Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

Contrary to rumours, this property is very much for sale still

Offers Over £210,000

croft for sale Scoraig

5-½ Acre croft for sale on the Scoraig peninsula that is located on the NW coast of Scotland. Includes a spacious 3-4-bedroom house built five years ago with high levels of insulation, Nordan double glazed windows and doors, and oil central heating.

 The croft benefits from its own 1 Kw wind turbine; solar panels and a diesel back up generator, as there is no mains connection to the peninsula. The croft has its own water supply fed from a spring.

The peninsula is accessed by boat or hill track and has a 5 – 14’s school.

Bothy, Byre, tractor and machinery are included.

For more information please call 01854 633323.

or email “Jayneyoung89  at”

Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House


Modern off-grid property on a remote Scottish peninsula with outstanding sea & mountain views. Approx 4.5 acres of tenanted croft land & features its own small wind turbine.

Accommodation comprises: utility, living/dining/kitchen, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, garden, outbuildings.
Viewing: Through Selling Solicitors
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Selling SolicitorAnderson, Shaw & Gilbert  01463 253911
Price: Offers Over £180,000
EPC Band: C

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Minutes of a Grazings Shareholders Meeting held on 15.8.12

Scoraig, Achmore, Annat, Carnoch and  Ruigh’Riabhach Common Grazings

Minutes of a Shareholders Meeting held on 15.8.12

Present: Jonah Piggott, Nigel Rushforth, Chris Latham, Debbie Davy, Rona Bush, Bill Burstall, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg


1.     Frequency of Meetings

Cathy apologised for the delay in calling this meeting, but matters which concerned the Grazings Committee had appeared to be running smoothly.


2.     Hut at Camas na Ruthaig

The committee received a letter from Karl Gulder commenting on the treatment of the hut since Ivan’s departure. The committee discussed the matter and agreed that there was no case for the hut remaining there. It was proposed that a letter should be written to Karl explaining the original agreement and its breach by Ivan, and subsequent actions by the Grazings Committee, and that Karl should be offered 28 days to come up with a proposal for the removal of the hut and contents.

This proposal was carried by six votes for and two abstentions.


3.     House at Badacrain

It was agreed by the committee that the house is now under the management of the Grazings Committee, being on common grazing land not in-bye, and that nobody who originally put time or money into improving the building now has any claim on it. It was also agreed that recent occupants of the building have been to the detriment of the building and the land around it, and have on occasion left the deer fence gate open, leaving the tree plantation vulnerable to deer incursion.

As the long term plan of the Grazings Committee is to create a new croft at Badacrain, and to offer this to a proper crofting tenant, the squatting of the building by anybody is to the disadvantage of this scheme, particularly as it goes against the wishes of Jane Rice. Therefore any potential squatters should be discouraged or disallowed if possible. It was agreed that the only long-term solution to the issue of squatters would be to render the building uninhabitable. Before any action is taken the committee agreed to consult the Crofters Commission, Jane Rice and Colin Whittle

It was agreed that Karl should be informed of the decision of the Grazings Committee to oppose any occupation of Badacrain and that the committee is initiating action to render it uninhabitable with a long-term view to creating a legal croft.

4.     Ruigh’Riabhach Deer Fence


Andrew Rivett notified the committee that goats are getting round the deer fence along the shore at most tides.


5.     Croft-Hill Boundary above Lotts

After some confusion about the actual croft boundary above the Brudenells, the map provided by the Scottish Executive was examined and other possible discrepancies discussed


6.     Lay Down area at the Pier

There is a need for a defined area at the Scoraig pier for temporary storage of outgoing and incoming material. The pier area is a part of Rona’s in-bye and her grazing area is reduced by the spread of other people’s stuff, particularly outgoing rubbish. It was agreed that an area immediately west of Topher’s shed could be fenced, with proper gates for access.

Proposal that the Grazings Committee pay for the fence was carried unanimously. A more detailed plan will be drawn up and costed by Rona and Jonah, then put out to tender.

 Cathy Dagg, Clerk to Scoraig, etc Common Grazings Committee  31.8.12