STG Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday 5 March 2015

Present: Aggie, Estha, Anthea, Zoë, Jessie, Chisha
Apologies: Jill, Lisa, Mairead

  1. Meeting Procedures – Jessie to minute, Zoë to chair, next set meeting: Thursday 16th April at 11.00 a.m.


  1. Admin Update
    (a). Successfully received grant of £1K from Highland Council Village Hall Grants Scheme.
    (b). Bank Statements now delivered to the school again.
    (c). Accounts now completed for December and January.
    (d). Signatories form to be redone with Aggie’s rather than Estha’s details as that is what the bank has on record.
    (e). Shares – STG has cashed in its shares with Santander ±£400, which will cover the cost of new chairs.
    (f). Bunkhouse rental agreement signed until 3 July.
    (g). Sale of logs from Chris’s croft raised £180 for STG.
    (h). STG bank balance on 5 March 2015 £5,868.84.


  1. ‘Driftwood’
    (a) Fridge/freezer now working.
    (b) Electrics have been checked by Hugh and are fine.
    (c) Bookings: It needs to be clarified what arrangements will be made for the ‘Driftwood’ over the summer.


  1. Secondary School
    (a) Gas leak is now fixed.
    (b) Lights: Hugh has offered to replace the strip lights with more ambient lighting.
    (c) Chairs: It has been decided to order 24 stacking conference chairs.
    (d) Step-Up stools: It was decided to order 4 plastic step-up stools from Ikea. W will be approached about making sturdier stools out of wood for long-term use.
    (e) Entrance leak: A leak has been found under the door and is in the process of being fixed.
    (f) Hearing loop: A company in Muir of Ord has been sourced which can provide equipment needed at reasonable cost. This will now be discussed further.
    (g) Nursery toilet: Flooring needs to be replaced.
    (h) Blinds: It was decided to look into the feasibility of purchasing blackout blinds for the velux windows.
  1. Events

Bookings for Secondary School:

(a) Pasta/pizza night – Sat 14th March
(b) Anthea’s pre-birthday bash – Sat 4th April
(c) Jorgen Neilson talk – Wed 15th April time 8pm t.b.c.

  1. A.O.B

Changes to the constitution were discussed and will be circulated to all the committee for further comment.

STG Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday 22 January

Scoraig Teaching Group

Committee Meeting Minutes Thursday 22 January 2015

Present: Jill, Aggie, Chisha, Zoë, Anthea, Mairead, Jessie

Apologies: Lisa, Estha

(1) Next meeting: meeting set for Thursday 5th March 2015 in 6 weeks time

(2) Admin update:

(a) Accounts – Cash Flow Manager updated Aug-Dec ’14 with associated documentation.

Current Balance £4,620.20

(b) Signatories – Joany removed and Zoë added will be finalised when branch visited to confirm ID.

(c) Bank Account Statements – address delivery admin error now corrected by bank.

(d) Rates Rebate – Form completed and returned to Highland Council (HC) awaiting outcome.

(e) Village Halls Grant Scheme – Application for £1K submitted to HC (including accounts retyped for 2010 -14).

(f) Online registration – STG now registered online with Zurich Insurance and OSCR.

(g) Office – External Hard Drive supplied by Tommy to transfer data from office computer but yet to be done – committee suggested contact Lee to facilitate the process.

(h) Chairs and stools – researched sources of both and shared with the committee

(3) ‘Dritfwood’

(a) Rental agreement: Administrator to arrange rental agreement with Claire until end of June.

(b) Fridge /freezers: The problems with fridge and freezers are now being dealt with. Thanks to all who have tried to help solve the problem.

(c) Electrics: Hugh asked to look at electric supply from windmill to Driftwood at some point.

(4)   Secondary School

(a) Chairs: It was decided to buy new chairs for the Secondary school. In order to raise funds for this an all day cafe event has been proposed. Date to be decided.

(b) Leak: Solutions will be invited to solve problem of leak just inside door of Secondary school.

 (c) Gas Smell: John is going to investigate gas smell in kitchen.


(5) Hearing Loop: Discussion ongoing about the possible instalation of a hearing loop in the secondary school.


(6) Events: Various events discussed, dates to be decided.

(7) Constitution: Further discussion about changes to STG constitution. This will be considered over coming months  in readiness for AGM.

SCA meeting minutes from 24th January

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a meeting held on 24.1.15

Present: Laurence Glass, Cathy Dagg, David Bush, Wojcieck Paszczyk, Andy Cox, Jill Beavitt, Jan Betts, Paul Betts, Luke Richards, Dale Nicolson, Aggie Brudenell, Bev Beavitt, Jessie Millard, Martha Kerr, Estha Rushforth, Bill Burstall

1.Minutes of meeting held on 19.11.14 were approved

  1. Mooring Boat: There are still problems with engine. Agreed to send it back to Brian Eadie for another look, with a suggestion it may be an ignition timing problem. Meanwhile, it may be possible to borrow or buy Chris Latham’s engine. Bev offered to look at the engine and report back. Bill may be able to cobble together a working engine. The old engine will be sold for spare parts, sealed bids to be received by Monday 9th. Meanwhile the boat is ready to go back in the water but launch will be delayed because of damaged doors being nailed shut. But boat will be turned over to allow new ropes to be put on. New oars are needed, Topher will be invited to make them, but if he’s not interested Bev or Davy Forsyth.

Bill stressed the importance of having an anchor, properly attached, and knowing how and when to use it is more important than having oars.

Agreed that W will take responsibility for ensuring boat is properly equipped, and someone will go through a service list with him. Andy Cox will continue to ensure there is fuel.

New mooring rope will be fitted during Easter holidays

  1. Road Job: there is still £1200 to be spent, work to be completed by end Feb so invoices can be submitted. Cathy is now signing off invoices, and Cathy or Laurence will advise on which work needs doing. Dale is working on the Badrallach footpath and will continue there. Luke has agreed to clear ditches at Ruigh’Riabhach and Martha will work on the road collapse and blocked ditches below Lotts.

Bill things pebble bags are still the best option for the top track, but there is concern John Sangster’s quarry may be exhausted. Work done with Nigel’s tractor and trailer was good and should be repeated.

Sleeping policemen at the secondary school: there are old posts in the Badluarach car park, or if these are too rotten some telegraph posts . Martha and David will ferry them over.

  1. Chris Latham’s Croft:   Fallen timber will be cleared and logs sold to raise money for STG after the legality of this has been confirmed by Rodney by e-mail to Paul Betts. Plant will be on the market and it was agreed the stone crusher was not worth the price and should be sold off-peninsula. The remaining tractor and two trailers, Bill is of the strong opinion should be bought by SCA for road job and community use. Agreed to contact Rodney to ask for a price.
  1. 5. First Responders. We are now down to six active responders. If there are enough interested people, training sessions could be arranged. Let Cathy, Laurence or Estha know if you’re interested.
  1. Fire Equipment . Bill bought two backpack pumps, one of which is being paid for by the Grazings Committee, he suggested the SCA buy the second. There are two beaters waiting to be brought up and installed near the school and the makings of two more if anyone wants to take on this job. Paul Betts volunteered. Water stations are needed at strategic points on the hill, Laurence will contact Davy Orr to see if he has any 25 litre drums.

Next meeting 21st March                                                                                                           Cathy

Scoraig Teaching Group committee minutes

Scoraig Teaching Group

Committee Meeting Minutes – Thursday 13 November 2014

Present: Jill Beavitt, Aggie Brudenell, Estha Cutler, Chisha Paszczyk, Lisa Grant, Mairead Martin and Zoë Fothergill Apologies: Jessie Millard and Anthea Douglas

  1. Meetings Procedure – Meeting time now set for 11am on Thursdays. Generally to be at 6 week intervals though the next meeting is to be on 11 December. To proceed with the following standing agenda: 1. Meeting Procedures 2. Admin Update 3. Bunkhouse 4. Secondary School 5. Primary School 6. Events 7. AOB. Members of the committee are invited to contribute to all points on the agenda esp if they are not able to attend. Minutes to be taken by STG Secretary but if not available then STG Administrator will do the necessary. Minutes to be circulated by email to committee and SCA for website then 5 hard copies to be printed; for chair, for noticeboards at secondary school and pier, for Aggie and the STG office records.
  1. Admin Update – Actions – insurance needs to be updated to reflect Bunkhouse short term let. Bank account signatories form to be completed to change Joany’s for Zoë’s details.
  1. Bunkhouse – A short-term tenancy (6 month) agreement will be prepared for moving in date of Saturday 15 November. The committee agreed the rent will be £450 per calendar month to be paid by BACS on 1st Month. (£225 for the rest of this month). Deposit £450. Includes electricity but not any fuel. All committee invited to help with move on Saturday morning from 10.30am.
  1. Secondary School – Platforms – Notice to be made to invite estimates for new step up platforms for children to be made. 5 more for start of new term in January. Estimate by 30 November to STG email address. Chairs – New chairs – Administrator to research new comfy chairs to bring to next meeting. 10 chairs £20 each ±. (Need to pack up well). Path – Thank you to Estha and Aggie for repairing the path to Secondary School. Administrator to research new door mat. Plan Chest – Keep the plan chest in the kitchen/art room. Lighting/Loop – Duncan going to assess lighting and loop system, Hugh also to be consulted. Office – Tommy to be asked to assess the update of IT facilities. Administrator to meet with him to discuss best options.
  1. Primary School – Clothing Bin – Jill suggested clothing bin on other side at pier for unwanted clothes. 40p per kilo would be raised for primary school. The committee agreed it would be a good idea to try it.
  1. Events – Christmas Fair – Administrator to contact Cathy re craft sale to set a date and organise a leaflet to be circulated. Refreshments and/or jumble sale could be done by STG and parents as fundraiser for Primary School Panto outing if suits. Primary School Festive Party – Chisha to liaise with parents/Claire and STG to support with food, games and presents as appropriate.
  1. Parent and Toddler Group – STG happy to host in Secondary School – Mairead to get back to the committee if they would like any further input from STG.
  1. STG Constitution – Committee agreed to take away, read and consider updates to constitution in preparation for discussion at the next meeting on Thursday 11 December.

previous meeting :

Committee Meeting Minutes

4pm Tuesday 14 October 2014

Present: Jill Beavitt, Aggie Brudenell, Anthea Douglas, Estha Cutler, Chisha Paszczyk, Lisa Grant, Jessie Millard, Joany McGuire and Zoë Fothergill


Bunkhouse Accommodation – There is agreement to rent the bunkhouse to Claire until the end of her contract in June with grateful thanks that she will be honouring our booking for Christmas time by vacating during that period. During the rental period we agree to explore alternative arrangements for a longer-term solution to accommodate the primary school teacher. The rental terms were discussed and a proposal will be made to Claire. Zoë will arrange to update the website to reflect this situation.

Windmill Workshop – Following on from the bunkhouse agreement STG will gratefully take Hugh up on his offer to run the annual windmill workshop in the first week of July rather than the usual April slot.

Electrical Work at the Bunkhouse – Estha will liaise with Peter to complete the necessary works.

Gas Cooker – The new gas cooker is now installed in the secondary school and in use. STG would like to thank Highland Council for their contribution towards the costs.

Primary School Parent Council – Parent council raised a number of matters that are in need of attention at the primary school including ditches, smoke detectors, grass cutting, decoration and the playground. STG suggested first 2 items are matters for Highland Council. STG offered their strimmer for use by parent volunteers. STG also suggested that a volunteer day for redecoration could work well if the paint etc were purchased in advance. STG agreed that Zoë will spend time researching possible funding sources for an update to the playground.

Bonfire Night – Date set for Friday 7 November. 5pm at secondary school for food with fireworks to follow.

Internal Communication – Concerns were raised that current communication methods could be improved and it was agreed that email works well for most so Zoë will circulate an email to everyone so addresses are shared. This will include a link to doodle calendar to see if that will help facilitate the setting of meeting dates.

Constitution Revisit – Zoë suggested STG constitution could benefit from a revisit and it was agreed that this item will be on the agenda for the next STG Committee Meeting in November.