email settings changed again

To improve performance, Jimmy has moved to a new server again.  If you are happy to send and receive mail without security (SSL) then hopefully you won’t know what the fuss is about, and everything will still be working as ever.  If you use SSL then the server names for incoming and outgoing mail have changed from coventry01 to RL08.  But see below for future-proof server.

 Jimmy has installed a simpler solution that will prevent the need to change your settings again in future.  Use as the server both in and out, and SSL will work on that server forever amen.  You may get some warnings that the certificate is not valid but Jimmy assures me that it actually is and you can ignore them.

SSL settings to avoid future changes are:
Incoming Server:
• IMAP: Port 993
• POP3: Port 995
Outgoing Server:
• SMTP: Port 465

Here again are the older settings that will hopefully work on any server, but do not support SSL

Incoming Server:
• IMAP: Port 143
• POP3: Port 110

Outgoing Server:
• SMTP: Port 26

If in doubt get in touch with me or with Jimmy.


077 1315 7600

email settings change February 2016

The host server has moved again and so people with email accounts may possibly need to fiddle with their settings to get up to date.

If you want to set SSL settings, you can’t use “
Use for incoming and outgoing.
port 995 for incoming POP
port 465 for outgoing SMTP

Without SSL (although it is less secure) use
The incoming POP server uses port 110.
Outgoing SMTP server uses port 26.
You will need to enter your password.

It’s probably best you log in to the Eirbyte link on the menu bar above (under “email” in the black menu bar on this page) and then use the drop down menu as shown below.


If puzzled then phone Hugh 07713157600 and I will try to elucidate.

Broadband survey, and chance of better service

Ewan Young of Ullapool Community Trust got in touch with the SCA to offer support and to suggest that we individually complete a Broadband Questionnaire.  This might in time lead to improved internet services for the residents on the peninsula.

Download the questionnaire as a word file here.UCT Broadband Survey and send your completed return to UCT.

New fees introduced for email and adverts

It was agreed at the SCA meeting yesterday that email account holders should be asked to pay £10 per annum toward the SCA charity funds, and that a full page advertisement costs the same.  Simple links to web pages are to be free of charge, and we hope they will be reciprocated.

If anyone would like a new email address or advertisement then please contact us and we’ll provide.

Payment can be by cheque made out to Scoraig Community Association or by BACS transfer, or standing order to the bank.  Again contact us for bank details.

email server now working

I have had some problems with my [email protected] email since the change of host yesterday morning, but just now (after lunch Thursday) the server finally seems to be working.

The settings that I am using are as follows and they will most likely work for other email users.  This is for a POP3 connection (the usual).

Log in using your email address (but do not insert “POP3” into it as you would have done at Gradwell), and your password.  (Let me know if you need to reset your password.  You can change the password by logging onto the webmail at Eirbyte and looking for the icon on the bottom right hand side.)

Incoming and outgoing you can use as the mail server although there are other options available (for SSL and stuff like that).  I have the port set to 110 for incoming and 26 for outgoing mail but I am not sure if it makes any difference.

Have fun and please ask if you have any problems or suggestions.

cheers, Hugh

PS If you want to do any fancy stuff then use the webmail link to reach a page that looks like this (after logging in).

On the right is Squirrelmail which you can use to view your mail.

Bottom left is ‘change password’

Bottom centre is ‘configure email client’ which tells you how to set up your email account in more detail.

There are lots of other tricks in there too.  By the way I have just enabled SpamAssassin to remove the most obvious spam from your mail before you download it.