Drift Wood

Beautiful Off Grid Cottage
Powered by wind, sun and local wood
Sleeps up to 8 people
Fully equipped for self catering
Or meals can be provided for groups
using local organic produce.
Open All Year Round


How To Make a Booking


Call us: Aggie 07735231049

    Jill 07907914445

  Joany 07837860538

Email : driftwood@scoraig.com

   £35 per night Mon-Thurs

   £45 weekend Fri-Sun

   £250 per week. Prices are based on 1 or 2 adults

Add £10 extra adult and £5 child.

A non-refundable deposit of £25 is required.

Methods of Payment


Cheque made payable to

Scoraig Teaching Group

Cash on Arrival or

Online Banking



Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

Croft For Sale With 3-4 Bedroom House

Offers Over £210,000

croft for sale Scoraig

5-½ Acre croft for sale on the Scoraig peninsula that is located on the NW coast of Scotland. Includes a spacious 3-4-bedroom house built five years ago with high levels of insulation, Nordan double glazed windows and doors, and oil central heating.

 The croft benefits from its own 1 Kw wind turbine; solar panels and a diesel back up generator, as there is no mains connection to the peninsula. The croft has its own water supply fed from a spring.

The peninsula is accessed by boat or hill track and has a 5 – 14’s school.

Bothy, Byre, tractor and machinery are included.

For more information please call 01854 633323.

Job advertised: Primary Headteacher: Scoraig Primary School

The following is copied from this website

Closing Date:  Wednesday 26 February 2014

Post Details
Post Title:  Head Teacher
Location:   Scoraig Primary School, Dundonnell, Ross-shire
Hours:        35 per week
Duration:    Permanent
Salary:       £43,593 plus High rate remote allowance of £2475 p.a.

Contact Person:  Norma Young  Tel. 01478 613697
Please APPLY ONLINE. If you are unable to apply online and you wish to request an offline application pack, please contact Business Support – HR (ECS) Tel. No: 01349 868660 (24 hour voicemail) quoting the post reference number above.

Gaelic speakers are encouraged.
Prior to confirming appointment, we will require successful candidates to become members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.
The Council has a comprehensive relocation package which maybe available to the successful candidate.
Please find the Job Description below.

Click here to download the job and person specification

HGH005665 Scoraig Supplementary Info.pdf

New web page for Guardian Croft

The new residents at the Guardian Croft have launched a web page inviting people to come and stay “off-grid”.

Get away from it all (literally!)
A warm welcome will be waiting from ourselves and Bruce! Coming to stay at Guardian Croft, on Scoraig will be an experience that few people get to try nowadays.

When you hear the phrase “getting away from it all”, it doesn’t usually mean ALL. You still have access to your car and shops and other 21st century ‘luxuries’.

Coming to see us will allow you to let all that fall away, along with all your stresses and strains. Life will slow right down and all those niggly little things, that seem so important in the everyday, will have no significance.

That’s not to say we expect you to revert to a caveman existence! We plan to have toilets – environmentally-friendly and clean composting ones; showers – powered mostly by the sun; a boat – to get you back and forth across the Loch, to explore the wonders of Wester Ross (if you haven’t walked in from Badralloch); and plenty of home-grown food. There’s even good mobile phone signal (dependant on network), but then, you’ll want to turn it off anyway, right?

We will have our version of ‘Glamping’ available. A nice big Yurt – set in beautiful Broadleaf Woodland, with stunning Loch views – insulated, with a wood-burner, furniture and easy access to the toilet and shower.


Changes to Articles of Association

At a directors meeting on 29.9.13, we discussed the problem of  members not being able to take paid employment with the SCA, this being particularly relevant to the road job. We agreed to suggest the following changes to the Articles of Association:

4. Employees of the company shall not be eligible for membership; a person who becomes an employee of the company after admission to membership shall automatically cease to be a member.

Proposed: delete this entirely


And to the Memorandum of Association:

4b. No part of the income or property of the company shall be paid or transferred (directly or indirectly) to the members of the company, whether by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise.

Proposed: change wording of this to clarify that payment of eg Highland Council money for road work can be channelled through the SCA.

4c. No director of the company shall be appointed as a paid employee of the company: no director shall hold any office under the company for which a salary or fee is payable

4d. No benefit (whether in money or in kind) shall be given by the company to any director except in (i)repayment of out-of-pocket expense or (ii)reasonable payment in return for particular services (not being of a management nature) actually rendered to the company

Proposed: retain these clauses. (Directors of the SCA will continue not to be able to do road job or any similar for payment.)

We will need to call an Extraordinary General Meeting and hold a vote on whether or not to make these changes. The resolution will only be passed if 75% of the votes are in favour, and there can’t be any postal or proxy votes, so we hope you’ll come along.

We propose to hold this meeting on Sunday 8th December

There will be a reminder sent out nearer the time


Cheers,  Cathy (Secretary to SCA)

Minutes of a Directors Meeting held on 29.9.13

Scoraig Community Association

Minutes of a Directors Meeting held on 29.9.13

Present: Laurence, Cathy, Ewan, Estha, Bill, Chris Latham

1.Articles of Association

It was agreed to recommend for amendment the sections of the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association for the SCA covering the issue of members being employed, to allow members but not directors to take employment such as the road job. Any such amendment or deletion must win  75% of the vote of members present at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

A note will be sent to all Scoraig residents outlining the proposed amendments and notifying them of an EGM on December 8th


2. Membership

It was noted that membership of the SCA is less formal than required under the Articles of Association, which require a signed application and a register of members. Members will be requested to sign a short form at the next meeting.


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of AGM were approved

Matters arising:

Gas: Laide Post Office have put a gas cylinder cage at the pier and provide free regulators for people switching to Calor. To order gas, phone the post office, who will authorise Bill to deliver

Post Office: This will open at the Badcaul clinic a couple of days a week, details to come.


4. Road JoB

Bill read out a breakdown of figures may 2012-Sept 2013:



Vehicle         £1231.22

Personnel     £3186.47

subtotal    £4417.69

Materials…..Chippings     £242

Bags (filled)  £666.65

subtotal   £908.65

Total   £5326.25

There followed a discussion on how to spend the present budget, and whether to prioritise the section below Lotts. Agreed that a budget of £1000 for chippings should be allocated for along Lotts, and £1200 for bags of pebbles along Carnoch/Ruigh’riabhach, and that by February if one budget had been used up but not the other, money could be transferred. A day was set for a volunteer day of October 5th. Ewan will experiment with doing stone slab run-offs with Andy Cox.


5. Next Meeting:  Extraordinary General Meeting on Sunday 8th December