Scoraig Community Association AGM 2020-08-19

Minutes of AGM held on Sunday   August 2020

Present: Cathy Dagg. Laurence Glass, Ewan Bush, Aggie Brudenell, Zoe Fothergill, Davy Forsyth, Jill Beavitt, Lisa Burstall, Malcolm Alston, Bev Beavitt, Luke Richards, Jonah Pirie, Sandy Lamb, Nigel Rushforth

Apologies: Ian Hammond, Jo Baker, Jan Betts, Paul Betts

SCA Members: the following have paid £1 to continue membership of SCA in 2020-21 but were unable to attend the AGM: Estha Rushforth, Ross Rushforth, Pixie Richards, Richard and Julie, Morna Pirie

  1. Minutes of AGM 2019 were read and approved
  2. The committee resigned
  3. The following office bearers were appointed for 2020-21:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Secretary: Cathy Dagg

Treasurer: Laurence Glass

  • Treasurer’s report, prepared by Hugh Piggott. A paper copy was distributed. To summarise, the SCA holds only £46, but is owed £2.5k by Highland Council for work done.

Minutes of Ordinary Meeting held after AGM

  1. The minutes of the previous ordinary meeting, held on 20.10.19 were read and approved
  • Treasurer’s report: Although the present lack of funds is primarily the result of Highland Council’s failure to pay what is promised, the situation has been exacerbated by a couple of spending decisions not authorised by the full SCA committee, namely the re-display and external painting of the lighthouse. The Secretary accepts blame and will not do this again. This means that monies raised for other projects such as the defibrillator and fireworks is effectively spent on other things and will have to be taken out of the road budget or otherwise raised.
  • Road Job: In an e-mail to Laurence on July 7th Ian Moncrieff of HC wrote:

Your invoice for work done this year will be paid but I regret that due to the financial pressures from Covid 19 I am unable to commit to funding any works for 2020 – 21. I appreciate this isn’t the news you were wanting to hear as the path is a vital link to Scoraig.    Perhaps we can meet up later on this year to review what the path needs for the future?

It was agreed that HC, having adopted the road, has a financial responsibility for its maintenance. The fact that Scoraig does the work to an annual budget plus materials provided free by HC is to their advantage. Should the council fail to pay in 2020-21, a number of alternative suggestions were put up before the meeting for discussion, although time constraints did not allow for discussion. These suggestions included local road tax, speed limit, weight limit, volunteer days, maintenance of one’s own local section

It was agreed that a correspondence should be started with HC in response to Ian Moncrieff’s e-mail.

Malcolm suggested that if Scoraig formed a Resident’s Association we’d have more rights in terms of representation at HC meetings

  • Charging Hub: Ewan is waiting for various contractors to put in their tenders for the Feasibility Study. He needs an SCA member to help him assess and score the tenders, using software. The funding application for the Feasibility Study is submitted and under consideration. Luke offered to help. Post-Covid recovery funding means that in theory 60% of the capital costs would be available, and the remaining 40% would be available elsewhere.

Jill suggested the SCC might be a better location than the pier, and it was agreed that if landowner or croft tenant issues could not be resolved the bit of land owned by the community by the lighthouse would be considered, though this would probably rule out the charging of outboard engines.

  • Deer Management: In order to get funding from the Woodland Trust for tree planting on Davy’s croft, a deer management plan for the whole peninsula would have to be put in place. It would need to effectively fix what number of deer is acceptable to enable planting and, as deer are breeding, whether continuous culling to keep numbers steady will be required. Davy estimates that regular visits by a shooter would cost about £600 p.a. though offset by the income from selling venison. Concerns were expressed about the safety issues of shooting on  in-bye land and it was agreed that a second survey of Scoraig residents was required, explaining the perceived need for culling and the alternative options.

Proposal that the cull be carried out was carried by 11 votes to 3 abstentions

  • Charitable status of SCA is now regained
  • Pier area untidiness was noted, also the roof of the engine shed needs repair. Spare corrugated sheets would provide a good repair if anyone has any. Broken windows in Topher’s Shed were also noted. Aggie suggested all the burnable rubbish in the pier area be gathered and burned
  • Next meeting Sunday 13th September at 3pm

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SCA Minutes of a meeting held on 8th September 2019 to discuss Asbestos

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 8th September 2019  to discuss Asbestos

Present: Malcolm Alston, Mark Fletcher, Jan Betts, Lisa Burstall, Estha Rushforth, Hannah Farbiszewska, Cathy Dagg, Bev Beavitt

  1. Minutes of previous meeting, approval deferred to next full SCA meeting
  • Asbestos

Hannah described the health hazards of asbestos. She feels strongly that the only safe exposure is zero and that the type of asbestos is irrelevant.

It was pointed out that:

  • Asbestos has been banned since 1999 so only old, recycled roofing sheets or old Rayburns etc will contain the material.
  • if undisturbed, eg when sealed in roofing material it is safe and only becomes a problem when the material breaks up. It can be sealed further by painting, particularly broken edges

The question arose as to where on Scoraig there might be asbestos in an unstable state:

  • Sandy Lamb has been  breaking up some asbestos sheets and some of this material is strewn alongside the path leading through the Latham croft to the school. Sandy proposes to remove this
  • Some asbestos material was thought to be at Scoraig pier area but this has been found to be not the case
  • Material removed recently from the primary school has been safely disposed of by professionals
  • There is some removed and partially buried sheeting at the Glass house
  • Many other households may have asbestos panels as it is an excellent insulating material and demolition/removal would cause more problems than leaving in place

What to do with asbestos deemed unsafe:

Asbestos removal service will deal with it, initially by wrapping in 1000 gauge plastic before removal, but this service will cost. If a small amount that can be dealt with in half a day they would be able to combine it with another job for less cost.

Grants have been available in the past to remove asbestos roofing and may become available again

The SCA could take responsibility for removal of material from public spaces but can only advise residents if it’s on private property.

It was agreed that an information sheet should be circulated, giving advice and website addresses etc . cathy will prepare this

It was agreed that asbestos should become a standard agenda item for SCA meetings

It was agreed help should be offered to Hannah to deal with the Glass House material


Update on public access defibrillator. Jan shared the information she had found out, including costs and the need for an electrical connection. Various possible funding sources were mentioned. It was noted that if 999 is called but then the defib is used, the countdown for the ambulance is halted.

Beach Clean date set for Saturday October 19th

Next SCA meeting Sunday October 20th at 4pm in SCC

SCA minutes of ordinary meeting 19th August

Minutes of an Ordinary Meeting following the AGM on 19th August

Present: Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Dale Nicolson, Jo Baker, Jessie Millard, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Jill Beavitt, Hannah Farbiszewska, Mark Fletcher, Mary Lawrenson, Sarrel Worsley, Lisa Burstall, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Andy Cox

Apologies: Ian Hammond, Bev Beavitt, Estha Rushforth, Paul Worsley

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with one amendment: that Jan Betts’ name be added to the list of apologies for absence
  2. Matters Arising:
  3. Defibrillator: the first responder Defibrillator now has a flat battery so is non-functioning. It is unclear whether the community own it and whether a new battery can be bought or acquired. Luke had been investigating acquiring a public access defib. It was pointed out that the process must be fairly simple as Morefield and Ardmair have recently acquired one. It was agreed Paul Betts would contact the GP surgery as a first step, get a costing etc.

Dale summarised for the meeting why the First responder group is no longer active.

  • Route Markers to burial ground: these white painted marker pegs are now all in place.
  • Achmore track: Filled sandbags are now stacked at the bottom of the track. Laurence thinks these combined with aggregate will be more effective than levering rocks in. Luke might be persuaded to take the sandbags up the track to where needed. People could also put stones in holes every time they walk up the track.
  • Badluarach jetty step and crack on west side. It was agreed a letter will be written to HC asking them to assess the work required and whether they will do it themselves or offer it to, for example, Ewan Bush
  • Replacement of square rings on Scoraig pier. Luke had thought he could round these off and add some more on the east side. It was agreed this could be a paid job. Lisa will approach Luke.
  • Road job: The wet summer has made the road deteriorate. Another load of aggregate is due.Sandbags are filled and waiting for the road crew to have time to start on the Ruigh’Riabhach hill.  Laurence pointed out that residents of Ruigh’Riabhach could get their own road crew together to do the work, advised by Laurence. Cathy proposed congratulations and thanks to Laurence for all his work.
  • Sleeping Policement at Scoraig Community Centre (SSS) The proposed runoffs will be done in good time
  • Badluarach Parking: Cathy summarised the achievements of the recent appeals for dead cars, caravans etc to be removed. Winnie’s funeral did have the effect of galvinising activity but the end result is only the permanent removal of 2 vehicles. It was suggested that trailers could be parked in Gayle’s field, but was agreed that while this worked as a temporary measure it shouldn’t be seen as a permanent solution
  • Scrap: Andy Cox has contacted Highland Clearances in Muir of Ord. Laurence observed that the growing pile of scrap in the old Peter Young’s garage site is in the way of any useful development there and should be removed as a priority. It was suggested that scrap should not be ferried to Badluarach without a definite arrangement for its onward journey. Batteries at Ruighriabhach will be collected by the road crew when they’re working down that end. Money from sale of scrap will go to whoever does the work and they can decide whether to donate it to SCA or STG. Lisa will contact HC.
  • Helicopter landing spots. Cathy now has the details and will distribute these with the request that they be kept clear of trees or tractors.
  • Beach Clean: provisionally arranged for October 19th at 11am, to be confirmed. Three groups will work as at the previous session.
  • Black tanks: Plinths etc at each location will be constructed by those nearest.
  • Electric cars. Dale raised the need for planning for the changeover. Ewan Bush has been looking into possibilities and will chase funding on behalf of SCA
  • Asbestos: Hannah raised the problem of asbestos deteriorating in various locytions along the peninsula and presenting a serious health risk. It was agreed that research needed to be done into how to deal with it and whose responsibility this would be and that the issue should be deferred to a meeting dedicated to this problem
  • Recycling: Cathy proposes to establish collecting points at the pier for domestic batteries, mobile phones and crisp packets with a view to adding more categories as we find recyclers for different items.
  • Next meeting will be Sunday September 8th at 4pm with asbestos on the agenda.

SCA Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019

Present: Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Dale Nicolson, Jo Baker, Jessie Millard, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Jill Beavitt, Hannah Farbiszewska, Mark Fletcher, Mary Lawrenson, Sarrel Worsley, Lisa Burstall, Aggie Brudenell, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Andy Cox

Apologies: Ian Hammond, Bev Beavitt, Estha Rushforth, Paul Worsley

  1. Minutes of previous AGM, held on 2.9.18 were read and approved.  One addition to these minutes is that Luke was contacted about his intentions to continue on the committee. He was subsequently added to the list
  2. The 2018-2019 committee resigned and were re-elected. The committee therefore consists of:  Malcolm Alston, Jill Beavitt, Aggie Brudenell, Cathy Dagg, Laurence Glass, Jessie Millard, Dale Nicolson, Estha Rushforth, Nigel Rushforth, Lisa Burstall
  3. It was agreed that the Articles of Association should be checked to see whether there is an upper limit on the number of committee members. If not, Sarrel Worsley will be considered to be elected. If there is a limit which has been reached, Jessie and Dale offered to stand down to allow Sarrel to take over. Luke will be approached to clarify his intentions to continue
  4. Office Bearers were appointed as follows:

Chair: Malcolm Alston

Treasurer: Nigel Rushforth

Secretary: Cathy Dagg with Sarrel Worsley as under-secretary

  • Treasurer: The work done by Hugh Piggott was noted and appreciated
  • Treasurer’s Report and financial statement. This was perused and accepted with no comments.

SCA Minutes of a meeting held on 30.6.19

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 30.6.19

Present: Malcolm Alston, Laurence Glass, Mary Lawrenson, Mark Fletcher, Jo Baker, Nigel Rushforth, Cathy Dagg, Paul Betts, Rachel Wareham.

Apologies : Lisa Burstall, Dale Nicholson, Ian Hamond,  Estha Rushforth, Jill Beavitt

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.
  • Matters Arising

Defibrillator. The oxygen cylinder in the defib. bag is now 3 years out of date. It belongs to the community so we will make enquiries about replacing it.

Cemetery markers are now in place although a couple more are needed

Achmore Track needs upgrade/repair at least as far as the stile. It was agreed that a work party would concentrate on improving one section to begin with, but the road team want to prioritise moving aggregate for now, so a Volunteer Day date won’t be arranged until the AGM.

Badluarach Jetty steps. The repair done by HC is holding together. PB mentioned the crack on the east side. This was repaired by LG and Ewan Bush a few years ago and may now need doing again

Scoraig pier, replacement of square rings: nothing has been done yet.

Road: half the aggregate material has been ferried over. Finances are good, there is money for another load of aggregate. LG has ordered 100 sandbags. The road crew are starting to get on top of the potholes so could move on to the Ruigh’riabhach hill.

Sleeping policemen at the Scoraig Community Centre. These have not yet been done but work is planned

  • Badluarach Parking: CD apologised for not sending out the memo agreed at the previous meeting. Agreed that we all use more vehicles nowadays, but that the parking should be primarily for cars not trailers and definitely not abandoned or dead vehicles. The problem is identifying the abandoned vehicles. Agreed that the previous ‘soft’ approach hasn’t been successful and a stronger message is needed. Agreed that a memo would be sent, forewarning that a more forceful approach will be adopted.
  • Lighthouse: The meeting thanked Dale for the work he has done on refreshing the information panels and Luke for the work on the exterior. MF asked how this paid work was given out. MA: according to peoples abilities and tools for the job. CD apologised that it had not been a formal committee decision to commission Luke to paint the exterior.
  • Scoraig Community Centre Group: ML informed the meeting that this is the new official name for the former STG. At the recent AGM of the former STG it was agreed to rename the Secondary |School/former Church the Scoraig Community Centre. The Scoraig Community Centre Group want to fundraise and tell people more about Scoraig, possibly through selling postcards. There may be a request for good images.
  • Scrap. JB enquired about proposals for a scrap trip. PB and LG offered to move batteries from Barham’s. CD mentioned the growing scrap pile in Chris’s quarry. This is mostly Alison Weightman’s.
  • Helicopter landings: IH reported that the recent emergency helicopter had had difficulty finding a safe landing. There are designated landing places agreed some years ago but there is no record. CD will enquire if anyone has information.
  • Black water tanks. There was a discussion as to where the three tanks bought by SCA should  be placed at. First suggestion was the pier, the Scoraig Community Centre and at the east end, but it was felt that seawater was easily accessible to the west and that Chris’s quarry, the quarry above Malcolm’s and out East would be better. There needs to be a volunteer day to get them in place. It was noted that the SCA paid Scoraig Sea taxi for the tanks and the VAT should be reclaimable from Lisa.
  • Beach Clean: MA suggested another beach clean during the school holidays
  1. AGM date provisionally set as Sunday 18th August at 4

Cheers, Cathy

Note that AGM is now Sunday 25th August

Scoraig Community Association Minutes of a meeting held on 31.3.19

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 31.3.19

Present: Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Dale Nicholson, Luke Richards, Nigel Rushforth, Aggie Brudenell, Rachel Wareham, Laurence Glass

Apologies: Jo Baker, Ian Hammond , Lisa Burstall

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were approved
  • Matters Arising

Defibrillator update from Luke: he has found a charity ‘Lucky to be here’ who have already installed a defib at Laide. They will install, train in use and maintain for a suggested donation of £3k. The alternative is to buy one for £1k but there will then be ongoing maintenance costs. It was agreed that fundraising via, for example Just Giving would not be difficult and that Luke should look into this further

  • Finances: account is healthy with approximately £2.5k. The bill for road work has been accepted by HC
  • Road: a delivery of aggregate is due but HC is strapped for cash and this has been delayed to next financial year although pre-paid. Dale, Luke, Ian, Nigel and Laurence have all worked to get the last load over . The road is noticeably getting wider and culvert stones are being pushed out since the  use of heavy (2 tonne) vehicles started about 7 years ago and a lot of upgrade is required. Major repairs will take up much of the budget at the expense of day to day pothole filling and ditch clearing. Right now the road mender team are on top of it
  • Achmore Track. This is not adopted by the HC. It provides access to the cemetery which is an important part of Scoraig’s infrastructure and could be much improved by putting in rocks and pebbles. Agreed that a volunteer day would be a good idea, the date for this to be confirmed
  • Pier: Luke would like some rings inserted on the East side. It was agreed the ‘square rings’ put in by HC are of limited use and that we should just go ahead and put in rings as needed, without asking for HC consent.
  • Badluarach jetty: After the steps crumbled HC has done a poor repair which won’t last long. Way forward might be to do better repair ourselves. Agreed that Luke, Ewan and Laurence would look at it and suggest a meeting with HC to discuss this and cracks in fabric.
  • Mooring Boat: harbour dues have just been paid. It was suggested that the wooden boat be used only in summer and the Serena in winter. Boat needs tarring which is a big expense. Engine needs to go for 2nd service as soon as possible to keep it in warrantry
  • Lighthouse: Electrics need a fettle. The battery type and system of turning lights on and off need reviewing. Hugh to be consulted. Cathy  showed around panel made by James Macgregor to commemorate historic drowning, to be fixed up in the lighthouse. The school is to be encouraged to do their panel. Dale is working on refreshing all the other panels with a view to something being in place by Easter. The exterior of the lighthouse has rusty areas which should be brushed down and repainted.
  1. Badluarach Parking. Previous SCA attempts to get people to remove dead vehicles unowned caravans, trailers etc have failed and a different approach is required to allow resident and visitor car parking particularly with the busy summer months ahead. Appealing to peoples’ better nature clearly doesn’t work. SCA could offer to assist with removal, particularly where the vehicle is waiting to cross over to Scoraig. A memo will be sent out by CD.
  1. The Future. Dale pointed out that we should start thinking now about transition to electric vehicles and how charging points could be set up for Scoraig vehicles.
  1. Next meeting June 30th 4pm in SSS

Cheers, Cathy

Minutes are available for download here

New head teacher needed for Scoraig Primary School

Our Head Teacher position has now been advertised. It is a ‘Cluster Head’ position shared with Badcaul School on the other side of the Loch. The deadline is very soon on 12th June.

Scoraig Community Association meeting 11.11.18

(Note:  Minutes of several intervening meetings have not been posted here but can be accessed in the document download page that you can find at the bottom of the “SCA” drop down menu above left.)

Minutes of a meeting held on 11.11.18

Present: Malcolm Alston, Nigel Rushforth, Rachel Wareham, Jan Betts, Aggie Brudenell, Jessie Millard, Laurence Glass, Sandy Lamb, Cathy Dagg

Apologies: Luke Richards, Ian Hammond, Estha Rushforth, Paul Betts, Dale Nicholson, Lisa Burstall, Mary Lawrenson, Mark Fletcher

  1. Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with the following amendments:
  2. Luke has agreed to be re-elected onto the board
  3. Nigel was previously Treasurer and so continues as such


  1. Matters Arising:
  2. Ian has cut the gorse back and cleaned the worst section of ditch between Carnoch and     Ruigh’riabhach
  3. Defibrillator: no news from Luke so assumed no progress. The Responder radio is now shut off but Estha is happy to continue as Responder contact, after 999. It was agreed Scoraig residents should be notified that the Responder group is not official and that 999 should always be the first call, but that as the defibrillator is here we will always be prepared to help. This info will be circulated on paper and social media.
  4. Lighthouse display: no progress yet but a strong commitment to get this done by Easter
  5. Firefighting backpacks. Cathy updated on the water containers at the Ruigh’riabhach deer fence gate, now down to 2 while she has 2 at home to refill and put out before the dry season.
  6. Bonfire night. Malcolm thanked the STG for an excellent event. Laurence reported that the money raised came to £108 over expenses, this sum including the £50 donated by the SCA (as part of its mandate to promote social events) After discussion it was agreed to put the profit towards next year’s fireworks.


  1. Roads and Ditches:

W is clearing the ditches below Lotts and Dave did the section below his own croft. Cathy raised the problem of water flowing down croft access tracks onto the road and suggested people go out in heavy rain to check their own access. The problem of Lisa Burstall’s ponds seeping onto the road was also mentioned.


  1. Badluarach Pier area:

Cathy distributed a request by Mark Fletcher for salt bins on the pier hill. Apparently SEPA won’t now allow piles of grit as they will pollute. It was agreed Cathy would apply to HC for salt bins and if there was a negative response that this would be taken up with the Community Council. HC would also be approached about proper permanent yellow lines marking the turning space.

Cathy raised the problem of unused/abandoned/unlicensed cars/caravans/trailers occupying parking space and asked that owners be encouraged to remove these. It was agreed that residents would be notified of the problem first, but that HC would be contacted about abandoned vehicles if there was no improvement

It was agreed that this issue and the First responder news be combined in a SCA newsletter

Laurence observed that Peter Young’s shed is now being filled with scrap metal. Jan intimated that Luke and Paul plan to take this away to scrappie.


  1. STG: a message from the STG to this meeting was distributed:
  2. STG’s desire to standardise the naming of the church/Scoraig Secondary School/community hall/centre/village hall. Those present agreed it was up to the STG to call the building what they liked for official purposes and that use of the word ‘community’ was best, but that people would continue to call it by all the other names
  3. Suggestions for more use of the building. This could be mentioned in the SCA newsletter
  4. Proposal that the gates be closed while there are public events to act as traffic calmers for public safety. Those present agreed this was acceptable, but offered the alternative of sleeping policemen. These would make traffic slow down at all times not just when children were playing outside. Two stone run offs at each corner of the building , similar to the one above Lisa Burstall’s, would serve a dual purpose and could be constructed as part of the road job. It was agreed that the SCA would organise re-hanging of gates (at very little cost) and run offs


  1. Any Other Business
  2. Nigel mentioned that Badralloch Grazings Committee are looking for a fencing contractor for their new east boundary fence, if anyone has any names.
  3. Ownership of land below the track at the secondary school was discussed, Sandy observed that the boundary was very unclear.
  4. Cathy passed on a request for discussion of the idea that the SCA and the STG should merge. Official debate on this issue deferred.
  5. Next meeting Sunday 3rd March 2019 at 3pm


Cheers, Cathy

Scoraig Community Association meeting held on 26.11.17

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 26.11.17

Present: Jan Betts, Jessie Millard, Nigel Rushforth, Luke Richards, Laurence Glass, Malcolm Alston, Cathy Dagg, Aggie Brudenell, Jill Beavitt, Ian Hamond, Jo Baker, Dale Nicholson

Apologies: Paul Betts, Lisa Grant, Andy Cox

1.Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved

2.Matters Arising:

  • Footpath gates will be put on the agenda of the Scoraig etc Garzings Committee meeting
  • White goods disposal: Laurence is awaiting a reply from ILM with answers to questions such as costs, will they collect, will they take all electrical goods
  • Defibrillator: Luke proposed we look into funding for a public access defibrillator. SCA and STG could work together on this. Agreed that if we don’t get UCT funding we’ll look for other funding sources. Carried unanimously
  • UTC funding. UTC is looking for funding projects in outlying areas
  1. Road: Laurence reported that 7 tonnes of recycled road aggregate is ferried over and spread. Another 14 tonnes should be coming but no date fixed for this. Laurence and Ian have been working on the Badrallach footpath although dumper offered by HC didn’t appear. A large rock dislodged after the fire/heavy rain has fallen onto but not blocked the ditch.
    The Achmore track is in poor condition but is not adopted by HC so road money can’t be spent on it.
    Laurence proposed funding be sought to improve Achmore track. Motion carried.
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Account holds £2076 at the end of October, of which £1500 is road funds
  2. Mooring Boat: engine needs to go in for service. Replacement Yamaha6 is not considered reliable, but it was agreed that rather than the mooring boat be out of use for a week, people could use the Yamaha6 advised of the risk or use their own engines
  3. Badluarach Jetty area: Luke and Davy offered to clean out the ditch above the road and Davy will contact other potential volunteers. Long term solutions to the drainage problems here were discussed, including building a retaining wall

7. Next meeting March 11th at 3pm to be confirmed

SCA 26.11.17