approach is required to allow resident and visitor car parking particularly with the busy summer months ahead. Appealing to peoples’ better nature clearly doesn’t work. SCA could offer to assist with removal, particularly where the vehicle is waiting to cross over to Scoraig. A memo will be sent out by CD.
  1. The Future. Dale pointed out that we should start thinking now about transition to electric vehicles and how charging points could be set up for Scoraig vehicles.
  1. Next meeting June 30th 4pm in SSS

Cheers, Cathy

Minutes are available for download here

Scoraig Community Association meeting 11.11.18

(Note:  Minutes of several intervening meetings have not been posted here but can be accessed in the document download page that you can find at the bottom of the “SCA” drop down menu above left.)

Minutes of a meeting held on 11.11.18

Present: Malcolm Alston, Nigel Rushforth, Rachel Wareham, Jan Betts, Aggie Brudenell, Jessie Millard, Laurence Glass, Sandy Lamb, Cathy Dagg

Apologies: Luke Richards, Ian Hammond, Estha Rushforth, Paul Betts, Dale Nicholson, Lisa Burstall, Mary Lawrenson, Mark Fletcher

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with the following amendments:
  2. Luke has agreed to be re-elected onto the board
  3. Nigel was previously Treasurer and so continues as such


  1. Matters Arising:
  2. Ian has cut the gorse back and cleaned the worst section of ditch between Carnoch and     Ruigh’riabhach
  3. Defibrillator: no news from Luke so assumed no progress. The Responder radio is now shut off but Estha is happy to continue as Responder contact, after 999. It was agreed Scoraig residents should be notified that the Responder group is not official and that 999 should always be the first call, but that as the defibrillator is here we will always be prepared to help. This info will be circulated on paper and social media.
  4. Lighthouse display: no progress yet but a strong commitment to get this done by Easter
  5. Firefighting backpacks. Cathy updated on the water containers at the Ruigh’riabhach deer fence gate, now down to 2 while she has 2 at home to refill and put out before the dry season.
  6. Bonfire night. Malcolm thanked the STG for an excellent event. Laurence reported that the money raised came to £108 over expenses, this sum including the £50 donated by the SCA (as part of its mandate to promote social events) After discussion it was agreed to put the profit towards next year’s fireworks.


  1. Roads and Ditches:

W is clearing the ditches below Lotts and Dave did the section below his own croft. Cathy raised the problem of water flowing down croft access tracks onto the road and suggested people go out in heavy rain to check their own access. The problem of Lisa Burstall’s ponds seeping onto the road was also mentioned.


  1. Badluarach Pier area:

Cathy distributed a request by Mark Fletcher for salt bins on the pier hill. Apparently SEPA won’t now allow piles of grit as they will pollute. It was agreed Cathy would apply to HC for salt bins and if there was a negative response that this would be taken up with the Community Council. HC would also be approached about proper permanent yellow lines marking the turning space.

Cathy raised the problem of unused/abandoned/unlicensed cars/caravans/trailers occupying parking space and asked that owners be encouraged to remove these. It was agreed that residents would be notified of the problem first, but that HC would be contacted about abandoned vehicles if there was no improvement

It was agreed that this issue and the First responder news be combined in a SCA newsletter

Laurence observed that Peter Young’s shed is now being filled with scrap metal. Jan intimated that Luke and Paul plan to take this away to scrappie.


  1. STG: a message from the STG to this meeting was distributed:
  2. STG’s desire to standardise the naming of the church/Scoraig Secondary School/community hall/centre/village hall. Those present agreed it was up to the STG to call the building what they liked for official purposes and that use of the word ‘community’ was best, but that people would continue to call it by all the other names
  3. Suggestions for more use of the building. This could be mentioned in the SCA newsletter
  4. Proposal that the gates be closed while there are public events to act as traffic calmers for public safety. Those present agreed this was acceptable, but offered the alternative of sleeping policemen. These would make traffic slow down at all times not just when children were playing outside. Two stone run offs at each corner of the building , similar to the one above Lisa Burstall’s, would serve a dual purpose and could be constructed as part of the road job. It was agreed that the SCA would organise re-hanging of gates (at very little cost) and run offs


  1. Any Other Business
  2. Nigel mentioned that Badralloch Grazings Committee are looking for a fencing contractor for their new east boundary fence, if anyone has any names.
  3. Ownership of land below the track at the secondary school was discussed, Sandy observed that the boundary was very unclear.
  4. Cathy passed on a request for discussion of the idea that the SCA and the STG should merge. Official debate on this issue deferred.
  5. Next meeting Sunday 3rd March 2019 at 3pm


Cheers, Cathy

Scoraig Community Association meeting held on 26.11.17

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 26.11.17

Present: Jan Betts, Jessie Millard, Nigel Rushforth, Luke Richards, Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Jill Beavitt, Ian Hamond, Jo Baker, Dale Nicholson

Apologies: Paul Betts, Lisa Grant, Andy Cox

1.Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved

2.Matters Arising:

  • Footpath gates will be put on the agenda of the Scoraig etc Garzings Committee meeting
  • White goods disposal: Laurence is awaiting a reply from ILM with answers to questions such as costs, will they collect, will they take all electrical goods
  • Defibrillator: Luke proposed we look into funding for a public access defibrillator. SCA and STG could work together on this. Agreed that if we don’t get UCT funding we’ll look for other funding sources. Carried unanimously
  • UTC funding. UTC is looking for funding projects in outlying areas
  1. Road: Laurence reported that 7 tonnes of recycled road aggregate is ferried over and spread. Another 14 tonnes should be coming but no date fixed for this. Laurence and Ian have been working on the Badrallach footpath although dumper offered by HC didn’t appear. A large rock dislodged after the fire/heavy rain has fallen onto but not blocked the ditch.
    The Achmore track is in poor condition but is not adopted by HC so road money can’t be spent on it.
    Laurence proposed funding be sought to improve Achmore track. Motion carried.
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Account holds £2076 at the end of October, of which £1500 is road funds
  2. Mooring Boat: engine needs to go in for service. Replacement Yamaha6 is not considered reliable, but it was agreed that rather than the mooring boat be out of use for a week, people could use the Yamaha6 advised of the risk or use their own engines
  3. Badluarach Jetty area: Luke and Davy offered to clean out the ditch above the road and Davy will contact other potential volunteers. Long term solutions to the drainage problems here were discussed, including building a retaining wall

7. Next meeting March 11th at 3pm to be confirmed

SCA 26.11.17

SCA meeting 8th October 2017

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of meeting held on 8.10.17

Present: Jill Beavitt, Sandy Lamb, Luke Richards, Mark Fletcher, Jessie Millard, Jan Betts, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, W, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Laurence Glass

Apologies: Paul Betts, Winnie Buczynski, Andy Cox, Dale Nicholson, Ian Hammond

  1. AGM Minutes were read and the following amendment was required:

Jan and Jessie’s names were omitted from the list of existing committee members who were willing to be re-elected. Cathy apologised for missing out Winnie’s surname. Minutes were then approved


  1. Scrap : So far £1700 has been raised from sale of batteries and another load will go. Scrap is being uplifted at the same time by the scrappie although we are not getting paid for this. More stuff will go from Peter Young’s shed. Laurence’s suggestion for use of SCA’s share of the money is to buy materials for the dry store/car workshop to replace peter’s shed. The main cost will be roofing. The boat engine shed at Scoraig pier also needs a new roof. Laurence will look into costs before further decisions are made.

Motion: that SCA battery money should be spent on building a strong shed for communal use as short-term storage and workshop. Proposed by Laurence, seconded by Cathy, motion carried unanimously

  1. Road: 7 tonnes of free recycled material from HC has been delivered and mostly ferried across. There should be another two loads of this before Spring. So far £600 has been spent so there is £1500 left this financial year. Because of the poor state of the footpath caused by burn, rain and cows, it was agreed to concentrate efforts on the section from the Cadha to Badrallach. A council mini-dumper and driver will help move the material from the road end to where needed. Ditches will be cleared, worst puddles filled in and collapsing side repaired as well as pipe put into the collapsed culvert

Motion: that an extra £200-300 be added to the present £300 allocated to footpath repairs. Proposed by Laurence, seconded by Cathy, carried unanimously

Cathy stressed the need to ensure the Cadha gate is kept closed to prevent cows from coming through and damaging the track on Scoraig side, as they did last week.

On the track itself, gorse could do with cutting back between Malcolm’s and Lisa’s, and some ditching above Jill’s

  1. Mooring Boat: W requested that Sandy be exempt from the requirement to be a mooring boat shareholder and approved driver so that he could use the boat to ferry shareholders. Various objections were raised. Sandy agreed to become a shareholder and sit his driver’s test.
  2. White Goods: Jill raised the problem of disposal of white and other electrical goods, computer parts etc. She has contacted ILM in Alness to see if they will uplift. Inverness recycling will take white goods but a van will have to be registered for domestic disposals. Jill will continue to investigate
  3. Mooring Boat repairs: at the last meeting it was agreed to investigate whether it was better value to repair Serena or buy a new boat. The conclusion was that Serena should be repaired. Laurence has sourced a sheet of marine ply. The Desperate Dan will be beached for scraping (9.10.17) Luke will continue to work on Serena but there is more work if anyone else wants it. They should get in touch with Luke.
  4. Fire beaters: three mended beaters are back in the holder and three at the Ruigh’riabhach deer fence gate. One more needs new matting. This needs to have an internal mesh strong enough to withstand fire, old conveyor belt is ideal. Empty water containers will go back to the pier shed.
  5. Peter Young’s trailer: this needs new tyres and work on tow hitch, maybe narrowing as it’s a bit too wide. SCA money will be used if required.
  6. Defibrillator: Jan asked why this isn’t somewhere accessible to the public. It was pointed out it’s not just a defibrillator but a whole bag of kit to be used by trained First Responders. In an emergency people should phone 999, though Jan doubted whether 999 was reliable enough. Public defibrillators are a different scheme and would still require phoning emergency services first.
  7. Bonfire Night: Saturday 4th November, the venue is moved to Chris’s quarry. Brashings need to be moved from among the trees below the track east of SSS
  8. Next meeting of SCA 26th November at earlier time of 3pm, in SSS.

download here …

SCA minutes 8.10.17

SCA AGM Minutes 2017

Scoraig Community Association                                                              

Annual General Meeting 2017

Meeting held on 20.8.17

Present: Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Winnie Buczynski, Nigel Rushforth, Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Paul Betts, Jan Betts, Sandy Lamb, Jessie Millard, Bev Beavitt

Apologies: Lisa Grant, Lisa Nicholson, Jo Baker, Ian Hammond, Aggie Brudenell

  1. Business:

Malcolm read out minutes of previous AGM held on 18.9.16. Minutes approved.

Malcolm read out minutes of previous ordinary meeting held on 11.6.17. Minutes approved.

Financial Statement, prepared by Hugh, was read out. No moneys have been paid out for road work yet but this will start soon. There is £2175 in the account.

  1. Matters Arising from previous meeting
  2. Free chippings offered by Highland Council are just waiting on the storage bays at Badluarach jetty being cleared out
  3. Brief discussion on the relative merits of chippings against beach pebbles and the best size of quarry grit began, but was postponed until ordinary meeting (below)
  4. Fire beaters. These haven’t yet been fixed. New backpack water spray will be kept at the pier shed.
  5. Ferrying: Laurence doesn’t want to ferry batteries at the same time as grit. Paul Betts offered raft for ferrying trailers containing grit.
  6. Election of new Committee

The committee resigned. Dale, Luke, Jo, Laurence, Nigel, Malcolm, Jessie, Jan, Cathy and Aggie were all willing to be re-elected. Motion, proposed by Paul Betts and seconded by Sandy Lamb was carried with one abstention (Winnie, due to not being able to hear the discussion)

Laurence proposed Estha be included as a director even if she can’t attend meetings with ease. Seconded by Cathy and motion carried

Office Bearers:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Secretary: Cathy Dagg

Treasurer: Nigel Rushforth

  1. Lighthouse refurbishment: Dale and Cathy both apologised for not having got far with this. Laurence will repaint the exterior in Spring 2018. Dale will buy a new visitor book
  2. Bench for walkers. This idea was proposed by Winnie. There was an initial discussion on where this could be placed and what materials it could be made of. A notice board with info and a map for walkers at the deer fence gate was also proposed.
  3. Road Job: Pebble bag filling continues, Laurence and Ian are doing this but anyone is welcome to do some for the going rate, phone Laurence for details. The continuing discussion on the best road material concluded with the motion that a load of 20mm chippings should be bought.
  4. Scrap Metal: A battery collection and sale will be organised. Drop off point will be the west side of Topher’s shed behind the winch. Other scrap can also be removed. Laurence will organise a ferrying day on a good tide, Bev, Luke and Hugh will help.
  5. Mooring Boat: Luke has started stripping, but the boat needs a lot more work, with stern and transom coming away. It was suggested that it is time to find a new mooring boat, something that will carry about 1 tonne weight. The relative costs of repair or replace will be looked into before the next meeting.
  6. Young’s shed at Badluarach pier. Malcolm will phone Peter Young for the last time before we take ownership of the shed and its contents, and proceed to demolish.
  7. Next meeting Sunday 8th October, 4pm at SSS



SCA AGM 2017 (MSword file download link)

SCA meeting 11th June 2017

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of open meeting held on Sunday 11th June 2017

Present: Malcolm Alston, Nigel Rushforth, Luke Richards, Dale Nicholson, Lisa Nicholson, Jo Baker, Bev Beavitt, Jessie Millard, Paul Betts, Ian Hammons, Jan Betts, Aggie Brudenell, Topher Dawson, Jill Beavitt, Cathy Dagg, Sandy Lamb, Zoe Spyropoulos

Apologies: Davy Forsyth

  1. Apology: Cathy apologised for not remembering to advertise the agreed date for this meeting on May 14th
  2. Minutes: Minutes of previous meeting were read, approved and signed by Malcolm
  3. Matters Arising:

Badralloch footpath: Cathy reported that she had discussed the fire damage with Highland Council, and the Countryside Ranger had taken photographs on her last visit to the peninsula

Chippings: Douglas Miles has offered a load of free chippings. It was agreed to accept these, and that work should concentrate on the worst patches.

Fire beaters: Damaged ones have been taken by Luke for fixing, leaving 2 at the Ruigh’riabhach deer fence gate. As agreed in previous discussion, the beaters will be dispersed along the peninsula. Laurence will look for more backpacks

Badluarach pier area: Peter Young’s trailer now belongs to SCA but the shed is still full of rubbish and only access is through the side. Agreed to have a clear out day but Laurence will contact Peter first.

  1. Road job: Filling bags with pebbles work is available at 20p per bag, Ian offered to do some. Agreed that the best use of materials in holes is beach pebbles, then chippings, then optional sand from John Sangster’s quarry. Bits done with this are holding out well, although other sections of track are deteriorating rapidly. Bev stated that limestone chippings are better than sand, but these are £500 per load.
  2. Local Grid proposals: Malcolm summarised the proposal from Eddie Boyd, Highland Council and response from Hugh Piggott. A statement from Hugh was read out to the meeting, and there ensued a discussion on the pros and cons of the idea of a local grid. Comments were then noted from everyone present. The general feeling was that although not personally interested, people wouldn’t stand in the way of others going ahead if they felt the need. The following individual comments were noted:
  • Many people don’t have the ability to maintain their own systems, and Hugh won’t continue to do this job forever. There is a need for someone to train up to take over
  • Any local grid of whatever extent would have issues of maintenance, potential meterage and bills, conflict if one user uses more than the rest or doesn’t pay bills.
  • This could lead to enforced connection to the national grid
  • If you’re in control of your own system, you police and limit your own consumption. A grid may inevitably lead to people ratchetting up their consumption
  • Individual domestic systems are part of what makes Scoraig unique
  • Although not interested in a grid, there should be some way of making better use of the school surplus power

Aggie felt that it could be a good thing and that we should find out more about what was on offer.

Topher pointed out that the major obstacle to any form of grid other than on a very small scale was the issue of transmission, which would only be practical within about 500m and therefore only relevant to 3 or 4 houses nearest the school. Costs of power lines would be way beyond the ability of Highland Council to fund and maintain and might have to be taken on by an outside, commercial company. There would have to be a large diesel back-up generator.

At the end of the discussion Laurence proposed, seconded by Jill, that we invite someone to Scoraig to talk about possibilities. This motion was carried 9 for, 5 against, 1 abstention

Malcolm proposed we tell Hugh we appreciate how much work he has done for us all over the years.

  1. Lochbroom Community Council: The council has not functioned for some time but there is the opportunity to revive it in September. It requires 20 signatures (form was passed round and signed)
  2. Scrap metal: Bev wondered if it was time for a scrap metal collection. Laurence offered to ferry away while ferrying aggregate to Scoraig, and will phone the scrappie.
  3. EMF: Andy Cox had wanted to discuss this but wasn’t present. Agreed that it doesn’t pose a health risk

Next meeting will be AGM, provisionally on Sunday 20th August


PDF DOWNLOAD HERE SCA minutes 11.6.17

SCA meeting 12.3.17

Scoraig Community Association: Minutes of a meeting held on 12.3.17

Present: Malcolm Alston (Chair), Cathy Dagg (Secretary), Sandy Lamb, Laurence Glass, Aggie Brudenell, Luke Richards, Nigel Rushforth, Jan Betts, Dale Nicholson, Andy Cox, Jessie Millard

Apologies: Ian Hammons, Davy Forsyth, Jo Baker, Paul Betts, Lisa Grant

1.Minutes of previous meeting were read, approved and signed off by Chair.

2.Road Job: Laurence gave a resumee of work carried out in 2015-16 and 2016-17. Most of the work recently has been the top section up to John Sangster’s gate. A ditch collapse below Michel’s needed a plastic pipe. Scalpings from Ullapool quarry proved finer than the first batch but seem to be binding well. Luke is now going to be transporting bags of pebbles to points along the bottom section which hasn’t had any work since Dec 2015 and now has some quite large holes. There ensued a discussion on the relative merits of aggregate and pebbles.

Proposal: Laurence proposed that the present system of large pebbles and quarry dust be continued. Seconded by Luke, motion carried by all with one abstention.

Badrallach footpath: Cathy reported on the state of the footpath as exposed by the recent fire.

Proposal: Cathy proposed that a small sum from the SCA road money be used to pay for clearing culverts and ditches along the section of footpath on Badrallach common grazings, technically beyond our remit. Motion seconded by Jan and carried unanimously.

Cathy will investigate alternative sources of funding which might be approached if there is a catastrophic collapse along the Badrallach section.

3. Fire: after the recent out of control muirburn fire it was agreed that the combination of beaters and backpack sprays was effective, but the beaters were heavy and more backpacks would be useful. Luke offered to retrieve and repair beaters left at the deer fence gate. It was also agreed some training would be good, and Aultbea fire service should be approached for advice on this.

Proposal: Laurence proposed SCA funds be used to buy another backpack spray. Motion agreed unanimously

4. Insurance renewal. This is due next month, £106.7 per annum. It was agreed that it was useful and should continue.

5. Badluarach shed. Peter Young has not cleared out the shed. Malcolm will phone him and suggest that he remove anything he wants within a week, after which it will be deemed to be up for grabs.

6. First Responders: Dale is now official, but Luke isn’t at the moment. It was agreed that a refresher day would be useful.

7. Mooring Boat: The new engine was praised and Laurence thanked for his efforts in researching and finding. The mooring boat has a split plank which leaks when laden, and the Serena needs fixing up to be 8-ready. Luke offered to do this work

8. Next meeting May 14th 4pm                                                                                                  Cathy

SCA minutes 12.3.17

SCA meeting held on 27.11.16

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 27.11.16

Present: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Laurence Glass, Jan Betts, Luke Richards, Jessie Millard.

Apologies: Lisa Grant, Nigel Rushforth, Paul Betts, Jill Beavitt

Minutes of previous meeting approved, signed off by MA.

Road Job: There are three months left on this year’s budget.

Footpath to Badrallach. After recent wet weather the footpath is now showing where work is needed. Ian has asked for timesheets to start work here.

The top road section from Ali Weightman’s to beginning of Ruigh’riabhach isn’t too bad, but the road below Lotts needs work. However Laurence feels that as most of the potholes are down onto stone bases they shouldn’t deteriorate much more. The road is being widened by heavy wide vehicles, particularly where they swerve to avoid potholes, bushes etc, and is now so close to the ditch in places that it is breaking down. The collapse below Michel’s is now fixed, with a section of pipe, but this unexpected cost in labour and materials has taken up a large chunk of the residual budget. Laurence is concerned that the retaining wall below the Betts’ is weakening and could lead to a major collapse. Posts could be erected to keep vehicles away from the edge but mostly drivers need to go more slowly and carefully. Notes or e-mails will be sent out to remind residents to drive considerately. It was agreed that the residual budget this year might be best kept back in case of a major collapse

Luke will bring bags of aggregate up from Tom’s port to the track, and Malcolm reminded road workers that there are still bags above his for use by anybody

Shed at Badluarach jetty: The Youngs may clear out the rubbish, but if not Laurence pointed out that there is some useful stuff there and clearing could be done by a group in Spring. Situation re ownership or tenancy of land needs clarification, Cathy will try and chase this up.

Lighthouse re-display: Cathy will call a meeting of interested contributors

Mooring Boat: It has proved difficult to have a dedicated meeting to discuss new engine with enough shareholders. Therefore when the old engine died Laurence just went and bought a new 8. It was agreed that the 6 is not robust enough to be on the mooring in winter. An extra £400 was raised for the new engine by asking shareholders for donations. Nigel bought it through his croft account which brought the price down by £750. There is still enough money for repairs and strengthening of transom of Serena, Luke will do this work.

Financial Report: no report was presented as there is no change from previous meeting.

AOB: Malcolm will now be away for 3 months. If there is a need for a SCA meeting Luke will stand in as temporary chair

Next meeting will be 5th March 2017, 4pm in SSS                                                                  cheers, Cathy

download pdf here sca-minutes-27-11-16 

SCA Minutes of an open meeting held on 23.10.16

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of an open meeting held on 23.10.16

Present: Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Laurence Glass, Nigel Rushforth, Janet Betts, Dale Nicholson, Malcolm Alston, Ian, Luke Richards, Paul Betts

Apologies: Winnie

Minutes of previous meeting (AGM) were read and approved

Matters Arising:

  1. Road Works. Laurence has no fixed work schedule until the weather turns wet to show areas that need work. Scalpings are ferried across and ready to be used. More will be bought in April. There is no news from Highland Council on the possibility of a sample load of used tarmac. Dale pointed out that bags of material at Tom’s port will need to be moved higher before gales start. Footpath: Cathy has noted a couple of eroding culverts. Areas needing work will be marked with canes for Ian to prioritise. Vegetation: Laurence and Aggie have been clearing back gorse on Chris’s hill and behind Alli Weightman’s but there is plenty more to do. Brashings have gone to the bonfire site.
  2. Financial Report: The SCA account is holding more money than it needs for everyday expenditure. Hugh has suggested investing in some high interest enterprise. Laurence suggested that a trailer dedicated to the road job would broaden out the number of people who could work, if they already have a quad. Various options were discussed and second hand trailers posted online will be investigated.
  3. Peter Young’s shed at Badluarach Jetty. It was agreed that the contents of the shed are Peter’s responsibility, and that he should be asked to either clear it out himself or agree to foot the bill for someone else to do it, before the SCA accepts any form of ownership. Laurence suggested that the site would be most useful as a covered loading bay. Cathy will continue to pursue the issue of ownership or tenancy of the land on which the shed sits.
  4. Lighthouse refurbishment: Discussion on this deferred to a dedicated meeting this winter, organised by Cathy
  5. Mooring Boat: business deferred to a dedicated meeting following this one.


AOB: Paul Betts offered to move bags of road material to where needed, if his costs can be covered.

Next meeting Sunday 27th November at 4pm in SSS. This time now amended to 3pm.



Download minutes here

SCA AGM minutes 2016

Scoraig Community Association: Annual General meeting 2016

Held on 18.9.16 at Scoraig Secondary School

Present: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Dale Nicholson, Paul Betts, Andy Cox, Jessie Millard, Laurence Glass, Jill Beavitt, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Janet Betts, Bev Beavitt, Zoe Fothergill, Davy Forsyth

Apologies: Lisa Burstall, Estha Rushforth, Jo Baker

1.Summaries of the year’s activities

Road Work: Laurence listed the road work carried out over the past 12 months, including the mending of blocked ditches and culverts, filling of potholes, cutting back of vegetation. The damage from the drilling rig is considered to have been the final straw leading to the culvert collapse below Aggie’s. Highwater paid a sum towards this repair. He proposes to add a fence and reflective tape at the culvert.

Mooring Boat: Laurence reported on the new pole, made by Sam Barlowe and paid for from the mooring boat’s high interest account. A new engine will be needed soon (see below for discussion)

Financial Report: This report, prepared by Hugh, was available to read in printed form and was summarised by Malcolm.

  1. Minutes of previous meetings

Minutes of AGM 2015, held on 27.9.16 were read and approved

Matters arising: Peter Young’s shed at Badluarach pier area. Peter has given up ownership and Malcolm now has the key. It is in poor condition and is full of rubbish but could be a community resource. Ownership of land needs to be established. Cathy will investigate.

Minutes of SCA ordinary meeting held on 14.8.16 were read and approved.

  1. 3. Directors of SCA

All directors resigned. Bev proposed a bulk reinstatement, seconded by Nigel, but Ewan and Estha don’t want to continue and Jo Baker’s intentions are unknown, so she was presumed to be unwilling to be reappointed.

The following directors therefore continue: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Laurence Glass, Aggie Brudenell

The following three new directors were elected unopposed:

Dale Nicholson, proposed by Cathy, seconded by Malcolm

Jan Betts, propoed by Paul Betts

Nigel Rushforth, proposed by Andy Cox

  1. Further Business

 4.1 Road Job: Laurence asked the meeting to approve that he and Nigel, as directors but not office bearers of SCA, continue to take up to a maximum of £1000 each as wages for road work, as previously agreed. Paul Betts required assurance that there would still be money available to pay anyone else who wanted to do road work. It was agreed that since Laurence took on the job of road overseer, there has been an improvement in repair work.

Motion: that Directors (not office bearers) of SCA, ie Laurence and Nigel, be able to take a wage from the Highland Council allocated budget for the road work. Proposed by Bev and seconded by Dale. Motion was carried by 8 votes in favour and two abstentions.

4.2 Mooring boat outboard: The need to upgrade from a 6 horsepower to an 8 was discussed, the disadvantages of an 8 being its weight and extra cost. The engine needs to be robust, which a lightweight model of an 8 may not be, but not too heavy to lift off the boat in bad weather. Bev will get a list of weights and prices. Dale will ask Ian for details of the one he recently bought. The old engine will be offered for sale by sealed bid.

Paul asked if an automatic bilge pump might not be a good idea, to prevent the boat from swamping. It was felt that this might be good for rainwater but would not work well enough when the boat swings into a wave.

Further discussion on mooring boat issues deferred to a specific mooring boat shareholders meeting.

4.3 Lighthouse and exhibition. Jill felt the lighthouse is looking shabby and Cathy pointed out that the original exhibition panels are now 10 years old and could do with replacing. Some ideas were put forward for new panels, but this, and a programme of painting the exterior etc, will be put on the agenda for discussion at next meeting with a view to doing work through the winter.

4.4 Harbour Dues: Cathy apologised for not yet writing to the harbourmaster. Paul suggested we ask what sum Scoraig as a whole should pay, this sum could then be divided between boat owners/users. It was pointed out that parts of Badluarach jetty are in need of a thorough clean to remove seaweed

4.5 SCA Finances: Laurence advised that the money in the SCA account is growing and the SCA should consider investing part back in to the community.

Next meeting Sunday 23rd October 4pm in SSS


Directors met after the public meeting to appoint office bearers:

Chair: Malcolm, proposed by CD seconded by AB

Secretary: Cathy, proposed by MA seconded by DN

Treasurer: Nigel, proposed by MA seconded by LG

Cheers,   Cathy