Position Now Closed – Intrepid Educator Needed for Off-Grid School

The deadline has now passed for the Scoraig Primary Class Teacher Position so we are no longer responding to enquiries.

Many thanks for your interest and support throughout the process.


STG Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday 5 March 2015

Present: Aggie, Estha, Anthea, Zoë, Jessie, Chisha
Apologies: Jill, Lisa, Mairead

  1. Meeting Procedures – Jessie to minute, Zoë to chair, next set meeting: Thursday 16th April at 11.00 a.m.


  1. Admin Update
    (a). Successfully received grant of £1K from Highland Council Village Hall Grants Scheme.
    (b). Bank Statements now delivered to the school again.
    (c). Accounts now completed for December and January.
    (d). Signatories form to be redone with Aggie’s rather than Estha’s details as that is what the bank has on record.
    (e). Shares – STG has cashed in its shares with Santander ±£400, which will cover the cost of new chairs.
    (f). Bunkhouse rental agreement signed until 3 July.
    (g). Sale of logs from Chris’s croft raised £180 for STG.
    (h). STG bank balance on 5 March 2015 £5,868.84.


  1. ‘Driftwood’
    (a) Fridge/freezer now working.
    (b) Electrics have been checked by Hugh and are fine.
    (c) Bookings: It needs to be clarified what arrangements will be made for the ‘Driftwood’ over the summer.


  1. Secondary School
    (a) Gas leak is now fixed.
    (b) Lights: Hugh has offered to replace the strip lights with more ambient lighting.
    (c) Chairs: It has been decided to order 24 stacking conference chairs.
    (d) Step-Up stools: It was decided to order 4 plastic step-up stools from Ikea. W will be approached about making sturdier stools out of wood for long-term use.
    (e) Entrance leak: A leak has been found under the door and is in the process of being fixed.
    (f) Hearing loop: A company in Muir of Ord has been sourced which can provide equipment needed at reasonable cost. This will now be discussed further.
    (g) Nursery toilet: Flooring needs to be replaced.
    (h) Blinds: It was decided to look into the feasibility of purchasing blackout blinds for the velux windows.
  1. Events

Bookings for Secondary School:

(a) Pasta/pizza night – Sat 14th March
(b) Anthea’s pre-birthday bash – Sat 4th April
(c) Jorgen Neilson talk – Wed 15th April time 8pm t.b.c.

  1. A.O.B

Changes to the constitution were discussed and will be circulated to all the committee for further comment.

STG Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday 22 January

Scoraig Teaching Group

Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday 22 January 2015

Present: Jill, Aggie, Chisha, Zoë, Anthea, Mairead, Jessie

Apologies: Lisa, Estha

(1) Next meeting: meeting set for Thursday 5th March 2015 in 6 weeks time

(2) Admin update:

(a) Accounts – Cash Flow Manager updated Aug-Dec ’14 with associated documentation.

Current Balance £4,620.20

(b) Signatories – Joany removed and Zoë added will be finalised when branch visited to confirm ID.

(c) Bank Account Statements – address delivery admin error now corrected by bank.

(d) Rates Rebate – Form completed and returned to Highland Council (HC) awaiting outcome.

(e) Village Halls Grant Scheme – Application for £1K submitted to HC (including accounts retyped for 2010 -14).

(f) Online registration – STG now registered online with Zurich Insurance and OSCR.

(g) Office – External Hard Drive supplied by Tommy to transfer data from office computer but yet to be done – committee suggested contact Lee to facilitate the process.

(h) Chairs and stools – researched sources of both and shared with the committee

(3) ‘Dritfwood’

(a) Rental agreement: Administrator to arrange rental agreement with Claire until end of June.

(b) Fridge /freezers: The problems with fridge and freezers are now being dealt with. Thanks to all who have tried to help solve the problem.

(c) Electrics: Hugh asked to look at electric supply from windmill to Driftwood at some point.

(4)   Secondary School

(a) Chairs: It was decided to buy new chairs for the Secondary school. In order to raise funds for this an all day cafe event has been proposed. Date to be decided.

(b) Leak: Solutions will be invited to solve problem of leak just inside door of Secondary school.

 (c) Gas Smell: John is going to investigate gas smell in kitchen.


(5) Hearing Loop: Discussion ongoing about the possible instalation of a hearing loop in the secondary school.


(6) Events: Various events discussed, dates to be decided.

(7) Constitution: Further discussion about changes to STG constitution. This will be considered over coming months  in readiness for AGM.

Job advertised: Primary Headteacher: Scoraig Primary School

The following is copied from this website

Closing Date:  Wednesday 26 February 2014

Post Details
Post Title:  Head Teacher
Location:   Scoraig Primary School, Dundonnell, Ross-shire
Hours:        35 per week
Duration:    Permanent
Salary:       £43,593 plus High rate remote allowance of £2475 p.a.

Contact Person:  Norma Young  Tel. 01478 613697
Please APPLY ONLINE. If you are unable to apply online and you wish to request an offline application pack, please contact Business Support – HR (ECS) Tel. No: 01349 868660 (24 hour voicemail) quoting the post reference number above.

Gaelic speakers are encouraged.
Prior to confirming appointment, we will require successful candidates to become members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.
The Council has a comprehensive relocation package which maybe available to the successful candidate.
Please find the Job Description below.

Click here to download the job and person specification

HGH005665 Scoraig Supplementary Info.pdf

Drum Fun at Scoraig School

There was a Drumming Workshop held jointly with Milton School, organised by the STG, at the Secondary School building on Scoraig on 13th June. Pupils helped with the catering.


These are some accounts of the day written by pupils:


  • Everybody came on the boat but because there were so many people
  • ·Bill the postie had to go back and forth. The Drumming took
  • ·place in the hall in Scoraig Secondary School on 13th June. The
  • ·drums came up in a jeep and there were enough to do around. We
  • ·had lunch in the marquees. We all made new friends.
  • As the drumming started we all laughed. We enjoyed it and would like to see Steve the drumming man again.
  • We played so many games it made my fingers tingle.
  • We were happy. It was fun. I was a bear in an African game.
  • We learnt how to make pizza. We used cheese and onions. It was very yummy.
  • We played so hard so hard our hands nearly fell off.

The drums were African drums made of the skins of animals. The drumming was fun. They were small compared to a table. Some were big compared to a chair. I felt happy. Thank·you to Milton School for coming.

Many thanks, from all at Scoraig School, to everyone who supported Drum Fun event, and to everyone who has given their support to the school this year.

School news

Dear parents/carers,

It is good to be back. The children have been busy bees and the garden and classroom are looking lovely.

Dates for your diary:

IEP’s ,for some pupils, pupils will be sent out next week and, as always, you will be invited to come in to school and discuss these with me. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Margaret Beaton, Hostel Provision, is hoping to come out on Tuesday 18th June. You are invited to come along and meet with her. Details to follow.

Thursday 13th June– Drumming event. This will be lots of noise and lots of fun. It will take place in the Secondary building and some pupils and staff from Milton school are coming over to join us. We look forward to meeting them. Many thanks to all who organised and funded this event.

Wednesday 19th June- A Parent Council meeting  has been arranged for this date at 4 p.m. in the Primary School building. All welcome to attend. Please let Joany know of any items for the agenda, in advance so that she can send out the agenda  prior to the meeting. I am happy to discuss the timetable and look at resources as requested.

The Feis ladies will be returning to Scoraig to do a whole day of music on 25th or 26 th June.

Cinema nights will resume when the nights get darker ! The board is not good unless it is dark. In the meantime enjoy spring and summer. Hopefully the sun will shine.

We will be sorry to say goodbye to Alex at the end of this term. She is a valued member of the school and we will all miss her. We wish her well at Ullapool and are sure that she will meet lots of new friends.

Many thanks to all who supported the school in my absence.  Since my return the children have all been very helpful and considerate.Thank You

Many thanks to Susan for organising the recent Scottish Ambulance visit for pupils. It was very worthwhile and we learned a lot. The children also got a chance to use the Annie dummy. They gave sensible answers and did all of the practical activities very well, showing that they had listened. The ladies were very impressed.

Thanks to Bill for ferrying us across the water to our swimming lessons and to all in the STG who gave funding which allowed us to pay for the bus journeys this year. Sharing with Badcaul was a successful transition event as the children got to know one another more.

Thanks to all who helped at the wind turbine workshop lunches and who donated money to the school to pay for the drumming. This will be a spectacular event and we are all looking forward to it.

Thank you to Martha for doing a great job of transforming our garden. In line with the curriculum for excellence the children are doing active learning and lifelong skills. We hope to have enough vegetables for a good pot of soup !

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss anything.

Best wishes,